I'm interested in finding out how many people manage to make time for breakfast everyday! And if you do manage to, how do you fit it in?

If you don't have it everyday, how often do you manage to have it?

And what would be your ideal breakfast?

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Posted by: Dora
Posted on: 23rd Jun 2015

Dora says: I do have my breakfast every day though it varies from weekday to weekends.

My typical weekday breakfast is Oats. Which I have AFTEr I get into the office. It is easier for me since I get in at 6:30 AM but only meant to start work at 7 AM.

Weekends I tend to be a bit more relaxed since i wake up late. A typical weekend breakfast if I need to go out somewhere in the morning is cheese toasts & coffee with a fruit.

But if I am home & have more time, I prefer to have eggs & bacon or sausage with buttered toast and a mug of Milo.

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