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Do you visit art galleries?

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Posted by: Roseglen

18th Apr 2011 08:49pm

Do you visit Art Galleries and what sort of art appeals to you most?

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  • 25th Dec 2013 11:12pm

Just being able to spend time looking and absorbing the ambience

  • 24th Oct 2013 12:07pm

All the time. My favorite one however is the Museum of Contemporary art. They have a LOT of unusual things & they change the exhibits quite often. So there is always something new to see.

Megan Muller
  • 17th Sep 2013 06:43pm

Yes - I am a huge fan of art galleries and often go to galleries and particular exhibitions that interest me. My favourite art is generally contemporary, mixed media or photography, however I am interested in a range of styles. I find attending a range of art galleries helps me to expand my interests and opens my mind to new things.

  • 29th Aug 2013 10:59pm

I have a group of friends who are interested in the arts and we visit a few galleries every year. I have a preference for art work that requires more skill than just chucking paint on a canvas.

  • 28th Aug 2013 07:12pm

yes i do visit the art gallaries but i surely donot have any idea what i am looking at. I
look the art very close enough but still i cant understand what am i supposed to look at. Although I am interested in Art but its very difficult to understand the value of Art and its understanding. Even after judging the art, I still fail to understand it. But I like it. I do not have hatred for Art.

  • 9th Aug 2013 06:11pm

Yep, especially during my free time. Paintings and sculptures. Not too fond of the abstract art though.

  • 28th Jul 2013 02:05pm

Yes, we love the local art gallery, even managing to contribute to an exhibit last month. :)

  • 26th Jul 2013 08:55am

I want to work for an art gallery! Studying art is a neverending surprise. If you can't make it to an actual gallery, search through Google's Art Project and pretend you have made it to the Louvre!

  • 20th Jul 2013 11:55pm

Yeah, I've been to a few art galleries around the city, and I love NGV

  • 19th Jul 2013 04:16pm

Frequently. I admire artists and their communication with life

  • 23rd Aug 2012 10:28am

i go to an art gallery at least once a month.I will go and see pretty much anything,although i get put off by the huge crowds in the big, popular exhibitions.I particularly like modern Japanese art .

  • 22nd Apr 2012 03:32pm

I visit the fantastic Dunedin art gallery with special art exhibitions, domestic art work displays about once a month. most art I enjoy around town with many dealer galleries, Otago art societys live design artist in Dunedin railway station, looking around many features of complex road side art around the city, provence, national reconised infrastructure which is seen in books around country and world wide.

  • 21st Apr 2012 06:13pm

I love Art in its myriad styles and forms - it inspire and ignites my creativity. Images always capture my attention.

  • 21st Apr 2012 12:46pm

  • 21st Apr 2012 12:45pm

Not as often as I'd like to. Over the years I've done calligraphy that included some decorative art work, and I'm interested in mediums artists use. While Modern art does not appeal so much, I do love some of the textual effects that are being produced. When I visited a gallery in Malmesbury last year and walked into a room with Paul Margocsy's water colour and gouache paintings - I just went 'Wow"! Needless to say, I have several that delight me on a daily basis.

  • 21st Apr 2012 12:54am

I like Ancient art. It is really good. I am always interested in Ancient Art. It's rare. It also picks up my mood. Modern art can be so whacked out. Something about looking at Ancient Art makes me feel relaxed, and even curious. I enjoy it.

  • 12th Apr 2012 09:06am

Yes,I do. Just to have a relax and put myself into the art.

  • 8th Apr 2012 10:52pm


  • 4th Apr 2012 07:57am

Yes, I visit art galleries. I wouldn't say this is my favourite pastime, but it is always relaxing!

  • 3rd Apr 2012 10:10pm

i like art with meaning but I don't like the kind of art where people stand there for a long time saying I think they meant to express this etc and then when I look at it it is a streak on a page (I don't mean over analysing) - sorry to everyone that appreciates abstract art. I went to an exhibition years ago that displayed selected work from HSC art students (HSC is the final year leaving exam for year 12 students). Some of the art was shocking, some of it was simple and beautiful. Some were photos of people and looking at them just made me feel happy because they were happy. So I guess I like original art but not abstract?

