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Posted by: Louise

8th Aug 2011 04:01pm

im getting a german shepherd pup and having trouble thinking of a name lol what do you think would be the perfect name :)

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  • 4th Apr 2024 07:06pm

If you have not named him yet. Booth is a perfect name for a German Shepard. It was the name of my recently departed service dog and he is why I was able to live my life happily for the 9 years I was his handler.

  • 18th Oct 2012 11:12pm

I like zulu ,sheba ,dallas or charlie

  • 30th Sep 2012 11:39pm


  • 7th Sep 2012 02:40am

hi. I had a german shepherd as a teenager, he was something special, loyal companion,you really feel safe with one around. mine was "Prince'' not very original but it suited him. How about Manda for a female and something German or at least European for a male,Carl,or Kling? after hes chewed up everything in sight you`ll be calling him Hell-mut! Get him some distractions like a conch toy thing & stuff it with treats like Dr Harry suggests, and freeze it.Keeps them busy.good luck. Simla

  • 28th Aug 2012 03:29pm

Hi i have a husky x malamute she so beautiful :)

  • 11th Aug 2012 06:23pm

I Think i great name for a shepard is Cosmo :) or Bolt, or Rex :D

  • 19th Mar 2012 01:36pm

I have had 2 shepherds over the years first one a female - Sacha; the second a male - Brutus. Exceptionally loyal and protective and just loved to be with you and included in what you are doing. Have fun, enjoy and good luck.

  • 17th Mar 2012 09:52am

How about Prinvce after all they arer the Prince among the doggie world

  • 15th Mar 2012 02:57pm


  • 31st Aug 2011 04:29pm

How about the name Remus after professor Lupin the werewolf?

  • 22nd Aug 2011 05:58pm

how about "wolfie?" better still just see what name the dog Will respond to byitself it will soon enough tell you

  • 20th Aug 2011 07:48am

Something classy and regal befitting the breed.

  • 19th Aug 2011 07:58pm

liebling (means "sweetheart" in german)

  • 18th Aug 2011 11:48pm

Hi there, I have had pets for as long as I can remember. I name them after seeing them and finding out their personality. My first pet was a cat, she was a striped tortioseshell and rolled around all day wanting to play, so I called her Candy. My first dog was a gorgeous Blue Heeler(runt), so I willed him to get big and strong and called him Mack (after the truck). I have a very special dog now, her father was Mack, and when she was born, she was also a runt. Her ears were huge compared to the rest of her body and head, so I called her Gizmo. I have a new Kitten about six months ago, he has this funny little squeak which sounds like a blowoff valve on a turbo engine, so we called him Turbo. I'm sure if you spend a little time with your new family member, something will become clear about it's personality and the name will just pop in to your head.

  • 18th Aug 2011 10:08pm

What about Whiskers?

  • 18th Aug 2011 08:37pm

Denzel, after Denzel Washington. Black, smart and gorgeous.

  • 18th Aug 2011 03:33pm

I think Sheera should be her name

  • 18th Aug 2011 03:32pm

I think Sheera should be her name

  • 18th Aug 2011 02:26pm

I like regal names.......Duke for a boy and Duchess for a girl!

  • 18th Aug 2011 02:18pm

general seems to fit the dog

  • 18th Aug 2011 01:50pm

This dog looks as if it is asking a question!

I`d say " Quizzy "

  • 18th Aug 2011 01:38pm

for a male my suggestion would be RUFUS..

for a female it would be SHEBA.....

Hope you find these names appealing from an animal
lover in melbourne...Ruth

  • 18th Aug 2011 01:27pm

Sheena for a girl.
Simba for a boy.

  • 18th Aug 2011 12:48pm

I keep getiing Rasco or Rosco (he looks like a little rascal). Must want a name beginning with R with all those suggestions.

  • 18th Aug 2011 12:11pm

When we get our German Sheppard we wanted to name him Griffin... After the Gargoyle... Lol... That or Saraccen. I want a choccie lab and very unoriginal I want to call her Cocoa..

  • 18th Aug 2011 12:05pm

When we get our German Sheppard we wanted to name him Griffin... After the Gargoyle... Lol... That or Saraccen. I want a choccie lab and very unoriginal I want to call her Cocoa..

