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Why is everyone so concerned about beauty?

Beauty, Fashion & Style

Posted by: bubbles97

17th Mar 2013 09:46pm

why is everyone so concerned about beauty? why look like other people when you can look yourself?

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  • 17th Apr 2018 02:01pm

Beauty is important of women because when women apply mackup in her face its look different.
All women apply different mackup in different occasions like when women going for interview she use formal mackup.
And when she is going for wedding she use traditional mackup. All women like mackup i am also like to do mack but sometimes only because everyday life its not good for skin.

  • 26th Jun 2013 12:19pm

I don't think you need to look like someone else to be beautiful....look at Audrey Hepburn, she had a unique look but was so beautiful....

The idea of beauty has changed over the years, but it's more fashion and trends that people follow to look "attractive". I think most people just want to look as attractive as possible but still want to look like themselves?

Subtle plastic surgery is ok, but those who have had tons done end up looking weird.

  • 17th Jun 2013 10:17am

yup dts true . according to me baeuty is only depend upon how u can carry yourself in front of society , people

a cute angle
  • 9th Jun 2013 11:24pm

I just found out that botox not just takes your your wrinkles away but it all so help with headaches.

  • 3rd May 2013 07:48am

Sometimes people get put down for the way they look, Media has created this whole new enterprise, telling women they are unnatractive but if they use this then hey everyone will want too look like them

  • 2nd Apr 2013 11:44pm

Everyone is concerned about beauty because society focuses on it. THe media focuses on it. It is all around us. It is so hard not to be aware of beauty. We look at other people and wish we were beautiful like them because we all pick out our worse features. It is hard to see your own beauty when everyones idea of beauty is distorted by the media, magazines, all these other ideas. Everyone is beautiful in their own way it just takes someone special to point it out which makes you feel beautiful. The most beautiful thing is innocence and the not knowing.

  • 31st Mar 2013 07:30pm

I dont think everyone is concerned with beauty. If you feel confident about yourself then dress as you like. Apply beauty products and much or as little as you like

  • 29th Mar 2013 04:58pm

A lot of females are intimidated by the apperence of other females, this doesn't nessicarly mean that they try to look like the people they feel intimidated by.
It just means that they will do their make up & style there hair the way they find themselves to look most beautiful to fit in with the females around them that they may feel intimidated by.
Although in saying this there are a lot of females who believe in Natural Beauty and don't wear makeup.
As for myself personally, No i don't believe you need makeup to see beauty.
but Yes, i do apply makeup when going out as i do feel intimidated by prettier females, as well as just enjoying the "girly girly" look.

  • 18th Mar 2013 04:12pm

being yourself is beautiful but people are to scared to be themselves just in case others don't like them

  • 17th Mar 2013 09:48pm


a cute angle
  • 9th Jun 2013 11:21pm

That is so true!!!!!

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