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Posted by: tiarango

2nd Apr 2012 11:28am

hi im 23 and during my teens ive been dyeing and bleaching my hair, until now its all dry and frizzy. just want to ask out there is there any good hair treatment that i could try .

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  • 11th Jun 2014 02:21pm

Shave it!

  • 3rd Apr 2014 11:06pm

i like to warm up olive oil in the microwave and soak my hair in it and leave it on for 30-40 minutes and then shampoo and condition

  • 3rd Apr 2014 11:06pm

i like to warm up olive oil in the microwave and soak my hair in it and leave it on for 30-40 minutes and then shampoo and condition

  • 1st Apr 2014 09:46pm

Just start using baby shampoo and your hair gonna get fine after few days

  • 1st Apr 2014 09:44pm

Use mild conditioners onto your hair and start using baby shampoo for a while, your hair gonna get fine.

  • 1st Apr 2014 12:58pm

I have had the same problem due to pcos- you can try olive oil and also egg is really good. ino it sounds horrible but it worked for my hair.

  • 29th Mar 2014 12:45am

moroccan oil or apricot oil

  • 31st Jan 2014 09:47pm

hope your hair doesn't go grey because of the dyeing. My hair is dry & going grey now, but I'm twice your age. I've hardly ever dyed my hair.

  • 24th Aug 2013 03:43pm

One that I use weekly is Dove's night time damaged hair therapy. It's really good and leaves my hair moisturised

  • 4th Jul 2013 11:06pm

I used to get keratin treatments - the ones four years ago were effective but had chemicals in them which produced formaldehyde. A couple of years ago the formulas were changed to remove that formaldehyde forming and they are not as effective now, and I found after the last one, that my hair was really damaged.

After my damaged hair I got a Japanese straightening treatment (which is supposed to be damaging to the hair, but because mine in straighter now, it looks sleeker).

The hairdresser also recommended a shisheido shampoo and hair mask which works a treat. Friends have commented it looks great and healthy.

Whenever I feel my hair getting a little frizzy I rub a very small amount of Moroccan oil (don't use a lot and spread it over your palms first - don't apply directly to the hair, otherwise it will make it too greasy).

  • 3rd May 2013 07:43am

Morrocan oil!

  • 20th Apr 2013 02:12pm

Simply soak your hair in olive oil wrap cling wrap around it plus a towel and leave on for an hour. Wash with a mild shampoo. Do this twice a week and you will soon see reults

  • 12th Apr 2013 12:55pm

Moroccanoil treatment is amazing and also Joico Kpak revitaluxe is great.. However you need to cut off the damaged hair before the hair will return to a healthy state.

  • 10th Apr 2013 02:29pm

Moroccon Oil is good but for a cheaper option that works just as well I'd recommend Coconut Oil -available at most grocers and all health stores. Lather through hair a few times a week and sit in the sun or wrap in towl or glad wrap and go over with hair dryer - this creates heat which makes your hair absorb the oils better. Would also seriously suggest a GOOD shampoo/ conditioner. I have been in your position and it takes a week or two before you can see results but it's so worth it! Long term results are the best kind. I would suggest 'Aveda' although it's very expensive it IS very good, or also LUSH products are also INCREDIBLE! Both products are natural as well. Aveda has a good hair treatment which I use as well and I love it.

  • 3rd Apr 2013 04:04pm

I've been dying my hair for about the same amount of time, and I find that hair products that you find in supermarkets and the like are usually not good enough. They tend to just add a layer over the top of your hair, to make it feel nice, but don't actually do anything to help it.

What I'm using at the moment is Redken shampoo and conditioner, with moroccan oil before blowdrying.
I also try and do a treatment about once a month, I generally use a Macadamia hair masque. These aren't too expensive either, it's about $8 for a small pouch of it, and i get about 2 uses out of the pouch.

