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Toyota Hilux or VW Amarok?

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Posted by: terry

5th Mar 2013 11:54am

Hi all, I am thinking about buying a new 4x4 ute and I'm tossing up between the
Toyota Hilux and the Volkswagen Amarok. Does anyone have any opinions
about which is better and why?

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  • 15th Jul 2017 10:12pm

Want savage depreciation - if so buy the VW - after dieselgate their resale value has slipped, they have an atrocious attitude to customer relations.
VW DSG transmissions are a potential cost problem that a smart buyer should avoid.

  • 4th May 2017 06:01pm

VW Amarok all the way. They are great cars and can do everything. Fuel consumption is better than all the rest. The quality is exceptional especially inside where you won't hear any noise especially a diesel engine. I just spent XMAS around the Victorian Hinterland and covered every single 4WD track and it was brilliant handling everything there was with ease.

  • 23rd Mar 2017 05:47pm

If reliability and inexpensive maintenance is important to you, then Toyota is a better choice.

  • 24th Feb 2017 09:12am

TOYOTA, Mate 'eH?? the VDubs Have Mege PROB's 'eH?? Mate!!

  • 28th Nov 2016 02:40pm

I would not choose either. Have a look at the Ford Ranger.

  • 4th Oct 2016 09:09pm

I recently watched some videos online from around the world online, the South Africans did a video that showed the Amarok with its bi-turbo engine beating a host of other utes in a drag race even loaded up. That and the tub that can hold a full size industrial pallet are probably the reasons to go with them, however the VW emissions caper, and the fact that my uncles seems to need repairs too often are downsides. The hilux is unbreakable, looks and drives great, and experience owning them has taught me they are great cars. The hilux for me, due to a lifelong association with toyotas, however VW (regardless of recent hype) remains a close second favourite brand.

  • 1st Oct 2016 09:43am

Toyota hilux for sure

  • 7th Dec 2015 11:41am

We have driven Toyota Landcruisers for the past 30 years, love the Toyota, we did get a 4 door ute but found it not as good as the Land cruiser! Can load lots into the Landcruiser, can put the back seat down for more space and of course can tow a trailer for hay, fire wood and other messy items. Latest Land cruiser has extra seats that are easy to put in if we need to take extra passengers!

  • 21st Aug 2015 07:59pm

hi,its heath again-forgot to mention its diesel,too.

  • 21st Aug 2015 07:56pm

hi,i have had a toyota hilux twin cab 4WD from new.since 1994.its the best and most practical vehicle.i love it -still going strong .has spent as much time offroad as it has on the blacktop..plenty room in the backseat for the kids,and in the tray for the dogs..handles well in the mud or the snow..-just take it easy and drive her out in 4WD,no need to rev the guts out of it..and it still cleans up well and looks ok to use as a family car..

  • 16th Aug 2015 09:38am

Forget both of them and get a Mazda BT50.
Toyota has recalled over 33million cars in 5 years .Most for safety features.
And VWs are over priced unreliable.

  • 23rd Jul 2015 06:00pm

i would go for a diesel hilux everytime.My husband was a pro roo shooter for more than thirty years and used the hiluyx over all terraines and in all places as a real work horse and as long as you keep it well maintained it will not cause you any problems at all and not cost extra money.

Frank Yates
  • 1st May 2015 10:20pm

My son in law works for a dealer the VW has very high service costs parts are costly and hard to get apart from consumable parts( filters etc) both are good cars but do the sums. Both the RAC and Choice offer good reviews along with other motoring sites. check them al then make an informed decision based on what you know... not what looks good now.

  • 12th Mar 2015 02:28am

I personally would go Toyota Hilux parts can be found pretty much anywhere where as Volkswagon parts are harder to find. Toyotas don't break down as much as other brands and very effient fuel wise.

  • 30th Sep 2014 02:14pm

Personally I would go with the Toyota! Toyota has a proven track record - they are used in the coal mines everywhere and many other heavy duty workplaces because they are tough work horses....the VW...well, I live in NSW country and never, ever see anyone driving one. Toyota hold their resale value very well and that is because of their proven track record. Just my two-bobs worth. :)

  • 10th Aug 2014 02:09am

VW's are very expensive to maintain. Price of parts are too high as well

  • 16th Jul 2014 06:50pm

Am looking at jets at the moment myself. It depends what you want in a ute though. At the moment I'm actually leaning towards a navara or a bt50

  • 1st Jul 2014 06:36pm

It depends on what you want it for to loo flashy or working and if it not wholely and sole MANUFACTURED in australia get value for money great wall or the like.

