The ultimate holiday destination

Let's have some fun with this - If you could go ANYWHERE in the world for a holiday, regardless of price, where would you go and why?
Pretend you've just won the lottery! Is it warm, cold, scenic or relaxing?

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Posted by: Yankeedoodle
Posted on: 22nd Jul 2011

Yankeedoodle says: Hi Rainbow,

I am an American living in Australia but if money wasn't an issue I would love to go back to the States and do an adventure I have always wanted to do. You have to be an outdoors person to do what I want. Pack up your tent with another person along with your canoe and head for the mouth of the mighty Mississippi river and treck to the Gulf of Mexico which is where it ends. I have done parts of it and it is magical and the Indians you meet along the way are some of the most fasinating people you will ever meet. There will be places along the trip where you will have to carry your canoe for a few miles as there is not enough water in the river to float through. I know that sound strange but it is true and then there are places where you think you are in a lake. Like I said you have to be adventureous and fit to do this trip. For those who do it the trip will live with you forever. Happy traveling!

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