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What Best Product for Treatment eczema

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Posted by: mjs983

26th Apr 2012 11:17pm

Hi Guys

I have 3 years old son have a very bad eczema I have try many product to heal the eczema but is seem like none of them are working, I have Try Aplha Keri Lotions, Oil Baths, Im Just wondering if Any one have a experience similar to mine and what product work for you to get the treatment to works, Any One could recomended me for the product you have use for your child that works for eczema would be Great,

Thanks Mary Jane

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  • 7th Nov 2022 08:27am

Dermal therapy seems working to my brother...

  • 10th Mar 2017 02:59pm

Hi Mary, cetaphil is the best product to treat eczema...

  • 2nd Jun 2016 04:10am

Ohh poor baby yeah my boy has eczema / asthma and had a similar issue we just could not get it right we tried everything under the sun & tried to self diagnose alot of his creams and bathing oils but his body kept building his tolerance up it wasnt until we took him to the doctor and getting a proper skin treatment plan and dab test that we realized were not doctors and seeking professional help was the best option ...

  • 24th Mar 2016 03:55pm

Oatmeal. I just buy porridge soak it in water then use it all over as a scrub including the milky water. Softens skin and exzema disappears.

  • 9th Jun 2015 08:36pm

Hi Mary Jane!
My daughter has it (she's just turned 1) and I tried so many different creams, lotions, oils etc, and the thing that worked the best for her was to put oatmeal in her baths (I just blitzed it first to make a fine powder - about half a cup) and then moisturised her every day with Shea butter (from the body shop). Some of the other creams seemed to make it worse for her, but this really helped a lot!

  • 29th Sep 2013 12:47pm

try some oats in a stocking when running the bath.

You can make an ointment with 1 1/2 cups of olive oil, warm it in a saucepan and add a household candle until it melts, should turn into a jelly.

  • 3rd Sep 2013 03:19pm

Hi Mary Jane,

Sorry to hear about your little boy, have you tried giving him some goats milk?? Know this can be strong tasting but it's a lot better than cows milk. My daughter had eczema as a baby and I gave her this to drink, she got used to it and it helped.


  • 26th Jun 2013 08:28am

my daughter has it, and while the pawpaw cream helped for awhile, soon it didnt do anything and i had to get Amcal eczema cream from the chemist/supermarket. that cleared it up instantly for awhile, but in the end i had to go to the dr's and get a mild cortizone cream, mix it with a little moisturiser so it wasnt as strong. havnt seen any flare ups since happy to say :)

  • 28th Feb 2013 12:07pm

Okay, I' just like to add that I myself have had eczema very bad for a very long time and my now 16 month old son inherited from me. LIke many of you I tried goats soap, the protein within the goats soap made my son ten times worse and his whole body dry, my physician told me that some peoples eczema feeds off protein. I have always used ALPHA KERRI WASH and it has helped me a lot with tolerating it. They have released an ointment called ALPHA KERRI OINTMENT. I can not recommend it more highly. My son no longer suffers from the ailment and it has totally cleared up. As for myself, I have had patches on my skin that I have had for over 15 years, they are now slowly disappearing. It is a bit oily when it first goes on but it does work very well and I have been through a lot and I mean a lot of products. A lot of them help but do not clear it up.

  • 31st Jan 2013 01:12pm

i use a hazelwood necklace on my 3 year old daughter. it works unreal. take about 3-4 days to start seeing the difference

  • 6th Oct 2012 05:19pm

if you havnt tried it yet Dexam you can buy it from most pharmacies its great its steroid free and can be used from 6 months its a treatment products then youll need to use a soap free wash avado or gaia are really good and a moisteriser for every day use aveeno makes a good baby one. also taking fish oil will help too. looking as his diet as well products that contain gluten can cause flare ups and some perservitives

  • 3rd Oct 2012 11:04pm

Hi Mary Jane,

My 6 month old daughter suffers from eczema (our family has a history with early childhood eczema). After trying a number of different over the counter remedies I visited our local doctor who prescribed Sigmacort Cream 1% I used this and her eczema cleared within 2-3 days but came back again the following week. As this cream has cortisone as an active ingredient I choose to find an alternative remedy. For the past week I have been bathing my daughter in a warm bath with Olive Oil and then massaging her with Palmers Shea Butter Formula, her eczema has cleared up and so far has not returned. Fingers crossed it does not return.

