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Money in sports.

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Posted by: Hilary

12th Feb 2013 11:19pm

Do you think there is too much money involved at the top in sports?

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  • 20th Jan 2022 07:56pm

far too much - for the guys.

  • 8th Mar 2021 03:46pm

Yes, footballers are paid too much. Young people are given crazy amounts of money without any guidance or counselling just to play a sport. No wonder they are often in the news for doing stupid things

  • 31st May 2018 10:50am

Yes ridiculous 5 million a year or more for some players. It causes illegal gambling, and crime and corruption.

  • 10th Apr 2018 11:58am

Too little in australia

  • 10th Mar 2017 09:03am

Yes definitely.

  • 9th Feb 2017 01:47pm

Yes there may be too much money involved in top level sports, however sport itself doesn't attract the money its the entertainment factor people get out of sports and the abilities for big business to capitalize on the wide exposure that gains some much financial support.

  • 8th Feb 2017 01:43am

There is a common misconception that tennis players get paid very well. That is simply not true for 99% of all cases. Whilst the top 20 in the world earn a generous amount through prize money and endorsements, anyone below this will struggle to get by and oftentimes are further putting themselves in debt by continuing on tour. If you look at the career prize money for anyone ranked outside the top 20, whilst they will likely be in the $3-4 millions, we often fail to consider the fact that these tennis players are essentially corporations in their own right. They have to pay for their coaching staff (head coach, hitting partner, fitness coach, physio), they have to pay for all their travel and accommodation, food etc. Whilst some of these players do have endorsements, they usually only cover the hefty cost of gear and clothing.

Living on tour isn't cheap as a tennis player, and it really doesn't become financially viable until you're the best of the best.

  • 1st Feb 2017 02:29pm

There is too much money in sports such as golf and tennis but the other athletes competing in other sports get paid about what their worth. Some athletes in sports such as soccer and AFL may get paid a lot more than what society believe that they are worth although they must be half decent players to earn that much money.

  • 20th Jul 2016 08:47pm

Yes! some sports wages are absolutely over the top.

  • 25th Mar 2016 01:27pm

Yes. Money better spent on people/organisations that actually are deserving of top dollar. Charlie Teo. Fred Hollows Foundation just to name a few.

  • 11th May 2014 04:15pm

Probably, at least in the old days you knew Horse racing was dodgy, now it is pretty much everything. All betting should cease once a game has started.

  • 11th May 2014 03:59pm

yes but in some sports you have to go all around the world and pay for flights and all of that so in the long run they need the money to travel.

  • 8th Apr 2014 09:06am

Depends on what sports I think. There are a lot of sports does not pay the players. In some cases, the players pay for all their expenses just so they can compete. Worst thing is that they pay to represent NZ in international competition.

  • 6th Apr 2014 10:02pm

In some cases I am not sure. Their Income Protection and Trauma Insurance policy payments would be huge. Hopely they also have Life Insurance Policies.
Many don't have other employment beforehand, therefore when they retire from sports they have no experience to help in gaining employment, epsecially if injuries restrict what they can do. It depends what sport you are involved in whether you are getting well paid at the top. In some sports you personally have to find your own sponsorship and funds to initially participate in the sport - including some categories of motorsport. It takes a lot of hard work - in some cases unpaid- and dedication to get a look in at all. Internationally some have to pay to drive until they prove themselves and are given a contract.

  • 25th Mar 2014 02:15pm

No these people are great at what they do

  • 19th Mar 2014 03:47pm

no way! ive only just started tipping on sports and i am astounded by the pools, i wouldnt say its a bad thing if i won the pools and its only a bit of fun

  • 6th Apr 2014 09:49pm
no way! ive only just started tipping on sports and i am astounded by the pools, i wouldnt say its a bad thing if i won the pools and its only a bit of fun

I don't think thr original question was referring to tipping.

  • 19th Mar 2014 09:20am

There is too much money involved in sport especially Rugby League.just recently it was reported that a player was able to earn up to 850,000 dollars to switch to another club to play with them.Years ago in Rugby League players were not earning this much money and would stay loyal to the club that signed them up

  • 12th Mar 2014 02:33pm

it depends on what sport you take part in some sports such as tennis and golf and that are the ones that people always here and see about but its the sport you dont hear so much about that suffer! Athletics is one that does not have as much money in it athletes are still working just as hard but do not have so many opportunities or rewards as other sports. you have to be someone big like Usain Bolt to be earning money in athletics.

  • 7th Mar 2014 07:15am

Yes, why aren't the people that have stronger influence in developing the nation getting paid the most? I'd consider that a more important task than competitive sport at its highest level.

  • 16th Feb 2014 01:39pm

In some sports are way to much but in some sports are no enough.

  • 14th Feb 2014 11:02pm

Yes and no as most athletes retire young.

  • 30th Jan 2014 03:28am


  • 30th Jan 2014 03:58am
no way! ive only just started tipping on sports and i am astounded by the pools, i wouldnt say its a bad thing if i won the pools and its only a bit of fun


  • 2nd Sep 2013 01:28pm


  • 26th Aug 2016 11:36am
no way! ive only just started tipping on sports and i am astounded by the pools, i wouldnt say its a bad thing if i won the pools and its only a bit of fun

Yes, in case of some sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Golf, etc. And No, in case of least popular games like handball, chess, cycling, kabaddi, etc.

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