  • 22nd Jun 2014 09:02am

Hilux, defiantly hilux.... They are the unbreakable ute

  • 16th Jun 2014 09:37am

If it were me, I'd probably choose the Amarok. They're both just as practical as each other and I feel the main difference would be in price - the Amarok is a touch cheaper plus it's more fuel efficient.
I think a trip to the mechanics and parts would cost slightly more with the VW, plus the VW only comes in manual which might be a deterrent for some. However, I would overlook both of these factors in making my choice.

  • 4th Jul 2014 11:55pm
If it were me, I'd probably choose the Amarok. They're both just as practical as each other and I feel the main difference would be in price - the Amarok is a touch cheaper plus it's more...

The VW is available in auto, but not in all variants.

  • 3rd Jun 2014 05:37pm

Personally, without bringing in other 4x4's, I'd go for the VW.
While Toyota has always been "unbreakable" and their enjins last forever, it is the quality that I find more appealing in the VW. The finish inside the cabin and the feel when you drive it. All other things are comparable on a per situation basis... so if you're going to take it to the dunes, if you're going to stick to roads 99% of the time, if you're going to be hitting traffic, towing a large boat, each of these actually count in a different ute's favour. Most of those, I believe VW.
Since you worked for the money, I'd say: "Pick the Quality" you're willing to pay for. If you're going to go new, get the best deal from both, compare it $ 4 $ as well a value for money from each ute... after sales service, cost of services as well as trade in when you're done... if not, and you want to keep it forever, don't even measure it... Measure what you're going to utilise. Diesel is becoming so expensive that I don't know if it will add the value you get out of it, as your requirements to service is higher - power over performance requirements are the other things you need to think of then - as well as Turbo Diesel over V6 Petrol, etc... If money is no object - the sky is the limit...
All I can say is, Enjoy this time while you do your homework, it's almost the most fun you're going to have!! (While the money is in your pocket!)

  • 21st May 2014 08:53pm

Hi Terry, I have a toyota hilux sr ute v6 4wd
it runs on petrol/ lpg
it has all the grunt I need
i use mine for day to day commute
and to pull boat and I use it for my slideon camper
this ute would climb a wall in 4wd
i have heard the amarok is a lemon.
go the Hilux mate
the prawnmaster

  • 19th May 2014 04:45pm

I would go Toyota they are a great brand same as Isuzu 4x4 . Watch the Top gear episodes about their Toyota hilux and all the things they put it through .
as far as I know vw's are very expensive for servicing and parts.

  • 8th May 2014 07:24am

Another contender to consider is the Ford Ranger. These are slowly taking over in the popularity in New Zealand.

  • 1st May 2014 10:46am

I have been around both of these utes. Our family has had both for work utes. Persnally I would not go past the Hilus. Although the Amarok was very nice to drive and ther was a touch of class (if that is possible in a ute). The resale value was not there and the servicing costs were rediculous. We also found that as we use the tray of the ute daily that the back of the VW was far to high to be practicle.
As for the Hilux we have had both engine types. Unless you are going to buy a petrol engine unless you are will to have the 2x4, they use too much fuel. The other also has far better resale.
I hope this helps.

  • 28th Apr 2014 09:47am

Hi, nothing can beat German made cars, German engeenering, highly recommend you Volkswagen AMAROK, it is popular in Europe, also myself will be buying it, checked all overseas reviews and also you tube movies about performance, excellent usage of petrol too, Million times better than Toyota.

John Smith
  • 18th Apr 2014 11:42am

Toyota Hilux because I own one and it goes great, really good model for going 4x4 driving. If you have money to get a lot of fuel for it (juice guzzler) then you'll be sweet. Other than that it's a great car.

