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Posted by: tina

30th Jun 2012 01:02am

work! why do we put endless hours of slavery into our lives as we dont leave for ever

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  • 21st Jul 2013 12:01am

We like to live well. Just because it doesn't last, doesn't mean we don't want to enjoy it. I think we get caught up in the money, too.,

  • 4th Jul 2013 02:14pm

Work !--Not many like doing it ,but try living without the paypacket at weeks end .It`s
bloody harder work trying to put food on the table. We couldn`t have dependants,as
they rely on you for everything,actually you would have very little, if anything.
I dream of just walking into the bush near a beach,live in a humpy and fish and hunt for food all day,well an hour or so anyhow,got waves to ride and a tan to get
you know.
The only trouble would be when all you people come and crowd me out of my
heaven !

  • 3rd Jul 2013 08:57am

the best thing to do is to make your passion into your work - that is what I do - I love my so called work - it does nto feel like work at all really - as I love it. So I get paid to do what I love - much better way of living. Some people say its not possible - but it really is - just change your attitude. Find what you love doing and do it well.. there are many other people who love what you do and will want to pay you well for it.

  • 26th Jun 2013 08:48pm

never a truer word spoken. Now a retiree I realize how much of me I invested in my work, how it impacted on my family and the time I spent with them. In speaking with my husband he said if he had his time over again he would have set clearer boundaries re work and spent more time with our kids when they were growing up. I concur with this. I note my children spend alot more time with their kids than we did. They are the ones who have the right idea re work.

  • 25th Jun 2013 04:57pm

I agree with Hilary , if we love what we do we would never ask this question. Maybe its time for a career change. Or maybe you just feel like having a winge.

  • 12th Apr 2013 09:12am

We put in endless hours to work because the cost of living is getting higher and higher, particularly in the city areas. Housing used to be about four times the average person's yearly salary, looking around my area currently it is now 10 times that, and I am on a mid-range income. Food costs more, education costs more, transport costs more than ever. Thus work has become what we need to do to try and keep up with the ever rising costs of living in our society.

  • 12th Feb 2013 10:37pm

We put in endless hours of work because we have to pay the bills. Just basic things like food and rent. We have cut back time and time again. At least there are still things that are free such as taking the dog for a walk in the park, sitting down for a few minutes in the evening to enjoy a cool breeze .
If you have a job that you love and make enough money to live comfortably that is fantastic. Most people probably don't so we have to make sure we have something we enjoy doing when we are not working.

  • 12th Feb 2013 10:29pm

~ " if you do a job you love you wont have to work a day in your life"

  • 6th Aug 2013 12:42pm
~ " if you do a job you love you wont have to work a day in your life"

Too true. I've loved each of my jobs and had the good fortune to have some truly great employers, so going to work was never a chore but rather a pleasant distraction from an otherwise mundane life/stlye!

  • 7th Feb 2013 10:21pm

One day a woman asked her husband to go to the butcher and get a leg of lamb. this the husband did, but on returning and giving the leg of lamb to his wife, she asked him "Why didn’t you have the end cut off?" "You never asked me to" he replied. "But we always cut the end off the roast" she said. "Why" he asked.

The wife thought a bit and then said "I don’t know but my mother always did." "Well" said the man, "she’s here for dinner, let’s ask her."

When they asked the wife’s mother why she cut the end off the roast she thought a bit and then said "I don’t know but my mother always did." "Well" said the man, "I want to know what’s going on so let’s ask her."

They got Granny on the phone and asked her "Why did you always cut the end off the roast?" "Because my pot was too small" she replied.

Are you cooking in someone else’s pot? Accepting as true in your life the restrictions that were true in theirs. Are you limiting your opportunities for growth by accepting, without question the way things are done.

Next time you catch yourself saying "But we’ve always done it this way" ask these questions "why, what if, what else and how else" because fools blindly accept or reject a subject they have not studied.

  • 3rd Sep 2013 04:06pm
One day a woman asked her husband to go to the butcher and get a leg of lamb. this the husband did, but on returning and giving the leg of lamb to his wife, she asked him "Why didn’t you have the...

Mondayitis, this is the best anecdote I've seen all week! :)

  • 4th Feb 2013 10:33am

Hi tina, yes we do seen to put endless hours into work related activity, so we should wherever we can, do some kind of work we feel passionate about. The case i'm reminded of is a guy I worked for. I worked in a plant nursery which I enjoyed, apart from the heavy work and the heat in Queensland. The owner was a passionate lover of the environment and plants. He'd started growing plants as a teenager and selling them from home, a roadside stall at the weekend. H e stuck to it, and some 10 years later became one of the top nurserymen in the business, and now, nearing retirement, is responsible for great advancements in his field. All started from a backyard.
So, don't give up with an idea you may have, just be focused and stubbornly stick to it.

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