We asked you....what is your favourite brand? and here are the results!

Chocolate, coffee and innovative electronic products which make our lives easier!

Those are the winners as voted for by you in our recent best brand competition, and yes, they are products not brands, but could there be a connection between our favourite brands and our favourite things!?

Despite our Aussie pride in all things home grown, it’s the big international brands that feature at the top of your list. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the overall winner is Apple. Words used to describe Apple include innovative, useful, super easy, and with advanced technology. The other electronics brand rated highly is Samsung, which according to you offers great products, and quality at an affordable price. Not electronics, but big international sports brand Nike is also up there in the top five – described as stylish, affordable, and with good quality products which last.

Now on to the yummy stuff! Chocolate and coffee brands are big winners. In fact Cadbury was second on your list overall; a close runner up to Apple. This well known chocolate manufacturer has many fans – chocolate is obviously the way to our hearts! Cadbury represents happiness and comfort to you, and is loved quite simply because Cadbury chocolate is yummy! Of the coffee brands, old favourite Nescafe gets the highest number of your votes.

The best of the rest:

Of the Aussie brands, you are liking Coles, Supre, and super-comfortable Bonds. Several of you clearly have expensive tastes – Chanel, Christian Dior, and Aston Martin! Clothing brands include Country Road, Forever New, Pumpkin Patch (for kids) and Target. And other sports brands Adidas and Puma are also liked for their great quality long lasting clothes. And last but not least and narrowly missing out on a top five spot - Coca Cola! This brand is popular not only for its products, but also its fun cool creative marketing and advertising.

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Member comments


Posted by: Pauline67
Posted: 27th Jul 2013

Pauline67 says: My favourite brand phone is Nokia. Reply


Posted by: sunny2009
Posted: 9th Jun 2013

sunny2009 says: my favourite brand is apple imac, and the coffee is nescafe esspresso Reply

elaine burnett

Posted by: elaine burnett
Posted: 13th Jun 2013

elaine burnett says: Thanks, I am new at this and it is cool to view the results...


Posted by: zee2308
Posted: 19th Jul 2013

zee2308 says: I agree with this! i find Starbucks coffees very personal. In Australia, Starbucks is not very big and popular and there are only a few stores left. However I personally love it! Reply


Posted by: Jules3
Posted: 3rd Jul 2013

Jules3 says: Thinking that apple must be the number 1 brand in technology Reply


Posted by: cazzie
Posted: 12th Jul 2013

cazzie says: Apple tech Chocolate would have to be cadbury and coffee nescafe Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 14th Jul 2013

PGS says: I don't really have a 'favourite' brand in any areas. I have a few I won't buy.
Generally I won't advertise for any of them. I have branded t-shirts & such from 1989+ that are still unused. Reply


Posted by: Nolswool1
Posted: 1st Jul 2013

Nolswool1 says: I would have to say Apple would be my fav. Could not function daily without my iPhone and MacBook Pro Reply


Posted by: Laura
Posted: 2nd Jul 2013

Laura says: Agreed with Apple; most people these days have iphones, ipads, ipods, etc...
(: Reply


Posted by: bhuntu
Posted: 16th Jul 2013

bhuntu says: For computer and other gadgets of course an apple,, whereas for clothes and accessories Gucci and Louis Vuitton.. Reply


Posted by: Donzy
Posted: 30th Jun 2013

Donzy says: me my favourite brand of coffee is starbucks because it gives you a sense of belongingness over a cup of coffee. Reply


Posted by: Sindhu
Posted: 23rd Aug 2013

Sindhu says: My favourite brand is IPad 4 and coffeee is Hot chocolate Reply


Posted by: Sindhu
Posted: 23rd Aug 2013

Sindhu says: My favourite brand is IPad 4 and coffeee is Hot chocolate Reply


Posted by: Jessh
Posted: 2nd Sep 2013

Jessh says: My favorite clothing brand is Forever New because it always attracts my eyes of focus. My favorite Aussie brands is ALDI because the things there are cheaper than that in Coles. Also, my favorite coffee brand is Nestle. Reply


Posted by: Jodeejode
Posted: 31st Aug 2013

Jodeejode says: Very interesting list. Cadbury is definitely one of my absolute favourites and I'm a recent convert from apple to Samsung with my phone. I'm going nuts over Samsung now but still have heaps of apple products in my life like Apple TV, iPad and my fiancé has a mac laptop. Nothing quite comforts like a delicious, creamy Cadbury chocolate though. :) Reply