  • 7th Apr 2014 09:09am

Hilux every time - Toyota is reliable, easy to drive, goes anywhere , takes a lot of hammering and is easy on the gas. Easy to repair - parts are commonly available and there are enough of them around to demonstratre to you how popular they are. I kow that in the Construction industry and heavy industires Hilux seems to be the vehicle of it is in the business I work in.

  • 5th Apr 2014 03:28pm

I think the Toyota is better it has a better history when it become to performance and engine last.

  • 2nd Apr 2014 12:39pm

I have just moved from Darwin to the ACT and have found that if want to go on looks then the amarok wins hands down but for practicality the hilux can be used for everything from a daily driver to work truck and the weekend getaway, but saying that have you thought about a ford ranger they have great power and are a great quality car and a great price to boot

  • 24th Mar 2014 09:45pm

Go for the Toyota you find parts for it anywhere plus it is pretty hard to kill it takes a lot of punishment.

  • 31st Mar 2014 10:48am
Go for the Toyota you find parts for it anywhere plus it is pretty hard to kill it takes a lot of punishment.

Hilux are overpriced for what you get.

Terry,swhould look into other options such as Great Wall, SSangyong and Mindhara?
Great value for money!

Personally have a SSangyong 4 x 4 dual cab diesel and hasn't missed a beat in over 70,000kms. It will cruise all day, but just lacks a bit of grunt on the hills.

It's worth looking at alternatives and checking out forum reviews.

  • 18th Mar 2014 02:43pm

I have not driven either vehicle, so this is only general advice. Gut feeling is that the Hilux would be the safer bet as it has a longer track record in this country. If your out in the country you are more likely to able to find parts for a Toyota rather than the VW. I'm certain the VW is a well made vehicle however being European spare parts going to be expensive and could be hard to find.

  • 17th Mar 2014 07:37pm

I would go Hilux for: reliability, lower servicing costs and parts availability, excellent looks and durability.
It all depends on what you'll be using it for, though. There are so many utes on the market now, each with their specialties (D-max for power etc.) and different models of each to suit the buyer. For an all-rounder, the Hilux or Navara aren't bad options.
Good luck!

  • 16th Mar 2014 06:42pm

I'm personal will definitely choose vw amarok

  • 14th Mar 2014 12:25pm

Toyota hilux always able to trust a Toyota they are so reliable

  • 23rd Feb 2014 06:12pm

Have a friend that sold his Hilux for an Amarok. I have been in both and can tell you the Amarock beats the Hilux hands down. My friend and his wife are so happy they did trade and absolutely love the VW. Though like all 4x4's and especially new ones, they will have their little issues regardless on who makes them, so do your research on the maintenance side especially which dealership you choose. That can be more painful than any problem the vehicle could ever give you. Enjoy and Happy Motoring Guys

  • 13th Feb 2014 12:25pm

All BS aside the hilux is overpriced and they're both underpowered. The Amarok is a nice vehicle but the the best on the market is the twins, the ugly duckling Mazda BT-50 and the Ford Ranger. The head issues are now resolved and ther will pull Christ off the cross when it comes too towing, that's where the Gutlux and Amarok come unstuck. Hilux has 343Nm of torque (tahats your pulling power) and 2500kg tow rating, Amarok 420Nm and 300kg and the twins, well then you're looking at 470Nm and a tow rating of 3500kg. That is a HUGE difference. So people say a 4x4 isn't about performance, I say they're idiots, because in 12 months time when you decide to get a boat or caravan or do some 4x4ing you want that performance and you don't have to pay extra for it, intact, you'll save money. Now is the time to buy a 2013 built rand new car at a discounted rate and if you can get past it's looks the BT-50 will be cheaper than the Ranger because it's ugly.

  • 28th Feb 2014 12:02pm
All BS aside the hilux is overpriced and they're both underpowered. The Amarok is a nice vehicle but the the best on the market is the twins, the ugly duckling Mazda BT-50 and the Ford Ranger. The...

I like the Ranger - nice to drive and looks tough. I like the six speed 'box and it works pretty well off-road as well (that's where I drove it - sand and rocky gravel mostly with a little mud). Visibility is a bit how's-your-father, but it is for every modern 4x4 ute that I've driven. I like the price and I definitely like the power.

