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When you go to a restaurant, what songs do you want to hear?

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Posted by: Amanda

3rd Apr 2012 10:25pm

Hi everyone, i recently started singing in nice restaurants and lounge bars that have live music. At my last "gig" the patrons at the restaurant all really enjoyed the night and many people commented that they enjoyed my choice of songs. It was a 2 hour performance and i had a lot of variety but I would like to hear what YOU would like to hear if you went to a restaurant knowing there would be live music there. Thank you for your input everyone!!!

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  • 30th Dec 2013 01:05pm

If I am there to eat, I'd prefer just instrumental. Vocals can take the focus off the meal & people you are with.

  • 21st Jul 2013 12:00am

I wanna hear classics, and music I've been listening to online. Either that, or soothing music.

  • 7th Jul 2013 05:10pm

Definitely some jazz, maybe a little funk and and a little eclectic folk.

  • 18th Jun 2013 04:38pm

music that's not too heavy like metal or really depressing stuff it needs to be up beat or soft and only slightly sad. if it is too sad then people will not want to listen anymore but if it is slightly sad people will be drawn in and feel an emotional attachment to the song. softer rock is also good things like Evanescence or Paramour or the Cranberries. If I went to a restaurant and heard any of the above I would be very happy with the performance.

  • 16th Jun 2013 04:40pm

It really depends on the restaurant , the setting.if for example it was a beach front restaurant I'd probably want to hear some groovy type of music , maybe some Santana and other similar music.

  • 9th Apr 2013 07:18pm

I like to hear whatever the artist enjoys to perform and connects with. Variety is good but stick to appropriate content for the venues ie, you dont have to play rock music. I go to the pub to listen to that. At a restaurant i would like to hear easy listening, something that is ok to have a conversation over (if your singing emotive originals, id feel rude not being totally engaged) At a lounge, maybe something a little more funky, soulful and bring on the originals.

  • 9th Apr 2013 10:31am

Hi Amanda, anything like Norah Jones or Eva Cassiday is great dinner music. Something unobtrusive but not melancholy. Good luck!

  • 9th Apr 2013 09:00am

Maybe a bit of Meatloaf playing while downing a Roast of the Day.

  • 12th Feb 2013 10:46pm

Something in the background, easy listening not too loud! It's annoying going having a meal out and not being able to converse with the people or person your with because there is too much background noise. Depends where you are though e.g. a cabaret would be a different situation.

  • 29th Jan 2013 08:53pm

Wow - well done Amanda! Sounds like you have a great repertoire that everyone can enjoy. Why don't you just keep going as you are because you have been so successful. Can I ask what songs you have been singing? I think any hit songs that people would know from the 1950's to now that are mellow would be the way to go. You're welcome!

  • 17th Dec 2012 10:47am

soft, ballads and not load would be good, so people can enjoy their meal, talk (not shout) to each other while listening to nice music.

  • 20th Nov 2012 05:20pm

old stuff like david bowie and the beatles. nobody every sings bowie songs :(

Tired mum
  • 5th Nov 2012 11:02am

I would like to hear Burt Bacharach music. Such beautiful lyrics, Soft, soothing and non intrusive.

  • 19th Oct 2012 09:33pm

Love to hear some smoothing jazz :)

  • 18th Oct 2012 10:39pm

Heavy metal if I'm tucking into a railway sleeper with sauce.

  • 17th Oct 2012 12:09am

I guess it depends on the clientele at the Restaurant, and whether you are a female or male singer. Jimmy Barnes' son sang in intimate restaurants, to many men, not necessarily gay either, who wanted to be moved by the songs. I relate to that. Jazz, is so versatile, even Ella Fitzgerald did great renditions of Burt Baccarachs' songs, '' A house is not a home ''... Blues, some Annie Lenox.. Great work.

  • 9th Oct 2012 07:42am

What you do sounds great. I am sure you will know if it is not what people want to hear. Keep gigging on!

  • 9th Oct 2012 07:40am

Background music should be low enough for people to have discussions and loud enough to be heard. Nothing hard road, funk or reggae I believe. I should be able to hear the music and be able to socialize without yelling.

  • 4th Sep 2012 01:06pm

Easy listening, not too loud. a mixture of up beat songs and slower ones. I like 70's music, some jazz, blues, old time country.

  • 4th Sep 2012 10:21am

Music from the 1920-1949 period, just before any form of rock started taking hold.
Cafe jazz style, light blues, easy classical, instrumentals (hopefully stops people singing along during meals)

Instrumentals preferred, something quiet.
I don't go to these places for the noise.

  • 23rd Apr 2012 04:15pm

I like to listen to something that is relaxing and uplifting, something that is soulful and and fun.

  • 15th Nov 2012 06:03pm
i agree music that is easy listening and good for the soul

yeap when i go indian resturants they have the indian television on with indian music, i just love listening to that. And usualy thats all i talk about. i'm indian so i guess im more enthusiastic about it.

  • 14th Nov 2012 11:19am
I like to listen to something that is relaxing and uplifting, something that is soulful and and fun.

i agree music that is easy listening and good for the soul

  • 21st Apr 2012 11:15am

Live music is great but you have to play to suit the venue i think. If you go to a pub, then you expect to hear rock, metal, etc. A small restaurant might have artists singing/performing easy listening, soul, jazz, blues, etc.

My hubby and i go out to see certain musicians/bands as often as we can. I'm not sure if you're just starting out or more well known Amanda, but getting a support slot with someone whi has been around for a while and is known in the music circles is a great way to help make a name for yourself too.
You could also go to music stores who you know have in-store appearances and ask them if you could possibly do an in-store for them and /or offer your EP/CD's for them to sell on consignment, etc.

Just a thought.

  • 21st Apr 2012 12:52am

I like live music - changes the atmosphere completely.

  • 18th Mar 2013 09:32pm
I like live music - changes the atmosphere completely.

Well you have to put the music to what suits the food like if u were at a steak house you would have to have hard rock not some nice calming music

  • 15th Apr 2012 07:21am

when I go to a nice restaurant or out for tea I just like to listen to nice quiet music or music that is relaxing for the moment>I dont like music that is so loud that you cannot hear the conversations that are going on around you.

  • 15th Apr 2012 12:06am

I want to hear 80's music because I just love it or disco. I know it's not everones cup of tea though.

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