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The Art of Conversation

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Posted by: sukhy

22nd Nov 2011 07:59am

Has texting made us lazy? Where we used to pick up the phone now we text..!!!Is the art of conversation lost?

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  • 5th Dec 2011 09:02pm

Okay everyone..I guess I knew it and just wanted to be sure that texting as crazy as I do did not mean we had lost the ability to face to face interface.

So thank you all..let's keep on communicating..which ever way and however just keep on touching base with friends or letting people know we are late or whatever...

  • 4th Dec 2011 11:36pm

no, is just an other way to comunicate, and you are never ashamed as nobody can see you

  • 4th Dec 2011 11:36pm

no, is just an other way to comunicate, and you are never ashamed as nobody can see you

  • 4th Dec 2011 08:26pm

I love texting and made sure my new contract had plenty of credit for it! I must admit that I do use correct spelling as I'm not into the "teen talk" words that younger ones use such as LOL? though I do know what that means (I think) I love sending photos too via my phone or email. I dont know where we would be nowadays without this technology. Hopefully though we will still sit down with others looking at them and talk!. Humans need personal contact too.

  • 3rd Dec 2011 10:23am

No, conversation is not lost....but spelling just might be! :(

I don't think that the trend towards texting is about lack of conversation as much as it is about cost and convenience.

I can send a text for 1c so prefer to do so for quick information giving type things, but where this is too complicated for that or there is a lot of back and forth, then I quickly revert to phone...which these days is usually my mobile.

  • 29th Nov 2011 09:24am

Personally, I think texting is simply another way of communicating/conversing without the 'awkward' factor. It's a way of talking to people yourself without having the stutters or the long pauses. If anything, it helps people express themselves in a calm manner. This is the most helpful in situations when we aren't too closely acquainted with people yet want to try and form a connection. We wouldn't go straight to their house or make a phone call, not when we can text and casually have a conversation throughout the day or confirm dates. That's what I think anyway :]

  • 28th Nov 2011 01:30pm

I don't necessarilhy think that conversation is lost due to texting, conversation is still made - true you don't hear the voices just by reading the words but its still a conversation. What's the difference with email? it's the same thing isn't it? texting is just more instantaneous. Also, Texting would lead to hang outs. Hang outs = Much waited TALKING conversation. So it's not lazy, its just more convenient.

  • 27th Nov 2011 09:59pm

sukhy, how can u possibly say such a thing 2 us m8y people partaking in these here 4ums. LOL, Seriously thou, I do not think that this is something that we need to worry about for as long as there is communication there will be a dialogue, and that is the whole thing, is it not? Personally I talk by text, voice, video and email with family and friends and not to forget people like yourself who have a voice and an opinion. As kids we had a spoken language all of our own substituting the first letter of every second word or so with another. This tas to tonfuse tur tarents and tas treat tun.

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