I'm interested in finding out how many people manage to make time for breakfast everyday! And if you do manage to, how do you fit it in?

If you don't have it everyday, how often do you manage to have it?

And what would be your ideal breakfast?

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Posted by: kreative
Posted on: 30th Apr 2014

kreative says: I am not a morning person and I have some difficulties with my diet that I need to overcome, so I have had to make it as simple as possible.

I start with lemon juice with warm water, magnesium and vitamin c, raw unprocessed natural honey.

15 minutes or so later, I also usually have juiced beetroot, carrot, celery, kale, and pineapple that I have frozen two weeks ahead. I have my vitamin supplements that I take with this, and later a naturopath tonic measured out too. Then I have fresh brewed coffee with oat milk and stevia.

I try to have my cereal measured out into a screw top container which I do on the weekend, for the week. so I only have to measure in the oat milk and add fruit - usually a banana and sometimes blueberries. I will often eat the cereal when I get to work.

I used to go without breakfast and often skip lunch too. I would wonder why I had a massive headache at 5 in the afternoon and realize I had not had any water either. No tea, coffee - basically nothing.

I think one of the things that put me off breakfast was years of being forced to eat wheat bix and milk. I used to reflux it many days. My mother didn't believe me and insisted I eat it. Now, many years later, we now know I have an allergy to wheat and dairy milk. I am also intolerant to corn, cashews, and allergic to eggs and have to be careful with yeast and ginger. Makes breakfast challenging but not impossible. Carmens makes a nice cereal that I can have so I don't mind having it most days, which is saying something, as I usually like variety.

On the weekend, I will sometimes make the quick oats for something different. I do have to be careful which varieties I select.

I do agree, eating breakfast does help my moods to be better and for me to handle stress better; as well as get me through the day energy wise.

I also found when I didn't eat breakfast and lunch, I would put on weight - despite eating a healthy and portion controlled dinner. Yes, it will slow down the metabolism in some of us. It won't always catch up with you straight away but it will eventually.

Ideally, some bacon or meat to sustain me and my iron levels is a good idea and some spelt bread. Juice that has been squeezed, not on a supermarket shelf. Luckily we have a juice man at the markets that does it on the spot. We don't have this all the time but as a treat when on holidays mostly. A hash brown with it as a sandwich with some bush chutney is yummy. Have to be careful of the varieties I have. I buy the spelt bread from Wray Organics, as it is the only one I have found to be of regular bread consistency only better.

Really love a fruit platter as well, but usually don't have the time to make it. some coconut yoghurt with it is nice.

Sounds like a lot of bother but a little organization on the weekends makes it much easier and I definitely notice the difference if I miss any of the steps. It keeps me going and my health has improved because of it.

For those who don't have breakfast, please reconsider it. You will be doing yourself a huge favour that you might not even know or notice yet, and preventing many problems later. I didn't believe it. I do now.

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