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When you introduce water to your baby?

Pregnancy & Parenting

Posted by: bhayu

4th Sep 2012 07:55pm

I have a one month baby boy. I planned to full breast feed him until 6 months. But some people suggest to introduce water to my boy. When will be the best time to introduce my baby with water?

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  • 27th Mar 2013 03:55pm

thanks for the replies all, I tried to give my baby water 2 months ago, and I think he likes it. Only he doesn't like if I use bottle to give him water, he needs to drink straight from the cup. Sometimes I have to stop him to drink because he won't stop once I put a cup of water onto his lips.

  • 27th Mar 2013 02:39pm

Water can be introduce to the baby straight away it help if they have wind or can't poop.
Water is never bad to give anyone.

  • 16th Mar 2013 02:35pm

We all know that breast milk is best, it not only provides all the nutrients it need but it also does quench babies thirst that is what it is designed to do and why it is a total food for a baby.I have 6 children and breast fed all for about 12 months. i had some in summer and never felt they needed water. as they were fed every 2 to 3 hours.there is no harm in giving water it should not have to be essiental. i offered a little water when they started solids around 5or6 months as well as breast milk as part of their meal.You can always tell byhow wet their nappies are when changed.

  • 19th Oct 2012 12:21pm

I have a 3 week old baby girl who suffered from constipation after being fed formula (my milk supply couldn't keep up in the early days). I gave her some cooled down boiled water, about 20ml, and it worked a treat. I don't think giving your baby water (as long as it has been boiled first) will do any harm and like us, they too need to keep their fluids up.

  • 7th Oct 2012 09:27am

I introduced water at 2 months as my bub had really bad wind. I know it sounds weird but it made a big difference! He is now 4 and a bit months old and he loves having his water. I just give it to him through a syringe so i'ts not much really. I was told it can't hurt them. Just make sure it is cooled boiled water.

  • 7th Oct 2012 06:33am

2 of my children were given water in the hospital when i had them. i didnt breastfeed but babies need water as well as milk. my grandson was only 2 months old when we gave him water. As long as it is boiled first then given at the same temperature as you would give milk my opinion is that it is never too early.

  • 6th Oct 2012 05:06pm

I started my little boy on water at 1 month and now he is 5 months and loves his water he quite ofter takes it over milk at times now he is on solids we give him water with his food. even though your baby is being breast fed he will still get thirsty just offer it to him before each feed to get hime use to the texture of it it will take him a little bit to get use to but its best to start early I say that way when he is older you wont have a problem introducing it to him. good luck

  • 6th Oct 2012 06:29am

it is never to soon to give babies water i gave my babies water from when they were just a month old its good for them

Miss Prim
  • 5th Oct 2012 07:59pm

I breast fed my baby and also gave him water from the day he was born. Milk is a food for babies and they need water too. When my granddaughter was born her mum was told not to give her water only milk. So I guess it is up to you but I would be giving your baby water now.

  • 7th Oct 2012 02:58pm
I breast fed my baby and also gave him water from the day he was born. Milk is a food for babies and they need water too. When my granddaughter was born her mum was told not to give her water...

i could only breast feed for a bout 3 months, but i did give both my children water from birth. i call it a flush out for their little tummies which is healthy. there is no problem with giving your baby water from birth a specially on hot days.

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