But man the Ranger feels big and heavy. A mate has a 70 series Landcruiser (that's where you go if you really want pulling power) and was shocked when he put his truck and his boss's Ranger over the weigh bridge and found the Ford was heavier. Ford claim two tonnes curb, but the reality seems to be about 20% more.

You also want the five cylinder motor (is it really the old Volvo Penta diesel?) not the 2.2l four and that adds about ten grand to the price tag. Suddenly you are only looking at a $5,000 difference and you'll more than get that back on resale. Take the hit now or four years down the track?

I'm not buying a caravan or boat so towing weight doesn't fuss me. I do care about ability to turn big wheels in rough conditions, however. The more I think about it, the more I like the Landcruiser option when I replace my Hilux. Or I could see about putting a D4D into a 40 series short WB...

Oh yeah, the BT-50 aint a pretty girl is she...

  • 12th Feb 2014 03:17pm

G'day Terry,
Hilux is the tried and true product. They have been around for a long time and come from the respected Toyota stable. Service and parts will be much more available than the VW. Amarok could well be a good buy but it is more of a risk right now. It hasn't been on the market for long and there aren't many of them around so the backup will be less reliable.

  • 11th Feb 2014 07:39pm

Hi terry

I honestly don't believe that you could go past the toyota hilux,I have personally had the pleasure of driving both these vehicles and while the amarok is nice enough to drive on the road and handles very nicely for a ute/4wd I just feel the toyota hilux would be more capable off road due to its rich heritage and reliability second to none,the Japanese seem to be very good at making a product that is problem free after the date of purchase

  • 31st Jan 2014 10:09pm

i think that the hilux is better because toyota is a better brand and the car dosent brake as easy as the volkswagon.

  • 30th Jan 2014 11:09pm

diesel! always!

  • 30th Jan 2014 11:11am

I've been going through the same delemna. the Amorak has a great profile. Toyota are changing their Hilux to comply with the 5 star safety rating required by the mining companies because they have been losing business to the competition. They are adding a reversing camera and drivers' kinee airbat. Also don't just look a the capped price servicing which for the turbo diessels still represents a big investment; also consider how often you need to have the vehicle serviced ie 6 monthly or yearly. Let me know what you decide!

  • 22nd Jan 2014 10:31pm


  • 21st Jan 2014 08:39pm

Depends if you want the manly Toyota that goes forever or the girly, yuppie VW that goes only when it wants to go.

  • 21st Jan 2014 04:18pm

Hilux is better because they are more common, easy for parts and a lot more people have knowledge about the hilux compared to the amarock

Father William
  • 21st Jan 2014 10:54am

My mechanic of nearly 15 yrs, says that Toyota's are cheaper to service than VW. Both require servicing sometime, I would also look at warranties on each.
Father William

  • 22nd Jul 2013 01:01pm

Both good vehicles Terry....I'd base my decision on spare parts availability to any remote locations you are thinking of visiting.

  • 15th Jul 2013 05:45pm

I believe the Toyota Hilux for it is a cheaper alternative with fuel

  • 13th Jul 2013 07:43pm

Toyota Hilux as I guess the maintenance cost is comparatively lower when compared to the VW.

  • 13th Jul 2013 03:03am

I've had Toyota's for years, I would highly recommend Toyota to anyone wishing to purchase a new car or 4x4.

  • 12th Jul 2013 09:02am

Basically you need to test drive them both and it will depend on which one you feel more comfortable in. Both cars are just as good as each other. Personally I would probably go for the VW Amarok as they look nicer.

  • 10th Jul 2013 06:06pm

Go with Hilux, well reputed name, and more likely to never break down.

  • 6th Jul 2013 06:12pm

hilux definitely much better on fuel consuption and alittle more roomy.

  • 5th Jul 2013 04:28pm

I've always liked Hilux's just because they are so notorious for being tough and reliable i actually just bought an earlier model Hilux and I love it, the parts are cheap and super easy to find,they are tough as nails and reasonably fuel efficient. But on the other hand the Amarok is a sweet looking truck, I don't know much about them mechanically but I do know that vw make great cars, the parts might be dearer but that's probably because they are made better. Personally if I had the money I would go the Amarok.

