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Posted by: sammoy

27th Nov 2011 12:35pm

We are going to put our house on the market to sell should we go all out and paint inside and out to get a better price or are we wasting money ? Do we modernise the kitchen and bathrrom ? And what about floor coverings ? Can we go to far and not get the outlay back ?

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  • 12th Oct 2012 07:28pm

Call a number of realestate agents and ask is it worth repainting.
Call a painter and show the realestate the price and ask will I see this figure in return.

  • 12th Oct 2012 12:27am

Hi sammoy, first do all you can to tidy up, throw out any junk lying around, spend time in the garden if it can be improved, as this sets the atmosphere. First impressions count immensely, can make or break a sale. See that the FRONT GATE looks inviting, (study the rules of 'Feng Shui' in regard to the energy flow in and out.) It's a subconscious feeling you get when its right.Particularly see that there are no visual barriers preventing free access. After you've done all the obvious things within your budget you may find that it looks good enough. If you are still unsure, try the market with an add of your own,( after getting a few valuations). You may be surprised and sell without doing any more to it... If not, do the work, paint, repairs and such, then give it to an agent to sell. It worked for me with just the basics, the "Feng Shui' made a HUGE difference, sold immediately! Good luck, cheers Simla

  • 11th Oct 2012 12:46pm

Mate it depends really, if your house generally and land is worth it and if already your paints up to standard then no other wise yes.

  • 5th Oct 2012 10:11pm

I do not believe, from experience, painting your house before selling it will increase the value of the house sufficiently to be of great benefit to you. If a purchaser likes the house, they will buy it and then paint it themselves as well as 'make the house their own' by putting their own personal touches to the exterior, interior, garden, etc and so on. Part of the fun of buying a house is making it "your own" as jobs need to be done and it's very satisfying and rewarding. Hope you find a good buyer soon.

  • 4th Oct 2012 11:27am

Have you sold yet ? and what did you end up doing?

  • 3rd Oct 2012 01:39pm

If you want to sell it a high price and want to gain some profits, it will more worthy to do the makeover of the house yourself, rather than getting someone to do it.

  • 27th Sep 2012 04:19pm

I think a makeover in the Kitchen and bathroom is a must and can be done with a face lift. Depends how bad the paint is on the outside, but a fresh coat of paint on the inside is a must.Depends on what is covering your floors, a carpet clean or a sand and polish is a good idea. I think whatever you spend will be well worth it.

  • 29th Jul 2012 05:45pm

Good luck!
You shouldn't over do it. Just do what is needed - make sure the huse looks clean and neat, and it doesn't have any broken walls or cracked doors or anything. Just repair what you think needs to be repaired, you don't precisely have to change the look of the whole house - you are selling it, not rennovating it. So just make sure the house looks neat and tidy, so that the buyer doesn't have any objections. If the buyer doesn't like the layout of the house, she/he can alter that her/himself.

  • 20th Apr 2012 06:30pm

You should paint inside and out as that will help you with the sale of your home also, if the kitchen and bathroom if it needs the attention then fix a little. You should make sure that both from and back gardens and neat and tidy as this will help as well . We sold our home and the real estate told us that this is what people look at.

  • 19th Apr 2012 10:01am

I am contemplating selling my house, by one agent said that I would have to repaint the interior because the kitchen walls are blue (the colur they were when I bought it) and several of the bedrooms. The trouble is I have no money to do such work. BTW all the apint is clean and in reasonable conditions.

  • 2nd Apr 2012 03:16pm

Consider what is essential to have the place look clean, tidy uncluttered amd look like the home was loved. I hope that you got your price and are happy.

  • 30th Mar 2012 04:05pm

I agree with all the previous posts, but if your house is in need of a paint (especially on the outside) then I would suggest you consider it, as painting is one of the cheaper things you can do to improve the look of the house. In particular, try to make the outside look as inviting as possible, so you don't lose potential buyers before they even walk in the front door. Consider floor coverings only if the current ones are in bad shape. As for modernising the kitchen and bathroom, you might want to get advice from a real estate agent as to whether it would be worth the investment or not. Women DO tend to look for a nice kitchen and bathroom, but any upgrade should be consistent with the rest of the home, and may not be necessary unless they have never been renovated.

  • 15th Feb 2012 01:12pm

As long as it is clean and tidy it's ok. We are selling my dad's house and have done the gardens etc but it hasn't made much difference to the prices we have been offered( which were pitiful).

  • 1st Feb 2012 10:41pm

don't go over board someone may buy and just change it anyway so just simple touch

  • 28th Jan 2012 10:28pm

You should go easy !!! do small things like cleaning walls instead of painting and have carpets steam cleaned !! In the long run as long as the house is clean and tiny and looks appealing it will sell... Just remember to be realistic with your price !!!! hope this helps....

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