The ultimate holiday destination

Let's have some fun with this - If you could go ANYWHERE in the world for a holiday, regardless of price, where would you go and why?
Pretend you've just won the lottery! Is it warm, cold, scenic or relaxing?

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Posted by: Tropical
Posted on: 17th Aug 2011

Tropical says: I'd go back to Koh Samui in Thailand where we stay at a small family run place which is right on the beach, food brilliant & so cheap plus eating fresh mangoes, pineapples & b.b.q. sweet corn everyday. Local shops only 5 minutes walk away. We're going back for 4 weeks in under 2 weeks time. Weather tropical & even it if rains for 10 minutes or so, it's still warm approx 30c & we're still wearing our bathers. Only cost really are our flights from Perth WA plus the 6 hour drive to the airport but it's well worth it. Already planning to go there again next year. We just love it & the Thai people are so friendly and kind and always smiling.

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