  • 19th Feb 2012 06:47pm

I love visiting Art galleries and recently spend most of a day in Brisbane at GoMA, taking in the wonderful Matisse exhibition. I get my fill of art by volunteering at our local University Art g
Gallery where I get to meet some of the artists when I help mount or hang a new exhibition. This way I experience many different forms of art from the most modern installations to the more traditional including exhibitons Indigenous art and up and coming student work. Long live Art galleries

  • 23rd Jan 2012 10:32pm


  • 22nd Nov 2011 07:33pm

Yes I visit Art Galleries of all types as I am an artist by profession. The funny thing is when I go and see a really good exhibition I come home feeling depressed as I can't help thinking that in comparisson my work is crap. But when I see an exhibition and I don't think the work is very good ( Which is a totally different thing to not likeing the work, i.e. it may not be my taste but I can see its good work ) I come home feeling good about my own work and myself .

  • 18th Aug 2011 08:19pm

I haven't visited an art gallery in a long time. But I do visit the arts channel on TV alot :)

Alex S
  • 18th Aug 2011 10:02am

I love visiting galleries of all kinds & wish I could do it more often. A day spent in a large gallery (such as the Gallery of NSW) can be exhausting because there is so much to take in. Lately I'm quite drawn (pun intended) towards Aboriginal art & some of the modernists. I'm quite fortunate to live in an area with several small galleries, which gives me the opportunity to spend an hour most weekends browsing the works of local artists. It can be a bit hit & miss sometimes but it's like that with all artforms.

  • 4th Jul 2011 09:27pm

Yes, occasionally.

  • 3rd Jul 2011 05:24pm

I love visiting galleries. I especially enjoy history and old works of art. I love photograpy (most kinds) and artwork that an artist has put a lot of careful work into and I can recognise and appreciate their techniques and use of medium.

  • 3rd Jul 2011 01:46pm

Visiting art galleries is a pleasure which I enjoy most alone. Being able to walk around and immerse oneself into the paintings is a guilty pleasure. Although my first love is the renaissance and the old masters, Surrealism is a style which draws me in. I find the works of Dali fascinating and full of movement and mystery.

  • 21st May 2011 04:45pm

Art Galleries when traveling are a must. Historic Art depicts life as it was, important events and celebrations. The present day artist often offers us a chance to take home a scenic view which we have admired and enjoyed, works by these artist are often found in the tourist districts, the cafe's and a variety of shops. However I much prefer small galleries. Large Art Galleries can offer so much variety they can be quite overwhelming.
Personally I enjoy water colors and the vibrant color of acrylics.

  • 18th May 2011 11:00am

I have never visited an art gallery before, but I do love art. I love old art, like paintings from the Renaissance and others from way back in Ancient times.

  • 18th May 2011 10:51am

No, Art Galleries don't interest me that much, BUT maybe one day I'll go.

  • 17th May 2011 10:55pm

I like a wide variety of art styles and I visit Art galleries when I get the chance.

  • 17th May 2011 03:35pm

I love art galleries and am very fortunate to be living in Canberra where we have the National Art Gallery. I visit all kinds of exhibitions including modern art but really dislike this quite intensely. My favourite art is not so much a style ie. not Impressionism, Cubism etc. but more of a type of character. I love art by the "Old Masters" - Rembrant, Michelangelo etc. I believe that kind of art shows true talent.

  • 17th May 2011 03:26pm

A wide variety from traditional and classical to modern. I'm not so keen on installation art, generally, unless it's really inventive.

  • 17th May 2011 08:06am

I am an artist and I do enter galleries frequently as I am also a volunteer in our regional gallery. It is a wonderful place and life and i feel i am always having fun and being surrounded by beauty plus conversation. Go and jump in metaphorically speaking. Life is way too short!!

  • 3rd May 2011 07:42pm

I don't get to physically visit art galleries as often as i would like to but i am able to view many thousands upon thousands of artworks on an art based website/community which i belong to (Red Bubble).

I can't say there is any one type of art which appeals to me the most.

Like music, when it comes to art i have to experience it to find out if i am attracted to it or not.

  • 30th Apr 2011 12:51am

I have absolutely no idea of how to verbalise what sort of art appeals to me but put me in front of a painting and I am able to say either yay or nay. There are so many wonderful galleries both public and private that one can visit and not enough days in the week to see them all.

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