Would you grocery shop at amazon?

The recent news that Amazon is considering a move into the Australian grocery market was a bit of a surprise to the Edentify team. So what would Australians make of this, and will they give Amazon supermarkets a try? We decided to ask our Facebook followers to find out.

For many of you, the emergence of another rival to Coles and Woolworths in Australia is welcome. Amazon brings with it a trusted brand and expertise in home delivery that sets it apart from the competition. For shoppers, Amazon means lower prices and better choice.

“Amazon is such a big enterprise, I am sure it will be successful. I have purchased other things from Amazon and have had nothing but a good experience.”

However, while there is definite support for Amazon, there are also a number of questions and concerns that you have raised. Firstly, although Amazon is seen as offering good quality packaged goods, it will need to convince you that it can also provide high quality fresh food.

“Amazon is not a name I equate with fresh food and it would have to be considerably cheaper and as good if not better quality as the online shopping I can do from both my local Woolies and Coles stores with some great incentives.”

Secondly, having Australian made and grown products is very important to many of you. Currently this is not something that Amazon is known for, however a serious commitment to support Australian farmers and companies would go a long way.

“As long as they give Aussie suppliers a good deal then yeah sure I’d use them or at least give them a go.”

Finally, while Australian products are essential, part of the appeal of Amazon groceries is that they could supply international products and brands that are difficult to buy in Australia. It will be interesting to see, when and if Amazon does launch, how it fares.

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Posted by: richard
Posted on: 17th Aug 2018

richard says: As long as the food was fresh, them yes I would. Especially if they had prepared meals as they do in UK supermarkets. It would be awesome if they had a different range from Coles and Woolworth, and of course price is a consideration.

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