Beer to drink with indian food

I think , 'Little Creatures Pale Ale ' or Coopers Pale Ale' . Your thoughts?

    Last reply: 10th Nov 2020 / 5 replies / Post by Guzzler

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Posted by: Ben31977764
Posted: 3rd Sep 2020

Ben31977764 says: Peroni Reply


Posted by: Ashish46
Posted: 26th Sep 2020

Ashish46 says: Drink wine instead Reply


Posted by: wendel
Posted: 14th Oct 2020

wendel says: I don't drink beer. Reply


Posted by: Shyama31981394
Posted: 23rd Oct 2020

Shyama31981394 says: I would mostly prefer Coopers Pale Ale or Heineken Lager. Reply


Posted by: Skylark
Posted: 10th Nov 2020

Skylark says: Kingfisher. It's an Indian beer after all. Reply

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