  • 18th Aug 2011 11:24am

Again, depends on male or female ! (and also if is a pure bred, you may want to incorporate some of it's kennel/breeding name, many years ago I had a samoyed puppy who's kennel name was "Koskiosco of Samways" - he became "Bosca"). And I should add, if you are a purist, there is a difference between a german shepherd and an alsatian.
I have read some of your replies (and I apologise, this also going to be a long one), you should choose a name that can be easily distinguished by the dog, from a command, such as sit, stay, come, leave (alone), lie down, guard.
Going back to your new family member's lineage, it is also relevant to consider what the dog and bitch were bred for (and indeed, their ancestors.)
I had the wonderful experience of getting a three month old german shepherd from a breeder (she was going to keep him herself !), and the lineage was guard, although you would not have known that for the first 12 months, because he chewed everything in sight, right down to the back door step !.
I named him Kaiser (a good historical german name), and although he was a complete failure at puppy school, and was considered too big (although he was beautiful) for show, he became a VERY loyal companion, and a natural guard dog. I think his sheer size and bark intimidated people, but I did not need to walk him on a lead at night, he always heeled to my left hand side (unless there was a cat to chase !) As I had him before I met my husband, he was never as protective of David (what is that all about ?)
Enough of that............I have always liked "Max" as a name for a german shepherd, it is short, easily distinguished, and I have known two that were absolutely brilliant.
As far a name for a female goes, well I have always had males, so I'm not too sure...........perhaps "Grace" ? Can I also suggest that you be selective on who the dog will take food from, I taught Kaiser only to take food from a handful of people, and he would not eat until told it was OK to do so (saves problems if anyone tries to burgal or poison the animal, and even learning the basic commands in german, so that the dog can not be enticed away by someone with the normal english commands.

If you would like more info on bringing up a german shepherd, post back a reply. The best way to teach them is with positive reinforcement, I do not believe that you have to beat an animal (whatever kind) for them to understand what is acceptable or not. Dogs particularly only want to please you. Good luck !!!!

  • 18th Aug 2011 10:39am

Bonnie will make a nice name its a cute name 4 a cute dog

  • 18th Aug 2011 10:37am


  • 18th Aug 2011 09:57am

Hi Louise, I also love German Shepherds. Have had several during my lifetime and they make the most beautiful loyal and loving pets. Perhaps Caesar for a boy and Tiye (pronouced Tea) for a girl. I guess you worked out I have a penchant for Egyptian and Roman history. Good luck with your new baby.

  • 18th Aug 2011 09:44am

mr rupert

  • 18th Aug 2011 09:19am

I'm getting a new puppy this Saturday and I'm sooo excited because it's my first pet - wasn't allowed one as a kid and then felt sorry if I got one when I was living in units but now have a house and a good yard, so can't wait. We're getting a labrador retriever. I won't say what we've named our dog (cause people tend to steal names) but I personally love the name Sacha.

  • 18th Aug 2011 08:56am

I have had 2 german shepherds one was called schultz & the other was schuyler

  • 18th Aug 2011 06:45am

I think Kyra would be a good name. I have a llama called Kyra!

  • 18th Aug 2011 06:36am


  • 18th Aug 2011 12:25am

Going on the colouring along the chest and then down the two legs how about-: double t or tt for short and that way it is a non gender specifc name.

  • 18th Aug 2011 12:06am

The photo displayed is so gorgeous, he looks friendly and playful and eager to please. I would call him: 'Bubbles'

From Kathy
and her 2 cats & 1 dog.

  • 17th Aug 2011 11:18pm

blaze is a great name for a german shepherd, good luck with what ever name you choose louise

  • 17th Aug 2011 11:32pm
blaze is a great name for a german shepherd, good luck with what ever name you choose louise

This will defanatly be on the list thanx munchkin :)

  • 17th Aug 2011 10:29pm

I just love Ruby

  • 17th Aug 2011 11:30pm
I just love Ruby

This has been my favourite name since I was little. but I've already chosen that for a baby girl if I have one lol :)

  • 17th Aug 2011 09:59pm

"Trevor", he looks like a Trevor

  • 17th Aug 2011 09:08pm

I love German Shephers - they make loving and loyal pets.. Depends on the gender there Louise... My flatmate had two wonderful shepherds. Conan was the male (unfortunately had to be put down when only 2) and Pandora ... Jokes aside I only got a kitten late last year and I went through the baby naming websites as I wanted a similar to human name - Anyway what I would do is read a name outloud a couple of times whilst looking at a photo. NO I am not weird..LOL But for me it worked. Especially when I selected the kitten when he was younger - was told it was a I got a girlie name and pink things for her.. only to fird out the week before picking her/him up was told it was a male so I had to go back to the drawing board (Munchkin kitten - his little tick tacs where very hard to find) Hope that helps

  • 17th Aug 2011 11:35pm
I love German Shephers - they make loving and loyal pets.. Depends on the gender there Louise... My flatmate had two wonderful shepherds. Conan was the male (unfortunately had to be put down when...

Thats a great idea :) oooo I love the name Pandora lol :)

  • 17th Aug 2011 08:57pm

I think that Fergus or maybe Angus would be good name/s for your new pup.
Regards, Ronmac

  • 17th Aug 2011 08:53pm

i think

  • 17th Aug 2011 08:37pm

Looks like a "Roxy" to me

  • 17th Aug 2011 11:36pm
Looks like a "Roxy" to me

Awsome name. I picked the same one for my sisters collie

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