Breakfast! the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast! It’s supposedly the most important meal of the day. It sets you up for the day ahead, and skipping it can have detrimental effects on our health. We wanted to find out what breakfast means to our Cafestudy members.

There were lots of suggestions for favourite breakfasts.

French Toast with bacon, maple syrup and lots of fresh fruit with a pot of English Breakfast (tinky)
The ideal breakfast is sitting in a cafe, paper in front of me and the old faithful....juice, 2 eggs, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, sourdough toast maybe a hash brown & well made latte (rednal)
Some like it simple – Weet-Bix and toast/vegemite.

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Member comments


Posted by: zee2308
Posted: 2nd Aug 2013

zee2308 says: Banana shakes are quick and easy for the go! Provide energy needed to get through the day Reply


Posted by: capricie
Posted: 28th Jul 2013

capricie says: a green tea with porridge covered in honey and strawberries! Yum :) Reply


Posted by: bhealthybfit
Posted: 5th Jun 2013

bhealthybfit says: Not if you want to lose weight. Reply

James Tagg

Posted by: James Tagg
Posted: 3rd Jun 2013

James Tagg says: I honestly love weetbix in the morning. but aslongs as you are breaking your 9 hour fast (average time for sleep) it is healthy whatever you eat. unless it is like chocolate and that Reply


Posted by: Nikkinoo
Posted: 12th Jun 2013

Nikkinoo says: Breakfast is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle, too many people skip it and the effects yet subtle are very detrimental.... a healthy breakfast needs to be full of wholegrains, protein and the right carbohydrates.... weetbix, toast with eggwhite omelet, porridge.... be creative and enjoy life to its fullest :) Reply


Posted by: Sanjeena
Posted: 16th Jun 2013

Sanjeena says: Having protein in morning after long night fasting would decrease crave for foods during the day time for those who want to lose weight. Reply


Posted by: MarkF
Posted: 7th Jun 2013

MarkF says: Depends on your workday - mine is active so I prefer a bowl and vitabrits followed my fruit Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 2nd Jul 2013

says: Actually the best way to loosing weight in a healthy sustained way is to make breakfast your largest meal of the day. It has to be quite substantial and "healthy". (hint try making Bircher Muesli. Quick, easy and cheap to make. Can easily vary ingredients. DON'T add sugar).

Then dinner should be light and the smallest meal of the day. (hint try lentil soup. High in protein, also quick, cheap & easy to make and vary).

All meals need to be consistently healthy. Consistency is key. Reply


Posted by: zee2308
Posted: 11th Jul 2013

zee2308 says: For someone that needs high energy level during the day, I have a bowl of oatmeal and a banana smoothie! Helps keep up my energy through the entire day! Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 14th Jul 2013

PGS says: Oats with sultanas... anywhere between 3 & 7 AM daily. If I miss lunch it doesn't matter so much. Reply


Posted by: yazzy26091983
Posted: 11th Jul 2013

yazzy26091983 says: Weetbix wit banana and honey is nice and healthy u should try it Reply


Posted by: Laura
Posted: 2nd Jul 2013

Laura says: Breakfast, is in fact the most important meal of the day.
Me being a student, i jnow that if i don't have breakfast i am not motivated to absolutley anything. But when i have breakfast, i'm more switched on and can concentrate on my school work.



Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 13th Aug 2013

says: For breakfast you can eat as much as you can. It's like 'fuel' of your body. Reply


Posted by: Andew
Posted: 20th Aug 2013

Andew says: Breakfest is very important it is the meal that gives you the most energy throughout your day. it is vital to eat breakfest (cereal) every morning as it builds up the immune system to be stronger.Cereals contain protien, iron and calcium in which they are very healthy for the bodies muscles, productiont of energy and bones. Reply


Posted by: squeekums
Posted: 4th Nov 2013

squeekums says: The only breakfast I can handle is coffee, food yuk, will just make me sick.
My stomach isnt awake until after 2 or 3 coffees Reply


Posted by: sammytreb123
Posted: 14th Mar 2014

sammytreb123 says: true you can eat as much as you want Reply


Posted by: chickenman
Posted: 15th Feb 2014

chickenman says: what one has for breakfast depends on ones' lifestyle. the more active a person is, the more nutrition needed to sustain the body. whatever one has, it is a benificial way to start a new day. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 18th Mar 2014

says: Breakfast is important to me, without it I can't function! Reply


Posted by: ralph48
Posted: 6th Apr 2014

ralph48 says: Mon - Fri
Simple; into a blender place 2 weetbix, tablespoon honey, 1/4c frozen berries; 1 cup milk. turn on whizz. put into cup; get into car; drive and have breakfast.


Toast with hard boiled egg; mashed and honey. Toast = carbo; Egg = Protein and the honey is a boost of natural insulin LOL.....if not honey - marmite

weekend; simple; omelette with caramalised onions; or mushrooms; slice of toast with marmite; and a glass of juice (usually cranberry or blueberry),

Yes, when I skip breakfast, I over eat for the rest of the day. So I make the time for breakfast. Reply

country girl

Posted by: country girl
Posted: 7th Apr 2014

country girl says: I find, 2 eggs with 2 TB water, bet then place in hot as pan , 40 seconds, run the egg around the pan until cooked, middle should be little runny, place cheese, ham or what ever you what in it, them fold in half so the heat cooks the middle, 40seconds and it yum


Posted by: ralph48
Posted: 10th Apr 2014

ralph48 says: Cheers country girl. Thank you so much, tried it this morning; yummmie; my husband and my sons loved them; eazy peazy for a family on the run...... Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 16th Apr 2014

says: Depending how busy or late start to the day decides the breakfast usually during the week good cereal or muesli and on the weekend some thing a bit more Reply


Posted by: Kajal17
Posted: 1st Jun 2016

Kajal17 says: I am someone who skips breakfast most of the time and I'm still trying to get rid of this awful habit because I've come to realise that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day regardless of anything that you do during the day. Nowadays, I resort to quick forms of breakfast most of the time like a simple bowl of cereal or a bread with a spread. Somedays, I like to prepare french toast, toasts, etc. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 22nd Jun 2017

says: I like eating healthily! or at least i think so... In my opinion, breakfast is the most important meal, which gives energy on a whole day! That's why, it should be balanced in this way: more carbohidrates, enough protein and less fats.
My suggestion in this case is simple: take 1) oats, 2) protein powder and 3) water/milk - mix it together, and you will be fine! for better taste you may also blend it...
My gf found this recepy is so strange, but I don't care... Reply

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