What annoys you the most about advertising?

There are many ways in which advertising can annoy you. Too loud, too long, too repetitive, too confusing and unclear, too in your face, too much of it......the list goes on.
So out of all these possible irritants - what is THE most annoying thing about advertising? We asked some of you what you thought, and the contenders for the title are as follows:

1. Adverts that are trying too hard – overcomplicated adverts leaving you confused as to what exactly is being advertised and what the whole point of the ad is.
2. Patronising adverts – also annoying is the other extreme; adverts that seem to treat you as if you are only able to understand basic simple messages and humour.

3. Intrusion – door knockers, telephone calls, ‘pushy’ people in shopping centres trying to sell you something. And ads popping up when you are trying to read something online or access a website.

4. Dishonest and insincere adverts – something for free? Yeah, right.....

But the clear winner is......

5. Repetition!The same annoying messages, tunes and images over and over and over again. Even if you liked them to start with, the sheer frequency of hearing or seeing them eventually drives you mad. But do you remember these ads? Oh yes - of course! And isn’t that the whole point of advertising?

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Member comments


Posted by: MaddiELF
Posted: 12th Jun 2013

MaddiELF says: I like advertising with a catchy song something short but sticks Reply


Posted by: bhealthybfit
Posted: 5th Jun 2013

bhealthybfit says: Advertisements on Pay TV should be banned! Reply


Posted by: Instnx
Posted: 10th Jun 2013

Instnx says: Yes, good point - There was a time when Pay TV first arrived with "No" advertisements, especially during movies - 1 of the reasons why consumers paid for this service! Reply


Posted by: scoobies
Posted: 13th Jun 2013

scoobies says: repetitive misleading and downright annoying Reply


Posted by: ebbybees
Posted: 30th Jun 2013

ebbybees says: mostly the fact that the products do not live up to the advertizing promises a bit like politicians dont you think ??????


Posted by: sweetknees
Posted: 8th Jul 2013

sweetknees says: Hate door knockers & phone calls, but most of all hate it when you are watching a show on TV where the voices are really quiet so you have volume turned up & then an ad comes on & you get blasted out of the lounge room! Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 14th Jul 2013

PGS says: I was like that with the show 'Revenge'.

First the ads made it seem interesting, but then they were played so often for so long I really couldn't be bothered with it. Mrs watches/watched it, paint drying might be more interesting.

Generally though, it is repetition that kills it for me.

The other would have to be the excessive ads for 'industry funds super' where we are told all profit goes to members - except the several million we spend a year on ads, and the mutli millions we pay to sponsor a football team with YOUR money. Don't use them, either. Reply


Posted by: Salutia
Posted: 12th Jul 2013

Salutia says: I hate advertisers over trying. Annoys the hell out of me so much that I won't look at the brand - regardless- if an advert has annoyed me. Reply


Posted by: Nolswool1
Posted: 1st Jul 2013

Nolswool1 says: What annoys me mostly is how the product never looks the same when you buy/get it. I watch the KFC ads and really want it but am always disappointed when I actually do buy the meal as it is NEVER as it looks on TV and I take a year or more to try it again Reply


Posted by: di
Posted: 5th Jul 2013

di says: Thats why I LOVE the show called the checkout on the abc !


Posted by: zhiqin
Posted: 19th Sep 2013

zhiqin says: Agree! Reply


Posted by: Jessh
Posted: 2nd Sep 2013

Jessh says: I really hate the long advertisement which talks about medicine of losing weight or health care products!! It's so disgusting and annoying!
Like the fourth point above, the diahonest and insincere adverts can't make me forgive! Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 13th Aug 2013

says: They think that they know better what I need than me. Reply


Posted by: Hartmut
Posted: 12th Aug 2013

Hartmut says: It seems that advertising people live in a different universe.
They have no clue how much they annoy people with their witless, mindless and repetitive, useless and too long messages.
Especially annoying are the TV ads of the TV stations to advertise their upcoming shows plastered over and during a program. Reply


Posted by: frilly
Posted: 23rd Jan 2014

frilly says: Actually it is true watch a view of the programmes that show you the making of adverts. The one I loved was the making of the big Mac.
Everything was carefully put in the bun as you can see in the ad but it is sone by a food technician who carefully puts each layer so it is very full at the front.
You do not see all around the burger it is slanted slightly towards the back. So every morsel of food filled the burger, She actually filled in tiny pieces from the fronts & added that dollop of salad dressing that you see ousing out that you Never see in a real burger
Food pictures like that are always done by these special. It does thw job you go & buy it LOLtechnicians Reply


Posted by: Shawty21
Posted: 21st Mar 2014

Shawty21 says: I believe that if tv being it pay or digital free to air schedule movies then it should be played ad free as your interest builds up and then they break after 5 mins of showing the movie and then 15 mins of ads!!!! My nephew ends up losing interest when children's movies are on.... True?? Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 16th Apr 2014

says: Ads need to be amusing Too hard or pushed turns people off and they need to have a jingle or catch phrase Reply


Posted by: shelle;)
Posted: 16th May 2014

shelle;) says: It annoys me when adverts pop up they are on everything tv, billboards, games on phones it doesn't matter where you go there's always 1 in sight the should decrease the amount of ads then people might actually watch tv and play games etc. Reply


Posted by: aedna
Posted: 11th May 2014

aedna says: Sorry I don't agree that they work. I switch off by way of mute button, channel change. Often I get up and something eg, prepare vegs for for meal, wash dishes, put laundry in machine, unload laundry, put on line. Are you getting the general idea. There are plenty of things I can do when ads come on. But they do treat us like we are imbeciles. I agree they are very annoying and the above is my way of coping. Even the ads about programs coming up are just as bad. Also don't you feel that if they have to push their products so much they can't be much good. As for women and beauty so much stuff we are supposed to put on our face, body or ingest. For me the most refreshing thing is a warm shower in winter and a cool shower in summer, works wonders for the self image. That and a cup of coffee in the morning and I'm right for the day. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 2nd Jun 2014

says: Repetition ad Patronising advertisements are very annoying. Reply


Posted by: jaydee
Posted: 25th Nov 2014

jaydee says: Being on the pension goes a long way towards ignoring all advertising but after so long on this earth I have learned that ads are mostly lies & it annoys me hugely that women in particular are sucked in by their dishonesty. More should use their devices to research the truth, something we couldn't do when I was young. I do everything I can to avoid looking at ads. Reply


Posted by: dav
Posted: 19th Aug 2014

dav says: yes too many adds on pay tv iv sinced cancelled my foxtel as im paying for adds not getting what I should be paying for they stated in sales they are ad free BULL-SHIT FOX TEL. Reply

ceanna jane

Posted by: ceanna jane
Posted: 10th May 2015

ceanna jane says: 4 dishonesty definitely.all fast food adds show these great big burgers and say that they are fresh but quite often when you go purchase one they are tiny,have no filling,have stale bread or old meat that is cold.I believe if your going to advertise something the purchased product should be exactly what they have advertised. Reply

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