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Magazines in a Digital World

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Posted by: Caféstudy

24th May 2013 03:09pm

Do you like to read magazines? Or do you think they are a waste of money now that we can go online for anything and everything?

A large number of you do indeed think magazines have lost their relevance due to the internet – as tonylovesotis says “I can get the latest news and gossip from sites such as Twitter and pictures from all around the world that are much more timely.” The general consensus among Cafestudy members though, is yes – we do still enjoy magazines and there is still a place for them. They are seen by many people as a way to relax, and a little bit of a luxury. However many of you think the quality has massively declined in recent years, and the amount of advertising is way too high.

Among those of you who do still buy magazines, there is a split into a ‘traditional magazine reader’ camp and an ‘online reader’ camp. Traditional readers will go online if there is a competition to enter or if they want to look up more information about something they have read, however they prefer to have the physical magazine to read and re-read. Women in particular associate glossy magazines with enjoyment and relaxation, and don’t always see online as a substitute, but instead more of a complement.

Men, particularly younger men, are ahead of the ladies in tapping in to online reading – perhaps they don’t have the emotional association with magazines that women do, and the sense that reading a thick glossy magazine is a treat – a little me-time (and who doesn’t need that!). As Blondie72 says “I wouldn’t consider downloading my favourite magazines because I like to enjoy reading my magazines at the beach, by the pool, in the bathtub...”

For those women who are no longer buying as many magazines...or buying any at all, the main reasons are the rising cost of the magazines and the increasing amount of advertising. They are not always going online instead though. For those that do prefer online, it is generally on a tablet not a phone. So perhaps the main threat to traditional magazines is not so much the online content, but the tablet. Magazines do have a big advantage over iPads and other tablets though - the battery never runs out on a magazine!

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  • 29th Dec 2015 07:48pm

Yes I like to read Magazines,I purchase Thats Life and Take 5 each week and they are reasonably priced.It is lovely just being able to relax and have a cuppa and read your favourite mag.

  • 19th Jul 2015 02:56pm

I wouldn't go so far as to say they are a waste of money. But do find storage an issue. We usually donate ours to medical centre's so people waiting have variety to read.

  • 26th May 2014 07:00am

I love to flick through the pages of a magazine in bed before I go to sleep. Using a tablet or EReader is not the same.

  • 16th Apr 2014 08:51am

Can't beat a good magazine easy to go back and forwards looking at articles photos etc

  • 16th Apr 2014 08:51am

Can't beat a good magazine easy to go back and forwards looking at articles photos etc

  • 13th Aug 2013 09:02pm

Information comes much faster on internet and we don't need to cut trees for that.

go away
  • 14th Jul 2013 05:30pm

I love a good magazine, but it's more a special occasion buy these days because of the cost. Still nothing beats flicking through Vogue or Home Beautiful.

  • 14th Jul 2013 11:42am

The continually increasing pices with the increasing number of ads in them stops me buying them often. I did subscribe to a few as it was cheaper and easier, but the PC one went from being a PC mag to an electronic do-dad mag so it was not renewed. The financial ones are generally pretty good, but most of the info is 2 months out of date by the time you get them.

As for the gossip mags - I don't really care what Jen/Tulisa/Brad/Mike/James... were/are/might be doing/seeing/thinking

  • 9th Jul 2013 12:38pm

Why dont we just stay at home and glue our eyes to the monitor. Yes all the information you need is on the internet. But i dont wanna be pushing buttons on a laptop/computer and then spill my cuppa tea on it. I prefer the magazine. Thanks

  • 1st Jul 2013 07:39am

Waste of money, I find everything I need now on line

  • 7th Jun 2013 06:48am

Still prefer to read magazines, put it down and pick up where left off easily

  • 6th Jun 2013 08:11am

since i am on the internet..i don't buy any overpriced magazines..i only read them in waiting rooms..

  • 5th Jun 2013 11:14pm

Yes is nice to read a real one sometimes

  • 16th Jun 2013 04:03pm
Yes is nice to read a real one sometimes

Amen to that! nothing quite compares to being able to turn actual pages between your fingers, on the other hand going digital helps the environment saving paper etc. and is more economically viable in my opinion, as well as this technology is more efficient than having to lug paper about with you.

  • 5th Jun 2013 09:22pm

Maybe I'm old-fashioned.......I still like to relax and read magazines!

  • 3rd Jul 2013 11:09am
Maybe I'm old-fashioned.......I still like to relax and read magazines!

I love real books & real magazines. The feel & smell of the paper. I am also developing a pet hate of magazines, we spend a lot of money to buy them then see a large part of an article or the pictures if we use our smart phone over a a small design on the page.
Not all of us have smart phones, we have paid for supposedly, a full magazine only to find many articles are not really complete for us unless we use the smart phone
I do not have a smart phone, believe it or not may people don't they either have an ordinary mobile phone or not even a mobile phone.
If magazines are going to enable me to only see part of the issue, maybe it should be at a lesser price. To perhaps pay $6 plus for a magazine and then need another instrument to see all of it . There should be a discount or separate publication for those of us that all is not available?
It is frustrating to be told so much is not available to us