Hope that helps! (:

  • 9th Sep 2012 05:57pm

redken butter treatment and hair trims

  • 2nd Sep 2012 08:01pm

25 years old , ı have black hairs. . . ;)

  • 1st Sep 2012 02:24pm

I have been a hairdresser for 5 years and the best treatment i have come across is from Joico, its called KPAK they have recently released KPAK Revitaluxe and it is amazing not too expensive but is from a top brand and really works clinically proven and patented to repair years of damage! Give it a go i promise you you wont be dissapointed!
Hannah x

  • 24th Mar 2013 11:51pm

I am also a hairdresser and I agree kpak is the best thing I have ever come across

  • 3rd Aug 2012 10:30pm

Hi :) I naturally have light brown hair and I dye it natural/natural dark brown about once a month. My hair gets really frizzy sometimes, especially in cold weather.
I started using lots of different conditioning treatments and leave in conditioners, and I found that although I dislike Pantene's shampoos and conditioners, their 'colour therapy leave in conditioner' works quite well for me :)

  • 3rd Aug 2012 09:50pm

Anyone who uses Panteen is a fool it's been proven it leaves a film on your hair and becomes oily and dry like in my previous post I am a hairdresser and beautician I NEVER EVER recommend Panteen go to the website link i posted I agree with what they suggest 200%

  • 3rd Apr 2014 01:12am

Thanks for that advice about Pantene.

  • 3rd Aug 2012 09:47pm

I'm a hairdresser and beautician I totally agree with this website

  • 26th Jul 2012 01:49pm

The number one thing you should do is don't buy any shampoos and conditioners from the supermarket. The best thing to do is to use professional shampoo AND conditioner AND treatments.
The main manufacturers figure, 'if we give the consumer's a product that works too well, then they won't use it as often, so lets ensure that the results are limited so that people come back and buy more, the next best thing etc.
I dyed my hair white blonde for years, and have gone to brown, then back to red, and for the past year I have been using Matrix biolage (the one for repairing chemically treated hair), and even just by using the shampoo and conditioner (you use much less of the product), I have noticed a massive difference in my hair's health and shine.
Prior to that I had been using some kind of hair masque by Loreal- I remember saying to the salesperson in the salon- "I'm sick of wasting money on things that promise to work and don't do anything", and the one they suggested kind of worked.

But seriously, stick to the professional ranges (shop around online), and you will get results.

  • 16th Jul 2012 05:25pm

i would suggest to try put oil daily before go bed and wash in morning just try it, nothing goes in trying

  • 14th Jul 2012 03:16pm

im 29 please u go for heena conditoing this is the best way for hairs and daily u apply oil in ur hairs for a month and then u see

  • 13th Jul 2012 10:44pm

Try using Noni, the natural colour. It's only one colour, black. The colour extracted from the noni juice. Just shampoo your hair with the noni shampoo for 7 days in the first week. For a better result, use 2 or 3 times per week when you wash your hair. Just like a normal hair wash at home. It comes with strong noni smell. You can lighten the smell with your preferred shampoo after the noni shampoo. It works wonder.

  • 27th Jun 2012 01:16am

To make sure your hair is healthy, soft, and naturally shiny it is best to use shampoo that is free of chemicals. Sodium Laurel Sulphate is in most shampoos and it is the reason hair becomes dull, dry and unhealthy. I have been using Neways shampoo and conditioner for well over 10 years now and I never suffer with a dry scalp, frizzie dry hair or even hair loss. My hairdresser always comments on how "lovely" my hair is, how thick and healthy. I am in my 60's and grey, but because I have a good stylish haircut and my hair is healthy others comment on my hair and that makes me feel good!

