I'm interested in finding out how many people manage to make time for breakfast everyday! And if you do manage to, how do you fit it in?

If you don't have it everyday, how often do you manage to have it?

And what would be your ideal breakfast?

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Posted by: DJMack
Posted on: 10th Jun 2013

DJMack says: Breakfast is a hard one but we have to try and fit it in. We have an 18mth old boy. He eats alot. 1 egg 2 big mushrooms baked beans and a slice of toast so when we are making his we just make a little more. He has 2 slices of toast every second day. If he doesn't get his breaky he's cranky.
Organisation is the key. My husband a stay at home dad and he's now organised himself otherwise it's a nightmare.
Getting things ready of a night is a good idea. We do that. There's is never enough hours in the day so you make time for the important ones like a good diet.

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