  • 3rd Jul 2013 01:50pm

Hi i have a hilux and they are tough as nails parts a re easy to find and are cheep but for power wise the amarock will blow the lux out of the water

  • 23rd Jun 2013 12:45pm

my father was on the hunt for a new ute early last year
and after 3 visits to vw could not get a test drive of an amarok
so therefore purchased a new hilux
drives like a dream and never had an issue
only purchased the hilux due to the customer service received
both cars are a great car
just depends on how you like to be treated

  • 20th Jun 2013 07:14pm


  • 19th Jun 2013 04:20pm

tongue punch a fart box and dont brush your teeth this will give you answer

  • 19th Jun 2013 04:20pm

tongue punch a fart box and dont brush your teeth this will give you answer

  • 17th Jun 2013 01:52pm

Hilux better due to hi range of parts and service centers available

  • 17th Jun 2013 01:51pm

Hilux better due to hi range of parts and service centers available

  • 17th Jun 2013 08:25am

Hey terry both are great vehicles but it would depend on your using purposes of the car to which one you would choose. Personally I would choose the hilux for reasons that it would suit my work and my lifestyle better. Where as I see the amarok as a company vehicle or luxury car. My father has the amarok and he loves it but it is a company car so I would say that you should pick the one most suited to your lifestyle and current work condition .

  • 14th Jun 2013 05:31pm

Hi Terry,

Toyota will not break down on you, cheap good servicing always at hand with diesel or petrol options for your consideration.

  • 13th Jun 2013 05:21pm

We recently bought a car. The main things to ask yourself are, what is it going to be used for? Can it tow? which has more room for transporting? which car has better resale value? The most important, which is more fuel efficient?

  • 12th Jun 2013 10:22pm

Hilux has been my workhorse on my farm for last few years and I am totally satisfied, I'm talking proper 4x4 driving as I'm 75kms from the nearest tar surface road!

Uncle Rob
  • 12th Jun 2013 11:50am

Neither! once you get out of the fixed price servicing, both are extremely expensive to maintain. Whe my GF needed a new car I was working for Toyota, I told her to buy a Mitsubishi

  • 10th Jun 2013 02:28pm

Hilux all the way!

  • 10th Jun 2013 11:53am

Choose the hilux, ask anyone used car seller, the Toyota brand will hold its value longer then any other brand. They are both good cars but warranty and part availability is better for the hilux. Your better going for either the turbo diesel motor or the 4.0L v6. These engines are best for the 4X4 model. They both are very punchy engines and have a lot of torque which helps with the 4X4 capability

  • 9th Jun 2013 01:11pm

Toyota for sure tryed an tested id have a land cruiser anyway

  • 6th Jun 2013 08:04pm

I think you should support our local manufacturing and buy Australian preferably maybe a holden colarado or something. This could help stop manufacturing dying in the arse in this country.stop buying imported !!!

  • 6th Jun 2013 04:11pm

Toyota Hilux!!!!!

  • 30th May 2013 07:03pm

Toyota much better in safety and economy

  • 18th May 2013 03:56pm

VW will be more expensive to service as it is a more prestigious brand and the parts and their availability. As the Amarok is a new type of vehicle for VW it will come with its bugs and issues, Toyota has been making Hilux's for decades and they know how to do it well.

If you want reliability with affordability the Hilux is the way to go.

  • 14th May 2013 10:04am

definetly amarok paris to dakar winner and all the tradies up here are driving them

  • 11th May 2013 05:47pm

I personally believe that the Toyota Hilux is a better ute. But it all depends on what you are looking for, the Toyota HiLux is more agricultural. whereas the Amarock is more a "City 4x4".

  • 4th May 2013 03:02pm

Both are excellent vehicles. If you are still on the fence after a test drive, I'd say toss a coin for it. In fact, do that in front of the dealer - that should be good for a discount on something!.


VW lose marks for playing on the German Car thing while they are actually built in China.

So it's Toyota on a recount.

Whichever way you go, get the diesel. Not just for the fuel economy, also for resale and servicing costs.

  • 3rd May 2013 01:25pm

Being a VW owner and fan I would have to say the Amarok, even though it's not made in Germany it still has that engineering and solid feel!

