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Posted by: terry

21st May 2013 01:10pm

There are times when I go food shopping and just get the basics for my family and try to get in and out as fast as I can (usually when I have the kids with me)!! Other times I like to take my time, planning new meals and picking up treats.

So, what are some of your staple items when shopping for groceries? Is
there something that you 'have' to get for your partner/kids? What do
you think about organic products? Let me know your regime.

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  • 16th Jun 2017 05:09pm

milk bread butter for my family

  • 16th Jun 2017 05:07pm

milk bread butter

  • 23rd Mar 2017 04:28pm

Staples every third day... bread, milk, carrots, beans, cauliflower, broccoli, capsicum plus fruit and meats for the next three nights meals.
Husband loves me to get him ice creams but that only happens once a month.
I dont buy organic, why would i pay more for half rotten stuff.
I buy from markets so i buy Australian and local.

  • 19th Feb 2017 05:23pm

I usually mealplan and that way stick to budget.we eat wholefoods so no processed foods.lots of fruit veg and nuts and seeds

  • 18th Feb 2017 12:54pm

Hubby has particular likes, usually it's easter buns, chock chip cookies, so have to make sure I keep them in stock at home.

  • 15th Feb 2017 10:29am

Being on a pension and finding every increasing prices, especially for meat and fresh food, I now have to make a list of items for my once a fortnight shopping trip to the supermarket. Just before I leave home I copy out my list and cross out items which are not essential. I then go through and mark with a star those Items I will only buy if on a special. I always check my online Coles Catalogue to see what is on special. I have learnt that buying a leg of lamb is far more economical than buying separate cuts of meat as a $20 leg can make three-four meals for the two of us. A $7 kilo pack of mince makes three-four meals for two people also and chuck steak if marinaded overnight is as tasty as any of the dearer cuts. If we fancy a good steak or fish such as barramundi we go to the RSL as it is cheaper to eat there than buy and cook it ourselves. Even take-away fish and chips are now a special treat also We still eat well but it does take careful planning and very careful shopping..

  • 2nd Feb 2017 05:16pm

I have some set items that i grab each time i shop. Milk, bread, bananas, butter and saladas. My husbands likes me to grab him a box of Maxibon icecreams each week for him only but one box a fortnight he
I seem mostly nowadays to buy fresh items more than i do packets of stuff.
I try to plan a menu out to cover a fortnight just so i dont buy items that i wont use in that time.
I dont buy the organic stuff as it is so expensive. but in saying that I do buy my fruit and veg from the market.

  • 27th Jan 2017 02:01am

Whole Meal flour

  • 16th Jan 2017 09:49am

Egg, Bread and Salad

  • 31st Oct 2016 08:19pm

I used to buy a lot of more expensive convenience foods. Now, on a fixed income, it is meat, chicken, potatoes, cheese, cat necessities. I do powdered milk to eliminate waste. Soy milk for spouse. No desserts except an occasional treat and ice cream tubs. I bake and use rice and pasta to vary the dishes I make. Tinned tomatoes, and some spices. Cheaper meats go into the crockpot, throw is some bullion cubes and water. Good meals at an inexpensive cost. A little soy or balsamic vinegar can really heighten the taste. I get a steak spice (now only at IGA), it really perks up beef. No pork except occasional roast, price has skyrocketed. Whole chooks in slowcooker, then can get several meals, including alfredo pasta, mexican casserole and chicken, potstoes and veg. Have been trying gardening, but soil here is the pits. Will take some time to get it right, but tomatoes, yes! Better from the garden and so cheap to grow! Have a standard pantry so only rarely deviate. Pinterest new main eals and lots of baking ones. That is my favourite thing, baking.

  • 1st Oct 2016 10:44am

always have to get sliced cheese, bread, milk, toilet paper, cold meat from deli. Cannot see the point in organic products as everything else I use is not. I cannot taste the difference and cannot afford the extra price for organic foods.

  • 1st Oct 2016 08:38am

I browse what's on special. So you can save a bit of money while trying new things every week so no one gets bored.

  • 19th Aug 2016 11:33am

Yes i think feta is the best for salads

Dark Stripes
  • 8th Aug 2016 02:18pm

Have to get rolled oats, so that's a good organic product, love Yoplait forme' yoghurt as well, corn cakes and tuna are up on the list too

  • 14th Sep 2015 01:22pm

HAVE TO GET flavour milk , lady fingure, bbq souce, garlik souce, olive oil

  • 14th Aug 2015 11:59am

milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, sugar, coffee, rice, juice

  • 6th Aug 2015 01:18pm

I love feta, great in salads and on pizza. I usually shop often to top up the fruit. My kids will eat a punnet of blueberries and raspberries in a day. More if I bought more. Then they may go on an Apple binge, with wanted three in one day and need to go out and get more. Then the bananas go squishy in the fruit bowl, next time I can't keep up with them. At least it is all healthy and I don't mind buying it. the other is cold meat, also seem to need to top that up often

  • 17th Apr 2015 09:12am

I dont buy many fast foods. I prefer fresh but now I have more time on my hands I can take time over the cooking arena. Other than the eggs, dairy products. I always buy 4 types of fruit - olive oil - dressings - veg - wide variety suitable for stir frys - salads etc.Pasta . Curry and Satay paste or sauces.

peanuts mum
  • 18th Dec 2014 01:55pm

Mine's chicken thigh fillets (quick curry must have and fresh bread from the bakery

  • 29th Nov 2014 03:42pm

Coffee and milk. If I don't have a coffee to get up to in the morning, I am grumpy and life seems to be real unfair, but if that brew can be made in the morning then I have no problems getting up.