Posted by: elphin
Posted: 28th Aug 2013

elphin says: My favourite brand as in electronics i like Apple. Nike was also in my list and its worth it. I love it. Reply


Posted by: tans
Posted: 23rd Jul 2013

tans says: Coca Cola is the best brand I love the old signs and memorabilia Reply


Posted by: frilly
Posted: 12th Aug 2013

frilly says: I have an Apple Mac Pro Laptop & Ipod.
my favourite instant coffee is Nescafe Cappuccino. My husband has been turned off coffee machines by the price & he heard early on some bad reports & no matter what what he has heard since will not change his mind & buy one.
Unfortunately I cannot get out alone to buy one now.
frilly Reply


Posted by: frilly
Posted: 12th Aug 2013

frilly says: I am a Plus Size lady so have to search quite often for clothes I like & want to wear. They are quite often Kita Ku, My Size, Lucabella, Autograph, Swish, Box 2, Anna Scholtz. plus a few more.
They differ in price and choice of suitability. I just wish it was possible again to just walk in and buy off the peg. It does not help being the size I am, this you probably think is something I should really get to & do something about but unfortunately it is not easy for me.
You have heard that before too I think? It is often said but I take prednizone for some of the illnesses I have. Not only does, it itself put weight on, it seems to encourage you to long for sweet things to eat. I have to watch what I eat & exercise, that is difficult as I am also disabled. Exercise has to be done on a bed or sitting on a chair, walking is too hard as my feet are full of osteoarthritis, even socks hurt at times.
There are times I am successful, I lose a few kilos, then I hurt myself or I am ill again, back to bed. Seemingly several days in bed & my weight is up again & we struggle on. My thanks go to the fact there has been no weight added.
Any other brands of clothes you know I will be pleased to learn, I do have a few more I try if anyone else needs any.
frilly Reply


Posted by: Nolswool1
Posted: 28th Sep 2013

Nolswool1 says: Apple is a deserving winner. Love their products Reply


Posted by: Jewelsisagem
Posted: 11th Nov 2013

Jewelsisagem says: My favourite brans of clothing is Supre- I luv their style of casual chic, and am told I look hot in a mini or in Jeggings! I have a specific range of colours that I stick to. All the very best to you all! Cheers Reply


Posted by: Kessa1959
Posted: 21st Jan 2014

Kessa1959 says: That's really surprising about Apple as they only have a small percentage world wide compared to other systems. Bonds may be an Australian brand however I don't support them after they sacked their employees in preference to going overseas for their manufacturing.

Our son who is an engineer will have nothing to do with Apple and neither will his friends however I know that those that love Apple wouldn't have anything else.

I find Cadbury interesting too as there are better quality brands. I personally don't buy Cadbury anymore since they became Halal friendly Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 21st Feb 2014

says: My favourite electronic brand is definitely Samsung, especially Samsung Galaxy S4 which comparing with iphone got better, bigger screen and better camera. And what is also important the battery stays longer than in iphone. Favourite Chocolate brand is for sure Cadbury especially caramel candies with delicious chocolate inside, which unfortunately I can't find in Australia, but are definitely in Europe. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 22nd Apr 2014

says: I don't drink coffee love Cadbury chocolate and love my iphone and ipad. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 16th Apr 2014

says: My favorite brand is Portmans and Sports girls if we think at the quality of the product.I like Forever new as well but I bought a bag last year and last me 3 months. It was my favorite and I got upset not being able to use it more. This is not a cheap brand and they should invest more in quality.
What's yours opinion about it. Reply


Posted by: banners
Posted: 22nd Oct 2015

banners says: Coca-cola Reply


Posted by: shilby
Posted: 9th Oct 2015

shilby says: I am surprised Aldis did not make the list!

No surprise about Apple/Samsung, we live in the mobile generation! Reply


Posted by: jacquiSmith91
Posted: 21st Jun 2015

jacquiSmith91 says: Choceur Chocolate from Aldi.. Heaps flavours and Wow
So yummy.. Try White Chocolate with coconut and crushed cornflakes and Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate...
Try it Today... Aldi Supermarkets Reply

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