I'm interested in finding out how many people manage to make time for breakfast everyday! And if you do manage to, how do you fit it in?

If you don't have it everyday, how often do you manage to have it?

And what would be your ideal breakfast?

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Posted by: pthompson2116
Posted on: 7th Jul 2015

pthompson2116 says: Hi,

I have porridge for breakfast every day and it takes me less than 10 minutes to prepare and eat it, it costs almost nothing and I don't need a mid morning sugar fix.

I buy ordinary rolled oats ($1 per 900g) and add dried fruit and milk the night before so that the porridge and fruit absorb the liquid overnight. The next morning I simply add a bit more milk and microwave it for 90 seconds, then eat it. It is cheap, quick, simple, nutritious and sticks to my ribs until lunch time.

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