I am a bit like you Terry, some days the food shop is too much to cope with and I get only what I need and I am out of there and then there a days where I have that four wheeler trolley and I am spinning those corners, dodging other shoppers and reaching high for that special.

Oh and it has not happened for a long time but toilet paper leads to tissues, leads to an immediate run to the shop and that shop is worse than in out shop.

  • 16th Oct 2014 11:04pm

I always get coconut cream. I love it

  • 10th Sep 2014 10:11am

Ricotta cheese and Yogurt is a must for my kids

  • 8th Sep 2014 12:14pm

I never differentiate between organic or non-organic just what is in season cheapest and fresh. I also think that if every one only ate organic food there world would be insufficient to feed the current population.

I shop once a week and never buy processed food.

  • 5th Sep 2014 06:31am

I agree with you when my kids are with me I do the shopping as fast as I can. some stable itams I pick up is milk and cheese and bread. I try to go with organic vegatbles mostly and milk they are the best for my family as for treats for my kids I do allow juice and the odd sweet but thats it

  • 25th Jul 2014 09:59pm

I rarely go supermarket shopping, preferring to support local organic small businesses against the supermarket giants. Like you, I like to get in & out of supermarkets as fast as I can - they are certainly not pleasant places to spend time in! The smell is always terrible for one thing, in contrast to even stores like Big W & Kmart where you just want to spend time looking around in.

I think, although it's expensive, certified organic fresh produce is the way to go for a great number of reasons, many of which can be found on the websites. Most people who buy organic, surveys show, do so based purely on the taste of the food! However, in the supermarkets, all fresh produce is routinely gassed, making the produce "not organic" once they hit the supermarket shelves. It's easy to learn of all the dark practices of the big supermarkets after speaking to certified organic farmers who have been at it for generations. They know in great detail just how supermarkets love to screw their suppliers for big profits.

Sil sil
  • 25th Jul 2014 07:55am

My staples are real butter, I think mainland might be the only one, don't be fooled by packaging, bacon, free range eggs, milk, bread, peas, rice and pasta. My kids must have shaved ham and cheese, my husband must have weetbix! I must get coffee, so our staples are growing, I always think what can I create for a quick meal when I feel I have nothing, so usually a pasta, fried rice or chicken with veggies.getting harder to make time for good Cooked meals some days

  • 21st Jul 2014 07:46am

My shopping each week consists of bread and Milk.With a family consisting of 4 grown up children and a husband we are always running out of Milk.

  • 18th Jul 2014 11:46am

have to get for my partner : coke, chips, chocolate.
have to get for my kid : fruit juice, oreo, cereal

  • 17th Jul 2014 03:50pm

Most inportant item for me are potato's milk pasta and meat. Dont realy care about organic products as who to say they are organic. The only time i know ir is organic is if i grow it mysef

  • 13th Jul 2014 07:24pm

bread, milk, cheese, croacker biscuits dog food

  • 25th Jun 2014 08:02am

Green vegetables and fruits are the most necessary parts of a decent grocery shopping. Organic products are infamous for their high prices and I think it is just a marketing strategy.

  • 11th Jun 2014 04:31pm

A must have for my kids, is the little bags of tiny teddies. And my husbands must have is some kind of hot meat ie pepperoni.
I think organic products are a complete waste of money :/ i dont get it at all

  • 6th Jun 2014 02:58pm

Organic and gluten free are so expensive but thanks to big supermarkets stocking more and more boutique health food stores can't charge as much!

  • 2nd Jun 2014 09:14pm

I always have to get bananas as my parents always eat banana's organic products are all we eat in our house hold

  • 1st Jun 2014 01:34pm

As for organic products. from a health food point of view I would choose organic over non organic but from a budget point of view I don't buy anything organic. It tends to be a lot more expensive.

  • 1st Jun 2014 01:32pm

If I am quickly going to the shops with no meal plan I usually buy as standard, milk, bread, stick of butter, 500g free range chicken, salad ingredients, onion, potatoes and some fruit I can usually come up with a meal and desert with that.

Where as if i am making a meal plan for a week i will decide on seven meals and make a shopping list of the ingredients that i will need.

If i have a shopping list i make a point not to go over the list i have made. where as if i am just popping in to get a few things for dinner i end up buying more than i usually would.

If I have my kids with me their harassment will usually lead me to buy an up and go, cashew nuts, strawberries, chips and cheese and bacon rolls which I usually wouldn't buy.

  • 20th May 2014 04:44pm

We get pretty much the same things everytime my partner eats normal things but i like changing it up but he always tells me get normal things not fancy stuff... ���� Hes not very adventurous when it comes to food so i get meat veg fruit bread milk pasta etc

  • 17th May 2014 05:57pm

I shop whenever I need to, so I don't really have essentials. However, I do always seem to get the salad packs (for dinner).

