The ultimate holiday destination

Let's have some fun with this - If you could go ANYWHERE in the world for a holiday, regardless of price, where would you go and why?
Pretend you've just won the lottery! Is it warm, cold, scenic or relaxing?

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Posted by: mommakiwi
Posted on: 18th Aug 2011

mommakiwi says: I would really love to fly to South Africa with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and 3 NZ granddaughters, to Cape Town and to Durban....... My other children and grandchildren live there. To bask in the warm sunlight with all my children and my grandchildren to soak up the moments loving them and collecting hugs to dream about for years to come. Greater yet would be to bring them home with me to New Zealand to show them what it is to live free and to celebrate my 50th next year with them all!

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