The ultimate holiday destination

Let's have some fun with this - If you could go ANYWHERE in the world for a holiday, regardless of price, where would you go and why?
Pretend you've just won the lottery! Is it warm, cold, scenic or relaxing?

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Posted by: spoof
Posted on: 22nd Jul 2011

spoof says: I'd really like to go back to Blighty, England that is, only for a visit to see my 91 year old Father whom I haven't seen for 55 years. My Mother left him in 1956 and brought us two kids to Australia telling me he had died after he refused to follow and she refused to go back. Anyway 25 years ago I found out he was still alive and began phoning him. He is heavy hearted about not being a part of our lives and regrets the past. When I found out he was alive, I was raising my own family and have never had the money to travel since, as my Kidneys failed, then had a transplant, then back surgery, etc. and now I'm a bloody Service Pensioner at the age of 60 with only the pension to live on and little hope of ever meeting him before he leaves this world and that saddens me.

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