Home brand vs named brand

Are there brands that you used to buy that are no longer in your local supermarket? What do you think of all these 'home brands'? Are they just as good as the named brands, are they cheaper, or are you still hankering after something in particular that just seems to have disappeared from the shelves? Give us your opinion.

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Posted by: ndemir
Posted on: 13th May 2015

ndemir says: I went into Woolworths yesterday and picked up a couple 'Select' brand 1.25 drinks, 'Homebrand' bleach, 'Homebrand' margarine, 2x 'Homebrand' sandwhich sliced bread, 'Homebrand' seafood flavour catfood, 'Select' 3L milk, 'Homebrand' 4L icecream to make milkshakes. For what I bought I spent $20 and was quite happy with the quality of the items I got for the price I paid.

With things like chocolate, biscuits, cakes, frozen meals or fish I wouldnt get the homebrand as quality is quite bland in flavour. Dishwashing detergent, washing detergent and cleaning items are also better to get the more known brands as the homebrand in them items you have to use twice as much and double handle and wash clothes twice to get the same the outcome. You may pay more for the better named brand but use half as much so it equals the same price in the end sometimes to pickup the named brand.

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