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How old are you when you had your first kid?

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Posted by: Rev18

26th Aug 2013 11:31am

How old are you when you had your first kid

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  • 3rd Aug 2021 08:09am

After a failed marriage I met my current husband in 1988 and married Raymond in 1989.We quickly our 4 children.our children were born in 1990,1992,1994 and 1995.I was aged 32,34,36 and 37.It was good having our children close together as they are all have a close relationship and get on well

  • 24th May 2021 04:11pm

My first was born a month before birthday in 2015. So I would had been 20-turning-21. 10 months after my first I had another child and because of their short age gap they're both in the same school level. I find it cool how every year, they're the same age for 3 months, from March 13th to May 13th. Oh yes, they're both born on the 13th. Last kid was in 2019 with my current partner.

  • 8th Apr 2021 11:43am


  • 21st Mar 2021 09:44am

I was 24 with my first, 3rd and last at 29.

  • 17th Mar 2021 01:26pm

30 (nearly 31) with my first child - 40 (nearly 41) with my last (number 4).

  • 29th May 2019 09:59pm

I was 34 The for my first child. But that wasn’t my first pregnancy. My son was my sixth pregnancy. Then I lost another, then two more children. I love my now 3 children more than life itself! No matter what your age, being a parent is a true gift!

  • 5th Mar 2019 08:07am

I was 32 when i had my first child.i had been married previously and never thought i wold meet any one again.How wrong i was.Met Raymond in 1988,married in 1989 and our first born was born in 1990.Then 3 other bubs came in 1992,1994 and 1995.So happy and celebrating 30 years of marriage this year

  • 17th Nov 2018 10:39pm

21 with my first and I am now 27 and have 3 total :D

  • 24th May 2021 04:05pm
21 with my first and I am now 27 and have 3 total :D

Me too! Had my first around that age and have 3 in total right now.

  • 12th Sep 2018 01:59pm

29 when i had my first son after 4 years of trying. Second son came along 2 years later. Im glad i was a bit older as eldest son has special needs and i dont think i personally would have been able to cope as well if i were younger

  • 21st Apr 2018 02:43pm


  • 19th May 2016 01:13pm

23 with first, age doesn't matter as long as you are prepared to do your best as there are mothers young and old who shouldn't have children.

  • 26th Apr 2016 09:23pm

I was 17 with my first, and 20 with my second.

  • 27th Jul 2015 05:26pm

39 and very grateful to get her - 42 for next and then whoops 49 for third and wouldn't be without him although now we are nearly 70

  • 9th Jun 2015 08:28pm

30 :)

  • 23rd May 2015 11:31am

I was 19 when I had my first and 21 when I had my second :)

  • 8th May 2015 03:52am

I had my first at 25 and my second at 27 I think it was a good age for my husband and me I wanted to wait till then for the obvious reasons I wanted to make sure I was at a point in my life that they would always be the centre of my world

  • 30th Mar 2015 11:20pm

I was 16

  • 30th Mar 2015 11:19pm

I had my first child at 16

Joh :)
  • 4th Feb 2015 08:14am

i was 30

  • 15th Nov 2014 12:45pm


  • 6th Aug 2014 03:36pm

im was 21

  • 18th Jun 2014 10:55pm

I was 21 years of age when I had my first babies, twins

  • 18th Jun 2014 10:55pm

I was 21 years of age when I had my first babies, twins

  • 17th Jun 2014 11:30pm


  • 6th Jun 2014 11:25pm

I was 20 when I had my 1st, 27 when I had my 2nd 28 when I had my 3rd

  • 6th Jun 2014 11:19pm

I was 20 when I had my 1st. 27 when I had my 2nd and 28 when I had my 3rd

  • 3rd Jun 2014 10:32pm


  • 23rd May 2014 01:55pm


  • 22nd May 2014 12:04pm

i was 27 and had a very bad experience giving birth...i had post eclemzia and thought i was going to die..

  • 22nd May 2014 12:03pm

i was 27 and had a very bad experience giving birth...i had post eclemzia and thought i was going to die..

  • 14th Nov 2014 02:01pm
i was 27 and had a very bad experience giving birth...i had post eclemzia and thought i was going to die..

23 and loved it!

  • 18th May 2014 08:11pm


angry mum
  • 16th May 2014 08:04pm

I had my first child at the tender age of 41 and my second and last at 43. Thought about it at age 25 but didn't happen. I am now 53 years old with 2 beautiful boys who are growing so fast. Now 12 and 10, they keep me young. Never too old, within reason of course.

  • 30th Apr 2014 06:51am

21 :) twin boys!!

  • 25th Apr 2014 03:46pm

21 wks pregnant with my first atm, my husband & I are 24, though it was a pleasant surprise

  • 14th Apr 2014 08:38am

20 a month off 21 .

  • 21st May 2014 01:23pm
20 a month off 21 .

I was exactly the same!

  • 26th Feb 2014 03:17pm

I am 28 and about to have our first.

  • 22nd Feb 2014 04:01pm


  • 17th Feb 2014 08:10pm


  • 16th Feb 2014 02:18pm

I was 19 to :)

  • 13th Feb 2014 12:00pm

i was almost 19 when i had my first, he was born sleeping and now im expecting a bub almost 2 and a half years after, its been long and hard but its going to be a change thats for sure

  • 29th Sep 2013 12:43pm


  • 25th Sep 2013 07:58pm


  • 22nd Sep 2013 01:11am

I was 26, but I really don't think age is a factor. The only thing needed to make a good mum is loving your child and making them your top priority. Here's lots of opinions floating around about young or mature aged mothers, but age does not affect your ability to love.

Megan louise
  • 10th Sep 2013 05:13pm


  • 10th Sep 2013 02:57pm

22 and a total shock

  • 6th Sep 2013 11:54am

next year

  • 6th Sep 2013 08:00am

22 :-)

  • 26th Aug 2013 11:32am


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