I am hoping to start an open forum for those suffering from Labyrinthitis. Most information from medical professionals is unhelpful so as a sufferer I would like to give some helpful hints if anyone is interested.

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Posted by: Kezzaj
Posted: 20th May 2018

Kezzaj says: What is labyrinthitus? Reply


Posted by: Goulah
Posted: 20th May 2018

Kezzaj says: What is labyrinthitus?

Goulah says: There are many little bones in your ear and one area is called the labyrinth. Sometimes you can get a virus and the area is damaged and it affects you in many ways but usually quite violently. It can be hundreds of times worse than vertigo or any other balance problems and makes you violently ill. Best way to imagine it is to think of yourself looking at a poker machine whilst going round in circles like a roulette wheel whilst being on a roller coaster. The nausea is so bad that you can spend 24 hours throwing up, cannot walk as you fall over and cannot see. I was only able to crawl (a lot less distance to fall to the floor) as my legs would not work. It is not only the physical problems but if you don't know better you think you are going mad because the walls, floor and ceiling seem to move. Reply

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