  • 1st May 2013 09:06pm

The Toyota is by far the better vehicle, I own a medium sized company and all our vehicles are Toyota's or isuzu's, and the Toyotas are on the road 13 hours a day with the only things that need to be done is tyres and regular servicing, I personally drive a 20/ year old landcruiser and has never let me down till this day. I dont know about the vw uses but I know from experience my friends have had from the transporter and caddy vans they have transmission problems and are verry expensive to fix.

  • 23rd Apr 2013 03:42am

I believe you should get a Toyota Hilux!

  • 22nd Apr 2013 11:40pm

Hi Terry i would vote the Hilux with 35 Tyres for the mud
You can go anywhere in it.

  • 17th Apr 2013 12:22pm

the hilux is better

if you look at the history with the hilux they say it is really tough and strongly built.
apparently with the hilux as well they say it is more fuel efficient.and it is also more popular then the amarok

  • 12th Apr 2013 05:18pm

Id say Hilux!

  • 9th Apr 2013 11:31pm

My husband has an old Toyota Landcruiser, old but on diesel, Toyota's are very reliable, well the ones we have owned anyway, never owned a new one always secondhand but most reliable and good performance. So it all depends on yourself what else you want to use it for? Hubby goes bush a lot and the Toyota is a marvel at climbing steep tracks.

  • 9th Apr 2013 03:52pm

My husband was a pro shooter for the last 15 years using a hilux and was never let down in all that time and would be hours away from help if needed and he puts it down to grease and oil change every 5000 k.s and if on the dirt dusty roads always carry extra fuel filters .The vw.s look good but dont know a lot about them.

  • 9th Apr 2013 09:37am

The Toyota Hilux has a long history of reliability. Service costs are reasonable and parts and accessories are easily accessories. They are fairly expensive compared to the DMax, Triton and Colorado, but it has always been like this.

The VW Amarok also looks to be a fantastic car. But it is only fairly new in Australia and has not built the reputation of the Toyota. If it is anything like other European cars, repairs are going to be expensive.

  • 8th Apr 2013 09:37pm

Hi Terry
Myself and my Wife live outback near Blackall QLD i own toyota landcruiser ute and she owns a hilux since we have bought the hilux in 05 we have done 250000kms and it is still going as tough as the day we bought it dirt roads, flooded creek crossings, mud, bulldust and even snow it has just been unreal as they say Toyota Hilux UNBREAKABLE...

Thats the way i would head anyway...
Happy and safe driving.

  • 3rd Apr 2013 12:32pm

I think TOYOTA is much better. I like it.

  • 3rd Apr 2013 10:06am


They are both reliable. But amarok performs better in this case, check out their competition together with Nissan navara, and all other vehicle in these category. The amarok survived. Just google it to watch

  • 2nd Apr 2013 11:43am

This will be the best decision you will ever make when it come's to a motor car.
If this is going to be a work car its a great choice as my friends parents never had any problems with there's.

  • 1st Apr 2013 01:20pm

toyota is tryed and tested you no what you are getting vw is still a new comer but cheper. both are good options

  • 31st Mar 2013 02:41pm

I used to drive a Toyota Hilux, I gotta say its one of the most trouble free vehicles i have ever owned.
Then i switched to a VW Polo, I have to say its built quality and technological advancement is years ahead of the Japanese. The TSI engine is amazing.
If you are for engineering/technology, go for VW.
Toyota, is fail safe.

  • 26th Mar 2013 09:59pm

it would not really matter as long as it gets you where you need to go !!!!!!!!

  • 26th Mar 2013 02:29pm

We have owned a hilux before and it is definitely a no-frills ute, with a good reputation for reliability. The VW Amarok would be my personal choice because of its pedigree and build quality. If you don't want to take them for a test drive - rent one for a day.

  • 24th Mar 2013 09:24pm

Toyota Hilux is the one i can suggest

  • 24th Mar 2013 12:22pm

hey hows everyone. i just wanted to point out that hulix has been proven for soo many years as a car for everything and anything, to make this personal one of my close freinds has had one for 12 yrs and has had no problems with it?

