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What's your go-to winter warmer drink?

Food & Drink

Posted by: r23

11th Apr 2021 04:00pm

As the winters set in and the temperatures begin to drop, we surely need a cup of coffee. Let us know which is your favourite go-to coffee and where you get it from?

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  • 11th Oct 2022 08:08pm

Dark hot chocolate, always been a spy when drinking coffee with colleagues, have the appearance of professional but with a childish heart.

  • 10th Aug 2022 04:28pm

I get mocha ftom Gloria Jeans. It is warm, milky, and has the perfect balance between sweet and bitter

  • 24th Jun 2021 07:43pm

Well i am supposed to be on Sustagen so i have made my own hot combo with dashs of powered forms of Milo , Malted Milk and Chai latte.. fair to say every drink is unique as don't think i ever put the same measures in.

VS Ramakrishna32053393
  • 13th Jun 2021 10:30am

Always cap

  • 12th May 2021 08:45pm

Definitely if I'm not drinking coffee as my hot drink of choice... it'd have to be Hot Chocolate covered in Marshmallows and whipped cream! But it'd have to be made on milk or else it wouldn't taste the same!

Chantelle 31820767
  • 30th Apr 2021 06:57pm

I live my milos! But I’m Mexican so I live my atoles!!!! They’re the best! Atole with some sweet bread!!! Delicious!!!!!!

  • 30th Apr 2021 11:22am

I love a soy chai (made with the tea leaves, not the powder!) is perfect in the morning, but I can't go paste a hot choccy when I'm curled up in bed with a good book!

  • 27th Apr 2021 12:19am

Chai latte’ is my favourite.

  • 25th Apr 2021 06:46pm

I generally drink tap water all year round and milk once per day. In summer the milk is cold from the fridge and in winter it is warmed in the microwave. Generally I keep everything in my life simple.

  • 22nd Apr 2021 09:08am

Definitely a chai latté!!

  • 12th Apr 2021 05:44pm

Hot mocha please.! ☕️

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