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What's your favourite style?

Beauty, Fashion & Style

Posted by: Connie

28th Sep 2012 02:09pm

what outfit or style that you prefer and why?

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  • 11th Jun 2014 01:37pm

Personally, I love Pretty Little Liars television series and the sporty, yet girly fashion Emily Fields wears is exactly how I like to dress. Dressing for comfort whilst making a statement!

  • 11th Jun 2014 01:36pm

Personally, I love Pretty Little Liars television series and the sporty, yet girly fashion Emily Fields wears is exactly how I like to dress. Dressing for comfort whilst making a statement!

  • 6th Jun 2014 05:32pm

Urban Streetwear. I love wearing sporty hip hop influenced style clothing. Such as sneakers and hoodies

  • 6th Jun 2014 05:32pm

Urban Streetwear. I love wearing sporty hip hop influenced style clothing. Such as sneakers and hoodies

  • 31st Jan 2014 09:19pm

hippy style & comfortable

  • 30th Jan 2014 11:53am

Depends on what mood and event I would be going too. If its something formal I'd go with a nice skirt and white collared top. Something high waist as well and long sleeved.
If it is for a more casual event I'd go with a nice pair of jeans and plain top that maybe has that modern edge to it.

  • 30th Jan 2014 11:04am

i prefer a nice flowy summer dress because its easy to put shoes with and comfortable to wear

  • 28th Jan 2014 08:03pm

Comfortable and Asian influenced clothing.

  • 28th Jan 2014 05:42pm

I generally go for comfort, but i do love to get dressed up in a cute dress or a nice pair of jeans and a cute top. Mainly I can be found wearing a pair of tights and a over sized tee.

  • 4th Dec 2013 02:33am

I dress for comfort, prefer lightweight tunic tops & cotton crop pants for summer. Winter time I wear jeans & shirts mostly, don't much like wearing skirts or dresses & have not bought those for some time. Absolutely love slobbing it up in tracksuit for winter at home, only the kids & dog around so it makes it easy .
For work I usualy wear long pants or jeans depending on the place I am working at & their dress code, beauty about a small town is most small businesses are casual & don't need a suit. I have pant suits in the wardrobe should I need them but that is rare.

  • 2nd Dec 2013 07:03am

as I have got older I go for comfort, feel of fabric and basic styles with muted shades. What I save on fashion goes into a holiday fund

  • 21st Nov 2013 05:54pm

This summer I have decided to go all out and buy some really love silk chiffon or some other cool material as Kaftans.
The full length really dress for going out depending on wear . I have already started wearing the shorter ones with leggings now.
My body has in the last few years developed its' own thermometer. I am supposed to be well past Menopause, I feel I did that and finished years ago
Clothes I can feel when I become very warm are a nightmare. As little as possible. If it works for people in the India and other such hot places I will maybe be comfortable again.

  • 11th Nov 2013 11:07pm

My favourite brand is Supre, and I spend 'up big' when my casual Chic style is 'in' in my favourite colours. I like blues (except pastel blue), navy, pinks, lilac, marone, black, grey, aqua and black & white designs. I get lots of compliments so I must be doing something right! Cheers Jewelsisagem

  • 8th Nov 2013 10:06am

I prefer either partially or completely elasticised pants, skirts etc. as it you gain or lose weight the size can be adjusted accordingly depending on how it is put in..

  • 8th Nov 2013 10:02am

I prefer a style which is not "skin tight" and uncomfortable to wear, especially those that have very small armholes, and in the case of slacks or jeans are tight in the crotch which can cause infections - well documented. There should also be a better range of clothes for girls size 7-11 because most of them are designed for teenagers not age 6 - 10. Some of the latest colours do not suit all people. e.g. one of the colours is orange. I look absolutely ghastly in orange. Not only am I not a "orange" lover I have been told that orange does not suit my complexion or natural hair colour. Colouring my hair is not an option due to allergies.

  • 4th Nov 2013 06:34pm

I prefer dresses with short sleeves, mid calf with a short skirt attachrd to the waist.

  • 28th Oct 2013 08:24pm

Classic cuts, simple colours, we'll thought out accessories. I don't buy trends, stick to the classic stuff. Society and how people dress is just so complicated, you have busy places, with heaps of people all dressed in patterns, mis matched clothes, thongs etc, bring back they days when men and women actually DRESSED for occasions, hats, suits, stockings, brushed hair.

  • 20th Oct 2013 05:28pm

Whatever is in vogue

  • 8th Oct 2013 12:17am

I go with very classic cuts, colors, styles and designed for both my clothing and accessories.i also go for classic bombshell curled for my long hair. . This is a timeless look and I never by anything that is the current trend, saves me heaps because everyhthing I own is in fashion all the time, and in a sea of girls with messy buns on top of their heads and skinny jeans, I am unique because I'm dressed simply, cleanly and elegantly.

  • 29th Aug 2013 04:58pm

Something a bit loose and comfortable. Nothing is worse than feeling as though you are strapped oin so tight you can't move

  • 29th Aug 2013 04:39pm

I tend to stick to cotton as I have sensitive skin. Otherwise if not available at least 75% with other blend but not nylon or acetate at all. I much prefer cotton even if not the latest trend rather than having red blothes - mainly on my arms and legs which become very itchy, so much so that sometimes I rub them and am everlastingly putting cream or ointment on the "patches". Becoming warm but not necessarily all that hot aggravates it too. Cotton "breathes" a lot better than other fabrics.

  • 12th Aug 2013 07:07am

I prefer leggings because my legs are slim and boots. High kick arse boots for going out and riding boots for day wear. To go with this I love a scarf and a cropped jumper or a shirt and scarf look. Finally a page boy cap to top it off.

  • 4th Jul 2013 10:26pm

I used to dress up more years ago, but now I love casual style for everyday, but throwing in a quirky item to make it look different and for individuality.

For work - smart, business wear but not too formal or stiff.

For some occasions I like something a bit more dramatic, but don't spend as much money on cloths as I used to so I try not to be too faddish in my choice of clothes, as I like them to last for more than one season.

  • 2nd Jul 2013 10:47pm

I love the new leggins style or tight black jeans. They are an easily affordible type of clothing and they can dress up anything to make your outfit stand out for any occasion. I love wearing them with a nice fancy top as the top becomes the focus of the outfit.

  • 28th Jun 2013 06:57pm

i prefer outfit that I feel comfortable to wear..not to tight and not too fit.on a regular days,i wear shorts,jeans and t-shirt,so cool and easy to wear :)

  • 27th Jun 2013 09:20am

Comfort and practicality comes before style. Lucky we live in Australia and almost !
anything is acceptable.
Dressing up for a special occasion is wonderful, but a lot of forethought goes into temperature and to be cool with cottons or extremeley warm with layers.

  • 3rd May 2013 07:56am

As long as im comfortable

  • 22nd Oct 2012 10:13am

anything comfy and feels nice when you're at home, because it's not like you have anybody to impress is it? but when i got out i like to do full-on colourful amazuliciousness to blow away people with kookiness. be individual - dress how you like. :D

  • 18th Oct 2012 03:49pm

I dress for comfort. I usually wear pants or shorts and a comfortable t shirt. I usually wear band shirts or shirts designed by artist friends of mine.

If i want to dress up, i will wear nice black pants or jeans and a button through shirt/blouse.

  • 8th Oct 2012 04:07pm

I prefer more of an emo/scene style, with the cute band tees and bright colours with mixes of black. :)

  • 8th Oct 2012 04:07pm

I prefer more of an emo/scene style, with the cute band tees and bright colours with mixes of black. :)

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