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New Fashion Trends

Beauty, Fashion & Style

Posted by: niki_vb

14th Sep 2012 12:46pm

What new fashion trends are you ladies going to be trying ?
I'm thinking heaps of crazy prints, leather jackets and bright tights.
Perfect for Spring!! Also chunky jewellery and bangles.

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  • 2nd Feb 2018 03:09pm

I tend not to go with fashion trends but admire people who have the courage to try new ideas and can afford it.

  • 12th Nov 2017 08:57am

Sounds good, my wife looks much happier when she wears bright colours.. My actual dislike is the torn jeans style. 100's of dollars are paid for these torn jeans and it really looks stupid, not fashionable at all in my book.

  • 28th Aug 2017 12:37am

I think people who buy those expensive jeans with the rips in them are extremely stupid and the look looks stupid. Now a friend tells me that scuffed runners are the new fashion. What a waste of money and where has common sense gone to??.

  • 24th Jun 2014 03:18pm

I am enjoying the big furry winter coats at the moment, purples and pinks, black or grey :)

  • 31st Jan 2014 09:29pm

long hippy dresses, nice to keep cool

  • 22nd Jan 2014 05:41pm

that's would be great to try out prints, its something different and would be great all year round......


  • 21st Jan 2014 05:04pm

I have sat last night watching a new beauty and frock firm open up here in Perth, with the backing I think of a guy called John Bond. The frocks were ou trageous, but I guess that is todays world, but boy it sure would take some knowledge of wearing them....they were strapless in a lot of cases, and looked more like wedding outfits. I know todays you ng people like chunky, and I can remember being in that world and wearing them, so go for it if that is your scene as they say...

  • 29th Aug 2013 02:54pm

I'm going to be trying lots of lace and soft colors this autumn.

  • 27th Aug 2013 09:45pm

Lately, I have been loving a lot of leather. I believe you can make leather work in many different ways.

  • 3rd May 2013 08:00am

Printed jeans & plain jumpers

  • 29th Sep 2012 12:42pm

I've seen a lot of variation recently. Some seem to be going back to classic Audrey Hepburn looks; lace, sheer, creams and whites, bows and simple slip shoes. On the other hand, I'm seeing lots of chunky jewellry, leather pants or skinny legged jeans with leather jackets and band T-shirts. Usually that is accompanied by combat boots or doc martins.

  • 22nd Sep 2012 01:16am

So classic look and beautiful

  • 2nd Feb 2018 12:30am
I'm really enjoying the more feminine looks this year. With the lace dresses and the soft pastels. The more modest 50's style dresses with cute cardy's. I have 3 teenage daughters and it's lovely...

Totally agree

  • 2nd Feb 2018 12:29am
So classic look and beautiful

Yes classic and classy

  • 20th Jun 2014 07:22am
So classic look and beautiful

Jeans that are folded at the bottom with all black converse

  • 9th Oct 2012 11:12am
So classic look and beautiful

I'm really enjoying the more feminine looks this year. With the lace dresses and the soft pastels. The more modest 50's style dresses with cute cardy's. I have 3 teenage daughters and it's lovely seeing them all dresses like young ladies.

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