True meditation is to go beyond your brain, to become thoughtless. People come to classes. They feel nice and relaxed but they don't come back again. It's easier in a group. If you are like me and like to be in control it doesn't work. Trust you inner wisdom (kundalini). Let her guide you. If you're not doing too well at home keep trying and come to group meditations. Common sense tells us that when we are stressed we get tightness in our head, chest, or stomach. This may lead to migraines, angina, panic attacks or ulcers, digestive problems. So whether you be!ieve in your healing, nurturing energy or not, sitting and relaxing with a group of people can't do any harm can it? Now if you can spend an hour every day in meditation, Great. However most of us don't have that time. So don't turn your nose up at 5 or 10 minutes morning or evening. It needs to be regular like cleaning your teeth. Twelve months of 5 min meditation every day is better than an hour once every blue moon. Do give it a go.

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