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Electric ute

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Posted by: ybot

30th Nov 2021 07:46pm

Howdy folks,

Fellow ute owner here, is anyone on the waitlist for. Rivian, Electric Ford, Cyber truck etc ?

What are you driving now and what are you looking forward to tech and revolution wise for the upcoming electric utes?

Recently did a market research and not sure who it was for but there was all sorts of interesting possibilities on the horizon, everything from keeping the house lights on to powering your campsites when touring

Keen to hear your thoughts, might even be on a winning idea!

Let me know

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Con D. Oriano
  • 14th Jul 2022 08:41pm

Bear in mind that electric vehicles may not be solely better than fossil fuels at the moment because we depend on coal power plants for our electricity.
And electric cars charging for 6-8 hours every night uses more than triple your house's current electricity needs.

If everyone got an electric car the grid would crash the way it is.
Most of the electric vehicles are fads or scams. Musk is a scam artist, Tesla is the highest valued car manufacturer of all time but produces the least cars with the worst quality assurance and customer support. That being said, Daddy Elon's Cybertruck looks sick.

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