  • 3rd Sep 2012 06:37pm

hi Mary Jane,
I have a 2 year old daughter who suffered from eczema and for a long while i was using derma veen bath oil which is a colloidal oatmeal based product containing 50mg/g of oatmeal that did a good job of calming down the flair ups and taking away the itch
there are cheaper brands which also work fine
recently my husband and i invested in a water purifier for the bathroom at a cost of about $170 as in our area there was high amounts of chemicals in the town water, we have had it installed for about 2 weeks now and have noticed a substantial improvement in her skin i have stopped using the creams and lotions and only have them on hand for emergencies
this may not be the solution for your little boy but its just something to think about, think about environmental factors water, washing powders, pollens and grasses etc
good luck

  • 26th Aug 2012 01:55am

As a child i used to have a body suit of Eczma. i know how your son feels. in my experience, aveeno baby cream with oatmeal helped to stop the itch. I have been using it for 4 years now and have had no more eczma.

  • 23rd Aug 2012 11:17pm

Hi there.
My 9 y/o has had eczema her whole life, she is only now (slowly) growing out of it. My 5 y/o has very bad eczema and i have tried for her whole life to relieve it but nothing worked. I really do understand your fustration and pain in being helpless with it all. Finally i found what works for her and i hope it works for your son. Aveeno cream you can get it from coles, apply thick layer all over then with damp (like they have been spun in the washing machine), tight clothes or bandages wrap the body for two hours. Prescription creams can also be used under the bandages when the eczema is bad. Do this twice a day then when its under control just use the aveeno as a daily moisturizer. My daughters eczema is good now, you know if i didn't use any cream after one day and rarely she wears damp socks if her feet get out of control. I hope this works for your son. Good luck.

  • 19th Aug 2012 09:49pm

mary in the hospitals n at home we swear by sorbolene cream. cover in it twice daily n youll see. this coming from a medical opinion.

  • 19th Aug 2012 08:04am

Try QV branded creams and washes. They are also good for little babies with ezcema.

  • 3rd Aug 2012 06:54pm

Hi Mary Jane, I had to see a specialist about an unrelated matter (to this problem) many years ago, who advised that I take Evening Primrose Oil, Fish Oil and Vitamin E, and Vitamin C for at least 3 weeks to see if my problem improved - which it did. The side effect of the treatment was that the eczema on my face vanished. Could be worth a try? Best of luck.

  • 19th Feb 2013 01:33am
Hi Mary Jane, I had to see a specialist about an unrelated matter (to this problem) many years ago, who advised that I take Evening Primrose Oil, Fish Oil and Vitamin E, and Vitamin C for at least...

I too have looked near and far for products to help my three year olds excema. I really believe daily dose of cod liver oil and evening primrose oil (and ethical nutrients excema shield probiotics) have helped more than anything used topically. The research backs up the use of probiotics and essential fatty acids to treat inflammatory conditions such as excema. Good luck to all the excema sufferers!!

  • 3rd Aug 2012 07:49am

my son too suffered a little - I used alpha keri oil in his bath - then qv wash - followed by qv cream and then over the top of that qv intensive moisturizer - to keep his skin hydrated - the other thing I have incorporated into his diet is ethical nutrients eczema sheild in powder form and since he started take this powder - no eczema - worth a shot if any of these things work. But always see your pediatricition for any products and recommendations - also I changed what I wash his clothes in now I use purity wash and softener for his clothes and 'air' dry where possible.
Some clothing can cause it as well as diet.
Loads of things to take into account - as our children are the most important things in the world to us! Good luck

  • 29th May 2012 08:30am

Hi everyone!

I can't beleive no one has suggested to put a filter in your shower head yet and for that matter on all your taps. You will find that the harsh water that comes out of our taps can cause all sorts of skin problems, I myself have got a form of dermetitis on my scalp and found an amazing transformation where I lowered the pH of the water in the bath with a little bi-carb soda, I have since purchased a shower head with a filters incorporated into it.