  • 17th May 2014 04:22pm

milk, eggs, fruits, and vegetables

  • 11th May 2014 02:20pm

milk, biscuits, vege, fruit and snacks

  • 8th May 2014 06:30am

Husband coffee sugar, son mango choc milk. We dont use organic fruit and veg as it is way to pricey.

  • 7th May 2014 01:15pm

i agree, when the kids are with me its a quick shop otherwise i like to browse at my own pace

  • 2nd May 2014 04:11pm

milk bread and cornflakes are our staples!

  • 30th Apr 2014 12:08pm

I often have to run into the supermarket and Milk seems to be the main thing I'm always buying. I think it would be cheaper to by a cow.

Most occasions I have my children and it drives me insane as they want extra items like lollies or treats for their lunch boxes.

  • 30th Apr 2014 06:58am

The main basics for me are bread & milk But then I usually buy myself a feel good item every other trip to the shops like perhaps biscuits (Tim Tams or Anzac) or some chips or chocolate.
But then again I am a single student and shop just for myself & occasionally for my landlord & landlady who I board with & sometimes for trips or outings with friends. I don't have a family to shop for.

  • 29th Apr 2014 12:34pm

Ihave to get for him hot salami and ham off the bone. The best ham is from woolworths it is called settlers ham from Australia.

  • 27th Apr 2014 03:56pm

Have to get my partner, avocados, chocolate, Camembert cheese & rice crackers.
Our kids, semi dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, baby bocconcini & salami.

Joh :)
  • 21st Apr 2014 05:20pm

Pretty Boring but Milk, Bread,fresh veg , fish, snacks for kids and Coffee is a must

  • 19th Apr 2014 09:53am

Shiv, says usually I'm on a time line due to carer duties that need to be taken care of. Look for the best quality of groceries especially fresh fruit and vege.
Staples are rice flour mainly white meats and fruit and veg. Partner cannot not go without his chewing gum.
Re organic products I would rather purchase from an organic store not the large supermarket chains.

  • 14th Apr 2014 08:16am

our staples are lots of fruit/vege and snacks , i buy for 6 ppl including myself so we consume quite a bit in a wk. i plan out dinners the day before or before i go out.

my kids love fruit so i buy pears,apples,bananas,mandarins and usually grapes and strawberries..i always buy whats in season .

organics are not for me, i understand there healthier but we cant afford it in our budget.

  • 10th Apr 2014 07:41am

fresh fruit and veggies.....always

  • 9th Apr 2014 06:15pm

Milk, cream, bread, caramello chocolate and salt

  • 7th Apr 2014 04:40pm

I always like having some noodles onhand along with bread and milk

  • 6th Apr 2014 03:43pm

Hi my basics are mostly the same as most people. I buy meat, fish, chicken, vegies, both fresh and frozen, fresh fruit, school snacks and such for my grand-daughter. I don't buy Organic foods as I find they are to expensive for us.

  • 1st Apr 2014 11:40pm

i am diabetic so fresh fruit and veg and meat mostly i try to shop once a week with a budget as this is always cheaper i always look for the specials and if possible in regards to my diet be flexible to the specials in the way of meals

  • 1st Apr 2014 01:06pm

I do all the shopping in my household. I have to have chips on my list every time for my hubby, nappies and baby food is a must to.

I like to see what is on sale and if I should stock up on to save money.

  • 30th Mar 2014 08:31pm

Apples, bananas, vegemite and bread

  • 26th Mar 2014 06:55pm

I buy chicken, beef, milk, fetta, mozzarella, pasta, tomato paste, canned tomatoes, whatever fruit and veg is in season. Hardly buy any junk unless hubbie comes shopping with me. As for organic I don't trust that everything we buy is organic I used to work in a fruit stall in a market and when the organic stall ran out of a particular fruit or veg they would buy from our shop and then sell it off as organic

  • 24th Mar 2014 03:56pm

I like to buy some product for my bro such as chocolate and some fruits .

  • 24th Mar 2014 09:58am

I do really try to shop once a week, but do tend to go back for milk, fruit and vegies.

  • 23rd Mar 2014 06:19pm

Bread and milk, nearly every second day. Do big shop once a week for dinners, kids lunches. Hubby likes snacks, chips and chocolate of some form..

  • 23rd Mar 2014 06:17pm

Bread and milk, nearly every second day. Do big shop once a week for dinners, kids lunches. Hubby likes snacks, chips and chocolate of some form..

  • 21st Mar 2014 09:28pm

Some of my staples are rice, pasta,flour ect and as far as
Organic products you are better of planting your own

  • 20th Mar 2014 09:10pm

I go up and down every isle sometimes with a list and getting just what i need or sometime getting what i feel like. Depends if i have time or not. I always get milk bread and cheese

  • 17th Mar 2014 08:13pm

Bread, milk, potatoes, onions, soup mix and much meat as i can afford aha.. like my freezer full.. and yeah chips and ice cream and snacks for the kiddies..

  • 16th Mar 2014 04:13pm

Milk, fruit and veg, soda water, muesli, feta cheese, olives, a little meat are always on my list.

