Home brand vs named brand

Are there brands that you used to buy that are no longer in your local supermarket? What do you think of all these 'home brands'? Are they just as good as the named brands, are they cheaper, or are you still hankering after something in particular that just seems to have disappeared from the shelves? Give us your opinion.

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Posted by: dynamo
Posted on: 23rd Mar 2013

dynamo says: Do you realize that most processed foods contain absolute toxic poisons that come out of a Laboratory esp M.S.G. flavor enhancers are a toxic cocktail that over excites the brain & tricks the brain into making you think that this crud tastes wonderful!!! It was discovered by the Japanese who put it their troops food which was quite awe-full & now all manufactures use this in their highly processed foods!!! Why do you think that Cancer Rates are going through the roof it's in our Food, so many numbers that are toxic & allowed in our foods it's criminal but then again it's the NWO Agenda 21 blue print for population reduction!!!! Go research & you will find it's 100% TRUE Wake up to the poisoning of our food, water, air ( Chemtrails) & the Vaccines Avoid KFC Mcdonalds Diet coke, Zero coke, & Pepsi Max, all contain Aspartame a deadly toxin that hasn't even been approved for humane consumption!!! it was discovered while working on a bio chemical. I can only warn you BUT Remember you are what you eat!!! You have been warned.

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