Frank Yates
  • 23rd Mar 2013 09:32pm

Go the Rollux! cheaper servicing, and repair, great resale price. In the modern world they are all much the same in what they can do they have same carrying capacity so look for what you can get for your hard earned $$ your olny choice are petrol or diesal. Auto or manual. plus what the dealer is going to do to get you to buy. eg free bull bar, tow hitch,wider wheels, full size spare. do not forget to factor in running costs & insurance in to the equation.... Good luck

  • 23rd Mar 2013 01:40pm

I would recommend the toyota hilux because its a strong well known brand.

  • 22nd Mar 2013 05:41pm

Check with a few mechanics & current owners if you can catch them - ask what problems they've had & if they buy it again.

  • 21st Mar 2013 12:13pm

I am a Toyota fan myself..Love em!

  • 20th Mar 2013 11:05pm

go for toyota..

  • 20th Mar 2013 02:17pm

Hi there. Both are better in their own way. Its all about the your choice, your taste and what is the performance you are looking for. Apart from that, depending on your budget and capability. As a personal choice, i would go for VW amarok. It been proven the better car than Toyota Hilux. The strength and the performance is just amazing. Its better if you go for a text drive. Its also proven that 67% of people will go for VW Amarok. The choice is yours.

  • 19th Mar 2013 11:11am

toyata hilux not petrol but diesel cause diesel models have better fuel economy cost less to run

  • 26th Sep 2015 06:56pm
All BS aside the hilux is overpriced and they're both underpowered. The Amarok is a nice vehicle but the the best on the market is the twins, the ugly duckling Mazda BT-50 and the Ford Ranger. The...

load of crap htlux is old tec

  • 28th May 2014 02:56pm
toyata hilux not petrol but diesel cause diesel models have better fuel economy cost less to run

I would not even compare them . Toyota, diesel outclasses the Amarok for affordability (parts service fuel)

  • 18th Mar 2013 04:33pm

Toyota because there's more of them in Australia .

  • 17th Mar 2013 03:46pm

go for toyota

  • 17th Mar 2013 10:42am

Toyota hilux is way more easier to get parts for just sayin :)

  • 18th Apr 2014 10:31am
toyata hilux not petrol but diesel cause diesel models have better fuel economy cost less to run

I agree completely

  • 16th Mar 2013 03:52pm

In my opinion the toyota is better, because the spare parts are cheaper and probably from fuel point of view toyota should be better

  • 15th Mar 2013 11:09pm

Although the Amarok has a lot to offer as a 4x4, with a relatively unblemished track record as far as known mechanical and electrical faults go, the Hilux is, and always has been a reliable vehicle. You can take it anywhere, treat it like crap, hammer the hell out of it, and it will love every minute of it. The esteemed manufacturers of the Toyota have done well to keep the Hilux as a pure 4x4, without adulterating it by trying to force it into a sports package. If you want a 4x4 for any purpose, any time - the Toyota is your best bet. It sits just as well on the highway as it does on a sand dune, gives you a great driving position with visibility over most conventional cars, the up and go is improved from earlier models, as is the thickness of the drive-train - allowing for the higher power flow to the rear wheels, as well as an impressive low-high gear ratio giving you a lot of low end power to play with, and a respectable top end as well. It has a relatively high towing ability, with the low end gearing in first and second of the manual performing best. The angle of the body promotes the even carry of load as well as comfit in the cab. The position of the weight gives it a low center of gravity, with good implications in terms of mitigating roll-over incidences (something that plagued the higher, heavier 1992 model). The only real downside is the initial action of the chassis under heavy braking. Although predictable enough, in wet conditions while towing a load, it can have the effect of slightly changing the tow angle - increasing the likelihood of jack-knifing under a 93% brake compression. But considering you use the gearing of a manual to bring it to a more controlled stop, this is an element that you only get to witness if you are unlucky enough to be caught in a situation that most vehicles of it's size wouldn't have a chance of handling anyway.

  • 15th Mar 2013 01:30am

Do not get a petrol engine and the amarok I believe is the better

  • 13th Mar 2013 08:34pm

Mate, when it comes down to it Toyota hilux is now overpriced and nowhere near as "unbreakable" as they used to be. I bought a D-max and am very happy with it, but if you are going to spend that sort of coin I would go for the Amarok, VW been around many years longer than Toyota and reliability is assured as is build quality and specs for your dollar!
Good luck,
D-Max rules!!!!!!!