  • 16th Mar 2014 04:08pm

Definitely lite milk, multigrain bread, honey, peanut butter, nutella, and fresh fruit and vegetables also there must always be eggs at home.

  • 16th Mar 2014 03:14pm

I think that unless you are buying the product straight from the source, there is no point in buying organic food. This is because they food has gone through a factory with harmful chemicals, because who knows what their 'organic' food has gone through.

  • 13th Mar 2014 06:31pm

fetta, milk, bread, eggs, avocado

  • 12th Mar 2014 01:54pm

the usual, bread, milk, veg, some meat and maybe an ice cream ....

  • 10th Mar 2014 07:34pm

Try to do one big shop a week but quite often have to get a few things every now and then, we buy fruit, vegies, meat, chicken, cheese, yoghurt and the obligitory cleaning essentials and toiletries

  • 8th Mar 2014 05:57pm


  • 7th Mar 2014 10:20am

Staple items are usually fruits, vegetables, milk and bread for me
As a student I can really only afford the cheapest so I don't buy organic food but if i Had the money i might consider it.
If I am in a hurry I simply grab the things i remembered i need or have with em on a list but if I have more time i will go down each isle picking up things I need and a few things I want, again I have a low budget so I must be picky with what I buy

  • 5th Mar 2014 09:34pm

Must-buys every time my partner and I go shopping include milk, bread, bacon, veggies, simmer sauce, meat, rice or pasta. Once in a while, we add in juice, chips, chocolate and ice cream (we treat ourselves with simple goodies). Other important products we buy but last long in the cupboard are coffee, tea, cereal, sugar, spreads (butter, Nutella, jam, peanut butter, Vegemite), oil, spices/seasonings. We aren't picky when it comes to organic food but it is not a preference.

  • 5th Mar 2014 12:16pm

Usually bread, milk, fruit and vegetables as part of the weekly trip

  • 1st Mar 2014 06:50pm

Milk, bread, cold cuts, fruit/veg, musli bars, chips, juice

  • 1st Mar 2014 12:47pm

The best way to shop in a supermarket is to circle the outskirts (fruit and veg, meat, fridge, freezer) and avoid the aisles (processed nutritionally deficient food) :)

  • 28th Feb 2014 12:53pm

Some times I buy chocolate that organic mate I love it.

  • 26th Feb 2014 12:16pm

I think organic products are over rated & over expensive.

  • 26th Feb 2014 12:13pm

I think organic products are over rated & to expensive.

  • 25th Feb 2014 05:40pm

my husband's a cereal junkie - but it's got to be healthy

  • 10th Feb 2014 04:59pm

full cream powdered milk, bread and fruit bananas, grapes, apples

  • 9th Feb 2014 04:23pm

Staple items are fruit and vegies, cheese, hummus, olive oil and eggs. We eat pretty healthy but I am a Coeliac so anything not fresh has to be gluten free. I like organic products, especially chicken and eggs. However I always check the price and if they cost way more than the normal stuff I don't buy.

  • 8th Feb 2014 09:46pm

Staples for me are milk, cheese, eggs, bread, meat of some kind, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, other salad items, pasta or rice.
I think that organic products are good... when they are actually organic. Almost anyone can write 'organic' on their product, but 'certified organic' is what will tell you if it is definitely organic. So I tend to keep this in mind whenever I do my shopping.

  • 7th Feb 2014 10:22pm

Staples: milk, bread (brown), cheese, ham/silverside, muesli bars, cereal/oats, pasta, vegies and fruit (seasonal)

  • 6th Feb 2014 05:36pm

Milk, eggs, chicken or some meat, vegetables, fruit.

Provided you are not buying completely processed foods (chips, packet noodles etc.), most chemicals are merely an economical advantage to provide mass amounts of produce at supermarkets. Organic is not drastically important.

  • 31st Jan 2014 09:11pm

I buy milk, fruit, pasta, meat ,eggs, things that have multiple uses.
Buy for my family of adults

  • 23rd Jan 2014 08:29am

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the top of our list. Followed by various cuts of chicken and fish. Decaf coffee is also a must for us. Only purchase 2 meat meals per fortnight which is usually lamb. A very good quality yoghurt is always on the list. Don't buy too many tinned goods if I can help it. I take absolutely ages to shop as I read everything I can and do plenty of planning. I have found that shopping at Coles Online is the best for me. It allows me to make up my list as I think of things. The website also has most products information for reading. Delivery is free if you spend $100 or more. No worries about getting a parking spot. I can't live without it.

  • 23rd Dec 2013 04:17pm

As an Aged Pensioner my needs and income are very simple, but still a challenge to keep within a budget. Must buys are cat food (I am feeding my own cat and 2 of my, very old and unwell, neighbour's cats. That's a real drag and expensive. Whatever happened to Kit-E-Kat? it seems to have disappeared from Coles & Woolworths.

I also cook a meal or two for my neighbour during the week, so chicken and mince are purchased even though I am mostly vegetarian.

For me it's fresh fruit and vegetables. Top of the vegies are broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and onions. There's always pasta and rice as well. I love the convenience of microwave rice, even though it's more expensive it means no more sticky or burned saucepans - I was never any good at cooking rice.

