Tv over christmas and january

Did you know that over Xmas and in January, the TV networks take little interest in how many people watch their shows? So you might have noticed that the type of programs that are on change from the usual ones during this time, until the ratings war starts again in February. During this holiday time programming, what did you think of the quality of TV content? Did you even care what was showing as you were on holiday? Or did you use this time to relax in front of the 'box' and flick between channels? Perhaps it was convenient for you to keep your kids entertained? Maybe you have Pay TV and didn't even watch the 'mainstream' channels? Did you find it 'Christmassy' enough or do you think the networks just don't bother with that these days? Was there one channel you felt outdid the others with its programing?

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Posted by: Flash
Posted on: 23rd Jan 2013

Flash says: We all seem toagree that broadcast TV is absolute drivel whether it's 16 free channels of rubbish to fill in between the ads of which the ABC is getting as boring as the commercial channels and the only thing worth sparing a moment without the mute switch on is the occasional 1930-1950 movie that most of us are to young to have seen the original of such as South Pacific My Fair Lady etc of which most of the original acors are long go to the Memories in the Sky and cooking and talent shows!! they are as obsolete as "entertainment" at poker machine palaces so the only shows I even watch are documentaries and movies without interruptions or in which you can understand the words or interpet the content od without a dumbnut certificate. As for TV ? Well there's been no value in that since the three wise men walked down the street> options? Save up your scrap drink cans etc and cash them in for a cruise or trip to anywhere that doesn't have TV or poker machines and leave your mobile phone at home to taking a qualty video and still camera with you and take something up to date, real life and worth watching or showing to your family and friends . 16 channels of adds .. Duh and some wonder why our kids are so misdirected? As for Christmas programming the three wise men wouldn't have viewed them so I contentented myself sitting on Figal Head in Northern NSW with a picnic lunch watching the waves break non the rocks ending there voyagem from perhaps tens of thousdands of kilometres across the Pacific Ocean.., I don't expect to get any better as you only get what the advertisers and promoters pay for being on air!!
I guess the programming quality has to go SBS for at least having the world weather watch with at times good background music to listen to and available to purchase from Dymocks ( is that another continuous ad without a program!?) after midnight!!
Please send an email to me when something of real value and intelligence might come up before or during next Christamas and I just might risk wasting some electricity turning the set back on!! Cheers Terry

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