I'm interested in finding out how many people manage to make time for breakfast everyday! And if you do manage to, how do you fit it in?

If you don't have it everyday, how often do you manage to have it?

And what would be your ideal breakfast?

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Posted by: tracey100
Posted on: 25th Mar 2014

tracey100 says: I always make time for breakfast. I want to set a good example for my kids but I also couldn't last til lunchtime without it and would probably snack to compensate. I used to have two pieces of toast with vegemite but I am trying to lose weight so I have swapped to Special K with berries (pretty much the only cereal I like). Plus my cup of tea! I am a stay at home mum now so if I am running late to take my eldest child to school I can come home afterwards with my other two and have a late breakfast (on some days at least!). I eat with the children at night (5:30 ish) so I find I am generally pretty hungry the next morning.

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