I prefer to shop a couple of times a week to ensure vegetables are fresh and the main shop is not too heavy to load into and out of the car.

I quite resent the special offers of buy two, or a giant family pack ,since I live on my own, have a small fridge/freezer and limited storage. I wish some supermarket food provider would run a few lines of specials for singles. I'm sure it would appeal to the growing ageing population as well as people on low income - hey, they may even make a profit without increasing prices for single serves.

  • 4th Dec 2013 02:08am

Bread, milk, fruit & veges, cereal, low fat yogurt, some red meat & always chicken. I have not seen any benefits to organic products & it is difficult to be sure they are 100% organically grown so I don't waste my time on it. We no longer buy fizzy drinks so I always get bottled water if I can find it in bottles that don't crush easily that can be taken to school(dislike flimsy water bottles) My son will not drink tap water so I'm happy to buy it for him since he has lost weight by not drinking softdrinks.
I do a big shop rather than back & forth as in the long run it saves money, I get my fresh stuff from a fruit & vege shop down the road as it is always better than the supermarkets. I am getting to a point I prefer to order my groceries online, I get a better choice because it is done outside of my small town & what I want is always available. The airconditioning in my local shops is very poor, it was 32C outside today & by the time I finished my weekly shop I was flushed & sweating so doing it online for the rest of summer. I can also "smart shop" by doing it online, my term for stocking up on something I use if it is on special. I can see specials easily as they are clearly marked & can plan my meals as I go, saves me time & money by stocking up since I have the cupboard space & a very large freezer. They deliver it right into my kitchen at a time that suits me without the chore of having to find parking then rushing thru the aisles just to find they are short staffed & a long wait at the checkout. Also saves on impulse buying & no nagging kids at the shops.

  • 13th May 2014 09:23am
Bread, milk, fruit & veges, cereal, low fat yogurt, some red meat & always chicken. I have not seen any benefits to organic products & it is difficult to be sure they are 100% organically grown so...

I agree with you about nagging kids. Grandma always told my nieces that we already had some home. She stocked up on "healthy" treats when they weren't with her. Some foods considered healthy then aren't now. Lollies were rationed.
We bought the ones with low sugar content but they both knew they had a daily ration. Our most embarrassing event was when we were putting the hsopping on the checkout and the little one sitting in the seat of the trolley leant over, pushed buttons on the cash register and it came open because it wasn't locked. Fortunately it didn't have any cash in it. Apparently she had done it to her Mother so after that both parents went shopping they emptied the trolley at the end of the checkout, one pushed it through right to the other end and started re-loading it while the rest was being processed. When we told her parents because we hadn't been warned, the reply was, "yes we know about that". Mother's reply to that was that they could have warned us. Apparently she had managed to push buttons on one with the checkout girl standing it there. Very few people had computers back then.

  • 2nd Dec 2013 07:01am

bread, milk, a little meat on list but so many other items jump into trolley that I dont use one now. I just grab a basket so fewer items can fit in.

  • 3rd Jun 2013 12:19pm

i have to get choclate if i go everyone in myhouse loves chocolate

  • 2nd Jun 2013 08:57pm

I go fortnightly and I usually try to find value for my money.
Nappies, formula etc. I try to buy fresh produce and for my partner I buy anything spicy- he likes spices.

  • 2nd Jun 2013 02:39pm

I'm a bit suss about some advertised organic products as to whether they really are organic

  • 2nd Jun 2013 02:30pm

Soy milk, low fat milk(my partner is now on a new health kick),decaf green tea, coffee, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish, chicken & turkey(due to new health kick).

  • 2nd Jun 2013 01:08am

Milk( lactose free) mixed veggies mince and chicken are always on the list

  • 30th May 2013 08:47pm

I try to write down what I really need most and then try to buy in bulk but at cheap prices and shop wisely cause you never know what will be just around the corner.

  • 30th May 2013 11:50am

Supermarket shopping always takes longer than I intend! I tend to be a careful shopper. Add to this the unloading into the car and the house and packing away. Time taken can be a bit frustrating at times.
Fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs always are first and take up the bulk of my load.
My daughter and I are vegetarian, but not my son, so a little meat is added.
A regular supply of Yogurt, cheese and tofu must be kept up and healthy grain products for breakfast.
Then, to the list with depleated non perishables. Have to watch my daughter. She can throw on some quirky and idiosyncratic items at times.
Then I like to see whats available on special that week and keep a forward supply of items of better quality when I dont have to pay top dollar. Examples; Kleenex toilet tissue, laundry and dish detergents, cans of beans and chickpeas and tuna.Helga's grainy breads and frozen berries, which I can keep in the freezer untill they come on special again.
Finally a couple of nice tidbits to add to the kids lunches, like MACRO tamari almonds or fresh cheese sticks or something from the deli. My daughter is at Uni and my son has recently finished Uni and now working, but they still like to take fresh lunches from home.
Its a tricky business these days. The weekly shop can easily take a massive chunk from the budget if I'm not careful with it.

  • 29th May 2013 11:31am

I always buy basic salad veggies, any veggies in season and lots of fruit is a must. As well, flour for baking, milk and cheaper cuts of meat. Money doesn't go too far when you live rurally.

