Home brand vs named brand

Are there brands that you used to buy that are no longer in your local supermarket? What do you think of all these 'home brands'? Are they just as good as the named brands, are they cheaper, or are you still hankering after something in particular that just seems to have disappeared from the shelves? Give us your opinion.

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Posted by: mroutdoorsy
Posted on: 19th Jul 2015

mroutdoorsy says: yes im the same with home brands in supermarkets I tend to try them out and compare them with branded names. If they taste great and are great value I tend to stick with them and thats why i tend to shop at aldi.
I got sick of coles and woolworths discounting items and competeing with smaller shops who didnt have the buying power and putting them out of business rather than supporting the little guy and making them a part of the big picture. A good example of this is when they put the sushi shop out of business by keeping the same items and discounting them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. they also did this with the local nursery the butcher and the hardware shop as well as fuel banking and insurance.
Very soon it will only be coles and woolworths left unless we have more competition from others.

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