  • 25th Jun 2012 09:32pm

Start taking fish oil. I take 2 capsules everyday, it takes a few weeks but it is the best thing i've ever done for my hair and skin. My hair used to be a fizzy mess from dying it blonde all the time, but finally it has it's shine back

  • 29th May 2012 04:59pm

Henna, henna, henna !!! it s an indian plant crushed into powder,
all natural not one chemical it s straight forward : botanical.
I have used henna all my life ( i m34) with organic shampoo; any hairdresser i have been to said "my hair is soft as silk & strong, healthy, shiny and the color so neat he or she would never apply a dye in it" ! If you want to actually hear compliments on your hair's health from your hairdresser try henna ! Find in indian shop. A $10 pack will do 3 to 4 treatments on veeeery long hair.
Try 'natural' color for first time that will only treat but no color.
Then have fun with red if you are light brown at the mo it s very neat color.
You can t go wrong anyway that s a promise ! Just stick to the hair tho!
Yes it s messy at the beginning but you get the hang of it when you know how much it s worth ! Just avoid the skin!!! it really dyes the skin, use gloves and wrap head in cling paper while leaving in. Most women give up for that only reason, what a shame! I never did and can do it with my eyes closed now :-)

  • 23rd Apr 2012 05:40pm

I've been dying my hair a fair bit lately too! I just bought a Herbal Essences anti-frizz serum (from the supermarket) which works really well and smells awesome! I've also heard of some natural hair treatments from stuff in your kitchen (like putting a beaten egg on your hair for a few minutes then rinsing out with cold water - gross but works a treat). Also, after you've washed your hair and right before you get out of the shower, blast cold water on your hair to make it feel softer. One more thing (for some people this wouldn't work), but I actually went a whole month with no heat on my hair. No straightening, curling or blow drying. I found that this really helped my hair's health!

  • 29th Aug 2013 04:32pm

A lass I went to primary school and Girls Brigade with had very dry hair. It had never been coloured, dyed etc. I know for a fact that she used egg on her hair about once a fortnight.

  • 22nd Apr 2012 08:19am

Hi Tiarango, Juuce have an excellent treatment available.It is calleed : Juuce Shock Treatment, us it once a week and leave it in your hair for about 15 minutes before rinsing. It will do wonders for dry and damaged hair.

  • 21st Apr 2012 10:23am

Almond oil,or apricot oil are good for dry frizzy hair
Leave on 30mins,wrap hair in a hot towel.

  • 21st Apr 2012 12:46am

I was once per day with Helens Salon. I also put moisturiser into my hair over gel to hold it in place.

  • 21st Apr 2012 12:21am

I also use Pantene regularly. It is fairly cheap especially when you can buy the 3 pack on special for $5 or $7. Lately I have also discovered RPR my vitaliser treatment which is probably about $20. It is a leave in moisturiser for dry, coloured or damaged hair. I love the RPR product. I also use Body Shop define and no frizz. Pantene and RPR seem to work the best for my dry and frizzy hair which I colour from time to time.

  • 20th Apr 2012 10:10pm

For a reasonably cheap alternative just buy a VO5 or pantene hot shot treatment that you heat up and put in your hair for 3 mins or so, while showering I find is easy. Its not going to fix it forever but it does make hair brighter for a while. Otherwise the best idea would to get regular trims to get rid of the damaged hair.. Just a couple of things to think about.

  • 31st Jan 2014 09:48pm

yes, I don't like pantene either

  • 9th Sep 2012 05:57pm
For a reasonably cheap alternative just buy a VO5 or pantene hot shot treatment that you heat up and put in your hair for 3 mins or so, while showering I find is easy. Its not going to fix it...

pantene strips the hair and makes it weak

  • 20th Apr 2012 08:17pm

Moroccan oil is excellent for your hair. You can buy it from hairdressers or just google it. They have shampoo and conditioner and an oil that you leave in.

  • 1st Apr 2014 09:45pm
For a reasonably cheap alternative just buy a VO5 or pantene hot shot treatment that you heat up and put in your hair for 3 mins or so, while showering I find is easy. Its not going to fix it...

she can use oil but pantene oil replacement work really good even I personALLY USE OIL REPLACEMENT.

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