  • 3rd Apr 2014 11:15am
I always buy basic salad veggies, any veggies in season and lots of fruit is a must. As well, flour for baking, milk and cheaper cuts of meat. Money doesn't go too far when you live rurally.

I can understand costs being higher in country areas but it doesn't help the consumer except you don't to allow for huge fuel bills to travel in your car.
Transport costs for goods to be taken anywhere are huge !! Fuel, Registration, Insurance and other Govt. taxes (including Workcover calculated on %) are beyond belief. It costs over $1000.00 to re-fuel a semi-trailer from near empty. (I know somebody who owns one). Diesel fuel is often more expensive than the fuel used for cars, vans etc yet it is cheaper to produce. The Govt. sometimes pays a Transport Co. a siightly higher fuel rebate but they increase other charges such as the levy to the extent that transport businesses (especially family owned) end up worse off financially.
When it comes to the price of goods made from grain I really wonder how some farmers survive. I have a distant relative in the South East region of SA. He showed me the paperwork that he received with one of his cheques (for part of his crop). It showed the gross amount less storage, handling and other charges). THe net amount was less than 50%. Out of that he had already paid freight, fuel for his equipment, mininum amount of fertilizer needed (the soil is very limy down there - part of it solid) and they had to eat. They grow part of their own fruit and vegetables. They also make most of their meals from scratch. The only time they have takeaway is if they have to go a long distance for business, are delayed and haven't taken enough food with them. They don't go out much as they also have sheep. They never go away from home for more than 3 days.1. They simply can't afford to. 2. They have to get somebody to check the sheep to make sure there is plenty of water in their troughs and make sure that none of them are sick or injured. Their dogs also have to be checked and fed etc, their water containers cleaned out and re-filled. The wind blows a lot of dirt and other debri into their buckets and food bowls. There is always dry food in some of their bowls. They very rarely go further than necessary in dry hot weather because of bushfire risk. They had one which had started at the edge of the road, possibly from the hot exhaust of a car or truck.There was a lot of grain trucks in the area at that time. Luckily they spotted the smoke and he was up near their farmsheds so he jumped into his own fire truck which was full of fuel and the water tank was full, and was able to put the fire out himself. It burnt out only one large paddock. Fortunately there were no sheep in that area and the crop had been harvested or the fire would have spread quickly......The farmers eventually receive payment for the whole of their crop, sometimes nearly a year later - not long before they start harvesting the next one.
Further freight costs come for transport of grain to flour mills + to bakeries or cereal manufacurers + shops. Surprisingly the plastic bags that sliced bread is put in are quite expensive too. I can't remember the exact amount but I gasped when I was told. Bread and cereals are a staple in most peoples' diets.
At annoys me that some country people pay more packaged food made in their area than in those in distant cities or even interstate. e.g. A few years ago we went on a holiday in Vic. only a few hours from Shepparton where there is/was a huge processer of canned fruit. The canned fruit we bought over there was more expensive that what we paid in the Supermarket in Adelaide at normal price. In many areas country people are being "ripped off" big time, especially where goods are produced locally.

  • 29th May 2013 10:00am

Have to have - rolled oats, dandelion tea, coconut oil, coconut cream, avocados, fresh meat for the neighbour's cat......for starters.
I think organic products are basically good........some are overpriced........and the only difference between organic and non organic is the pesticide use......nutrients in both are no different ( these days, most foods are very poor in nutrients anyway).
We purchase very little processed food.....and very few take out meals.....keeping our meals basic, yet tasty, is very cost effective. What we save there, we can spend on quality supplements and other non carcinogenic products.

  • 13th May 2014 09:35am
Have to have - rolled oats, dandelion tea, coconut oil, coconut cream, avocados, fresh meat for the neighbour's cat......for starters.
I think organic products are basically good........some...

Some fruit and even vegetables (especially pumpkins they are stored for several weeks by growers) sit in cool rooms for quite awhile. Apples go into atmospheric storage soon after being packed. There is/was one at Lenswood or nearby in the Adelaide Hills. We have friends who had an apple orchard at Lenswood. They also grew a few quinces. At one stage theirs were going to Sydney then being exported. Unfortunately when the Suez Canal was closed a long time ago there was a lot on to Cargo Ships which by the time they got to their destination had gone rotten and they were never paid for them. It was approx. 95% of that year's supply.

  • 28th May 2013 05:30pm

if I'm just dropping in for a quick shop, I always have to get a sweet treat for each of my kids. I'm a softie :)

  • 28th May 2013 12:04pm

mince, mineral water, cat food, fresh fruit and vegetables are in just about every trolley. rarely is anything organic but usually free range where relevant. Always have ready meals and premade items in my cupboard/freezer but I don't use them very often as I prefer to cook from scratch.

  • 28th May 2013 09:59am

Food shopping i love. Looking at all the new brands that have come into our country. Me being an Aussie, through and through i prefer to buy Australian made products, if and where possible.
My staple items would be, butter, cheese, eggs and of course the breakfast foods, cereal of different sorts,

  • 26th May 2013 11:09am

Fresh fruit and veg definitely, Pauls Smarter White Milk, frozen berries and pancakes for Sunday brekkie, sultanas for hubby - has them on everything (I think) and vitamin water and.... and.... Seem to always be at the supermarket!

