Tv over christmas and january

Did you know that over Xmas and in January, the TV networks take little interest in how many people watch their shows? So you might have noticed that the type of programs that are on change from the usual ones during this time, until the ratings war starts again in February. During this holiday time programming, what did you think of the quality of TV content? Did you even care what was showing as you were on holiday? Or did you use this time to relax in front of the 'box' and flick between channels? Perhaps it was convenient for you to keep your kids entertained? Maybe you have Pay TV and didn't even watch the 'mainstream' channels? Did you find it 'Christmassy' enough or do you think the networks just don't bother with that these days? Was there one channel you felt outdid the others with its programing?

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Posted by: J9
Posted on: 22nd Jan 2013

J9 says: I did notice that TV programmes weren't really targeted at anyone in particular and were quite random in what they picked to show. A lot of things seemed to be repeats so I stocked up on DVDs instead as I don't have Pay TV. Most channels were Christmassy which involved repeats, and in my opinion bad choice of programmes. Personally Channel 4, Prime and Choice TV caught my eye much more than usual as they seemed to screen programmes that interested me more.

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