Another thing you might want to test on yourselved is your pH levels (urine or saliva) strips can be bought from health shops and chemists and then look into how you can better your pH in your body as an acidic pH will have all sorts of negative effects on the body including skin problems.

Give it a go!1

  • 19th May 2012 03:09am

Hi Try this, I use and it works a treat as i get eczema around my hair line, eye brows and face, I use TEA TREE Organic Soap & TEA TREE Shampoo & Conditioner,. The Brand i get here in Auckland is called '' Thursday Plantation ''It is made in Australia, The web site is, Its is readily available in all the super markets , its cost about $3 a bar of soap and $8 for each shampoo and the conditioner, Its very affective on sensitive skin use when you shower and my eczema is gone the next day,, I also have a friend with a 3 year old boy who gets eczema, I put her on to the soap ect and it works on the boy, she said better than any thing else and keeps it at bay

Regards Noel

  • 18th May 2012 07:45pm

May I recommend something that was recommended to me a few days ago and seems to be working?

Virgin coconut creme. Weird, but true. This is actually a food stuff. Comes in a jar very much like an olive jar. Buy it at Health Food shops.

Hope this helps.

  • 18th May 2012 06:27pm

I have 2 kids that suffered when they were smaller and still get it now, I also have it and have done since I was 2 years old. Have tried many lotions and potions over the years like wool fat, honey based products, calendula oil and emu oil products. Spent a fortune and not much worked. Best thing I have found over the years is salt water. If you can take the kids to the beach and let them play for a while in the water or even if they can build sandcastles in the wet sand. This gets the dead skin off. Have also put sea salt in their bath which works. Something my mother used to do with me was to put oatmeal in a stocking squeeze it under warm water. The milky liquid that you get in the bath softens the water and is amazing for the skin. Pinetarsol works but doesnt smell very nice!!!!!! Goats milk soap is also good. Hope some of this helps you

  • 18th May 2012 04:46pm

Hi Mary Jane,
You could try Manuka Honey, I no it is expensive compared to other honey varieties. But manuka honey has many healing qualities, given either by teaspoon or spread on toast, which little ones love. Have grandchildren with eczema and next time I visit, will be taking pots of manuka honey with me. Certainly worth a try.

  • 18th May 2012 09:48am

Hey Mary Jane,
I agree with a couple of people that have already replied:
Billie goat soap is fantastic. My wife and son use it and it has helped dramatically.
Check the diet. There is so much rubbish in processed food these days that something in there may trigger a response from your son. It could also be something natural: dairy or some fruit can trigger unfavourable responses.
It might seem like a lot of effort, but it's worth it: taking the foods that were unhealthy for our son out of his diet made a massive difference, not only to health but also his behaviour.

  • 18th May 2012 09:23am

The best remedy that our family has tried is goats milk soap. My husband suffered from a skin condition for years and the doctors and alternative health people were unable to help him. A few years ago we saw a program about using goats milk soap. He started using it and found relief within a few days. We also eliminated washing detergents. Only use natural products now.

  • 17th May 2012 11:52pm

Hi Mary Jane

All health challenges have a cause and to often we treat the manifestation of the cause not the actual cause. Our family uses nutritional supplements to maintain our bodies at their optimal health. They help our bodies function how they are designed to, to heal themselves. Whilst our family hasnt had issues with eczema. Legally I am not allowed to tell you of cases outside my household where people have been helped but they mays help your son. If you would like to know more email me

  • 17th May 2012 09:21pm

  • 17th May 2012 09:20pm

You need to find the cause,he is most likely allergic to something,try using natural soap(from health food shop),and natural cotton clothing. It may be food allergy so get some testing done too. Usually it is dairy so try cutting that out first. Visit a naturopath if you can or a doctor can organize allergy tests too. Aloe Vera is a wonderful healing plant available in a tube in the supermarket. Good luck.

  • 17th May 2012 09:14pm

I have heard Goats Milk products are fantastic for eczema. Hope it works for you little boy.

  • 17th May 2012 08:20pm

Hi Mary Jane - you might like to try McArthurs pawpaw creams - check out this website - I have heard a lot of positive information about their products.

Good Luck

  • 19th Mar 2015 09:38pm
Hi Mary Jane - you might like to try McArthurs pawpaw creams - check out this website - I have heard a lot of positive information about their...


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