  • 25th May 2013 05:06pm

milk, bread, vegies and meat are a must in my weekly shopping

  • 25th May 2013 03:56pm

Staple products are organic tinned tomatoes, coconut cream/milk, HAVE to have Heinz Salad cream usually a bottle every week!!! I don't buy packet foods much if ever as I cook from scratch and as organically as I can afford. Free range eggs are always on my list as are as many kinds of fresh vegetables as possible, particularly green as I have a green smoothie daily.

  • 24th May 2013 05:50pm

a must on our list is milk, bread, eggs, potato chips, some form of chocolate and lollies.

  • 3rd Apr 2014 10:27am
a must on our list is milk, bread, eggs, potato chips, some form of chocolate and lollies.

Do you grown your own fruit and vegetables?

  • 23rd May 2013 10:04pm

Rice,milk,chicken,fish,tomato,potato,onion,vegetables,apples,breakfast cereals are must for my shopping list

  • 22nd Apr 2014 02:27am
a must on our list is milk, bread, eggs, potato chips, some form of chocolate and lollies.

i must add banana milk cereals and tea

  • 22nd May 2013 11:30pm

Yakult-for whole family.

Andrew zhu
  • 22nd May 2013 09:00pm

Onion, milk, chicken wings, beef, pork ribs, vegetable

  • 20th May 2014 04:42pm
I love to marinate my own meat and chicken besides honey soy sauce who has any more suggestions

I like to marinate my own meat to red wine and garlic is a good one for beef!

  • 6th Apr 2014 03:30pm
I love to marinate my own meat and chicken besides honey soy sauce who has any more suggestions

I also like to marinate my own meat & chicken. If you look on the supermarket shelfs there are a lot of marinades like;- Honey Soy & Garlic, Teriyaki, Satay, Oyster, plus lots of pouches in the Asian Isle that you can make some stunning meals for your family. Good Luck.

  • 3rd Apr 2014 10:25am
I love to marinate my own meat and chicken besides honey soy sauce who has any more suggestions

A cousin of mine uses apricot nectar and bastes it with more nectar or a small amount of homemade apricot jam. She only puts 2/3 of the recommended quantity of sugar in the recipe when she makes her own jam.
You can also make chutney from apricots. The recipe is in the Green and Gold Cookery Book which has been around for over 100 years. My Mother would have been 94 years old later this year.....and my Grandma had one long before she bought my Mum one. Grandma's had her Name and the date it was given to her in.
It was given to another relative.

sunny bunny
  • 10th Mar 2014 08:28am
Onion, milk, chicken wings, beef, pork ribs, vegetable

I love to marinate my own meat and chicken besides honey soy sauce who has any more suggestions

  • 22nd May 2013 07:30pm


  • 22nd May 2013 11:40am

I do a weekly shop only for essential items such as milk, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables, meat or chicken, cereal, toiletries, cleaning. As I am on a strict budget, I find that one shop helps me to keep track of my spending, and I always have a list to follow of items that need replacement. I don't buy organic products, only because of the price. As far as treats go, I was a chocoholic, but now dodge the sweets isle as chocolate gives me bad migraines.

  • 16th Apr 2015 05:29pm
Onion, milk, chicken wings, beef, pork ribs, vegetable

I for one have to agree, that I have to go by the budget, but I find that sometimes if an item is extra cheap I will buy two or three and that helps in the budget for the next are nearly always a must, but cheese is something I will vary, , grow some of our own vegetables and that also helps, but with rising costs, ever noticed if you have not bought an item for a month or so that it has gone up again? I find if sugar comes up, I will buy half a dozen, and put aside to use .... and the humble toilet items....

  • 10th Oct 2014 02:53pm
Onion, milk, chicken wings, beef, pork ribs, vegetable

And when the budgets too tight have to rely on supermarkets reducing prices on basic items to buy then freeze till ready for use.

  • 1st Jul 2014 05:58pm
I do a weekly shop only for essential items such as milk, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables, meat or chicken, cereal, toiletries, cleaning. As I am on a strict budget, I find that one shop helps me to...

Hi maybelle3, I used to get migraines too from chocolate, however I seem to have "grown" out of that now, I still get migraines but strangely it seems to be high wind days that bring them on...maybe something to do with the air pressure my doctor says. Just letting you know that maybe, just maybe, you may find a day when chocolate doesn't affect you the same way.....I sort of found out by accident and used to avoid chocolate for years for fear of a migraine. Oranges, nuts and red wine can be culprits too.

  • 13th May 2014 09:45am
I do a weekly shop only for essential items such as milk, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables, meat or chicken, cereal, toiletries, cleaning. As I am on a strict budget, I find that one shop helps me to...