  • 6th Aug 2016 01:56pm
No vehicle is as unbreakable as they used to be. They all have crumple these days I would take into consideration the length of your bonnet. If you are unfortunate to have a prang or hit an animal...

In actual fact, I would choose either brand of 4WD. People in Coober Pedy find that the only ones that are really durable are Nissans. People we know have a Nissan Patrol. Apart regular servicing they have had very little problems in the 20 years they have had it.

  • 16th Jul 2014 03:04pm
Mate, when it comes down to it Toyota hilux is now overpriced and nowhere near as "unbreakable" as they used to be. I bought a D-max and am very happy with it, but if you are going to spend that...

No vehicle is as unbreakable as they used to be. They all have crumple these days I would take into consideration the length of your bonnet. If you are unfortunate to have a prang or hit an animal the front end is more likely to move backwards. I have seen vehicles that it has happened to. If you are going to travelling where kangaroos are I suggest you add some type of protection to the front of your vehicle A relative of mine hit one when it hopped across behind cars travelling in the opposite direction straight across in front of them. A Toyota Corolla, $8000.00 damage. Some of the parts had to come from Japan but that would be quicker than Europe anyway. Luckily they had insured it at a set value or the insurance company may have written it off. It was still driveable but not roadworthy, mainly because all the front lights on the left hand side were smashed. They drove it back to Adelaide from Horsham, after they had stopped and made sure that it wasn't leaking fluid at all. It didn't affect the steering either. Fortunately they were travelling at the town speed limit at the edge of the town and no faster or it would have been much worse. The kangaroo kept going and went into bushland. They couldn't find it or they would have gone back into Horsham to see if they could get help for it.

  • 13th Mar 2013 11:46am

Both utes are tried and reliable,Toyota,in the Hi-lux version,well,Australia runs on this utes back. The VW is building a good reputation upon an already great reputation.
I believe VW have the Amorok on special now,if it comes to price.You must be prepared to pay for premium service after buying the ute.
I, personally would buy an Isuzu if the price is within cooee of the others,but they are all bomb proof.
Good choice Terry.

  • 12th Mar 2013 09:54am

I would definitely recommend you to get an excellent tool for toyota. toyota is one of the world's leading brands. Users were satisfied with whom you ask. Anyone ever heard of any complaints so far. So I have to congratulate the quality of toyota

  • 6th Mar 2013 02:09pm

Hi Terry,
I do not think performance should be considered. Both are adequate. I would be thinking about use. If used daily & say, 100 klms per day or more, go for diesel, otherwise petrol engine. I would be thinking about servicing costs, availability of knowledgeable service people, availability of parts & resale value. In all cases, the Toyota ticks all the boxes. I have heard stories of high maintenance costs & delays of parts for ALL VW's. Resale values on all good Toyota's is high.

  • 14th Jul 2017 04:55pm
Hi Terry,
I do not think performance should be considered. Both are adequate. I would be thinking about use. If used daily & say, 100 klms per day or more, go for diesel, otherwise petrol...

Having owned both Toyota and Volkswagen vehicles, I reluctantly have to agree that VW parts and maintenance costs can be rather high.

  • 31st May 2014 07:29am
Hi Terry,
I do not think performance should be considered. Both are adequate. I would be thinking about use. If used daily & say, 100 klms per day or more, go for diesel, otherwise petrol...

U are so right one tuff truck

  • 31st May 2014 07:26am
Hi Terry,
I do not think performance should be considered. Both are adequate. I would be thinking about use. If used daily & say, 100 klms per day or more, go for diesel, otherwise petrol...

I would go the hilux they are one tuff & great truck

  • 14th Mar 2014 12:26pm
Diesael is the way to go.

diesel sorry mike its a habit

  • 26th Apr 2013 09:16am
Hi Terry,
I do not think performance should be considered. Both are adequate. I would be thinking about use. If used daily & say, 100 klms per day or more, go for diesel, otherwise petrol...

Diesael is the way to go.

  • 29th Mar 2013 11:40pm
Hi Terry,
I do not think performance should be considered. Both are adequate. I would be thinking about use. If used daily & say, 100 klms per day or more, go for diesel, otherwise petrol...

Agreed Rossco - you are spot on in my opinion in everything you have just put. Wise man :)

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