Home brand vs named brand

Are there brands that you used to buy that are no longer in your local supermarket? What do you think of all these 'home brands'? Are they just as good as the named brands, are they cheaper, or are you still hankering after something in particular that just seems to have disappeared from the shelves? Give us your opinion.

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Posted by: kreative
Posted on: 26th Jan 2014

kreative says: I am concerned that the brands are being phased out that I won't have the choice. Home brands in some things are certainly okay and I buy them but some have higher sodium or sugar or thickeners, unhealthy oils etc.. As the brands are deleted, so do my options. This is important to me as I struggle with allergies and intolerances so it can be hard enough to find options but with no choice but home brands, I am going to find this even harder. I am also concerned with GMO's. Altered foods are the biggest ones I react to. Also, once the brands are gone, what will happen to the prices then? They will sky rocket. I am also concerned with the generics where the farmer gets bullied out of a fair deal. There needs to be a balance.

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