Gluten free is a neccessity in our household and it is considerably more expensive, some things approx. double. Even flour, cornflour and icing sugar (not that we use much except for special occasions) is very expensive in comparison.
A lot of packaged foods have gluten as a thickener in them. Some list an ingredient but do that state that they have gluten in them. Most of the chocolate has gluten in it. Some chocolates also have orange in them, including Aust. made but they are not labelled. There are only 2 brands of chocolate that we know of that are gluten free. A special treat for Easter - not eggs but in the shape of a rabbit like a flat biscuit - probably gluten free biscuit with covered gluten free chocolate.

  • 12th May 2014 10:18pm
Your budget pretty well sums up mine. Add a few gluten free items and I am done.

Budget....yes that determines what you can afford to buy...and things are getting more expensive.

  • 18th Apr 2014 09:21pm
I'm exactly the same as you Maybelle3. I would need to ad Eggs, Salad, and Bread to your list and I'm done for another week.

Your budget pretty well sums up mine. Add a few gluten free items and I am done.

  • 14th Apr 2014 08:36pm
I do a weekly shop only for essential items such as milk, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables, meat or chicken, cereal, toiletries, cleaning. As I am on a strict budget, I find that one shop helps me to...

I'm exactly the same as you Maybelle3. I would need to ad Eggs, Salad, and Bread to your list and I'm done for another week.

  • 22nd May 2013 11:26am

For myself I tend to get organic food when affordable. I tend to get a bit of fruit and vegetables almost everyday.
For my home, we always want to make sure we have something for breakfast because we like having our breakie at home before going to work (and we are usually in a rush!). So things like toast, nutella, marmalade, cereals, milk, fruit juice etc

  • 21st May 2013 07:52pm

onions,milk,tomatoes,bananas,grapes,chicken,pork,veges are all a must on our list

  • 5th Sep 2014 06:39am
I am in the future going to try organic vegetables either from the Farmers Market at Ramsgate or Redfern near Sydney as sometimes when you purchase fruit especially bananas they have a white powder...

yes I go to the farmers markets to get most of my produce. good for you getting the store to remove their sign

  • 5th Sep 2014 06:35am
onions,milk,tomatoes,bananas,grapes,chicken,pork,veges are all a must on our list

we cant have the normal tomatoes. but all the others are on my list as long as they are organic

  • 5th Aug 2014 01:41pm
onions,milk,tomatoes,bananas,grapes,chicken,pork,veges are all a must on our list

They are more expensive, its a shame but I don't want to see the Organics industries ripped off like the suppliers of other fresh produce are by the big supermarkets, it would kill their industry, paying a little more to keep the Organics going is a sacrifice I choose to make from time to time. But I don't always buy organics, as my purse wont allow it. Like you I am an average person on limited money.

  • 12th May 2014 10:15pm
I think organic fruit &veg are over rated & too expensive. I try to eat 3 veg at night & a couple of fruit a day.

I foods are better for you as they are natually grown, however too expensive to buy for the average person.

  • 29th Apr 2014 12:41pm
I think organic fruit &veg are over rated & too expensive. I try to eat 3 veg at night & a couple of fruit a day.

I am in the future going to try organic vegetables either from the Farmers Market at Ramsgate or Redfern near Sydney as sometimes when you purchase fruit especially bananas they have a white powder on them. And it makes you wonder what chemicals you are eating!!!!

Also the small fruit & vegetable stores how do we trust them that all there produce is from Australia as it says on their price signs. As I have caught one shop trying to sell cherry's out of season and I asked them are they from Australia? Next time I passed the store it removed their sign!!! BUSTED!!!

Joh :)
  • 21st Apr 2014 05:22pm
onions,milk,tomatoes,bananas,grapes,chicken,pork,veges are all a must on our list

sounds good to me

Joh :)
  • 21st Apr 2014 05:21pm
onions,milk,tomatoes,bananas,grapes,chicken,pork,veges are all a must on our list

sounds good to me

  • 10th Mar 2014 07:30pm
I think organic fruit &veg are over rated & too expensive. I try to eat 3 veg at night & a couple of fruit a day.

I agree, way too overpriced!

  • 28th Feb 2014 01:01pm
onions,milk,tomatoes,bananas,grapes,chicken,pork,veges are all a must on our list

Hi u feel

  • 26th Feb 2014 12:36pm
onions,milk,tomatoes,bananas,grapes,chicken,pork,veges are all a must on our list

I think organic fruit &veg are over rated & too expensive. I try to eat 3 veg at night & a couple of fruit a day.

  • 21st May 2013 03:21pm

have to get for my partner, soy milk, fetta cheese, nuttlex,

  • 30th Apr 2017 06:29pm
I use feta as spread on a cracker, bread, wrap.., just crumble it up then with a back of spoon crush unitl smooth, then spread away.

Depends on the style of feta.

  • 23rd Mar 2017 04:17pm
Sometimes I will buy feta cheese mainly for salads

I use feta as spread on a cracker, bread, wrap.., just crumble it up then with a back of spoon crush unitl smooth, then spread away.

  • 5th Sep 2014 06:32am
Sometimes I will buy feta cheese mainly for salads

same feta is the best for salads

  • 31st Mar 2014 02:10am
Sometimes I will buy feta cheese mainly for salads

Very nice Smartphone

  • 26th Feb 2014 12:14pm
Sometimes I will buy feta cheese mainly for salads

Sometimes I will buy feta cheese mainly for salads

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