Are you doing anything about climate change?

In today's news, the UN reported that last year was the fourth warmest on record. We would like to hear what our Cafestudy members are doing to help slow down climate change. Have you changed your habits recently? Or maybe you are meaning to but haven't got round to it yet? Please let us know!

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Posted by: Jimmy01
Posted on: 12th Feb 2019

Jimmy01 says: We're trying to minimise how much energy we use. Its alarming that the climate change is real, and yet, there is policy vacuum by our government. So its reinforced how important it is for me as a consumer to do our bit. We're reusing anything, like cardboard boxes when we go shopping, making sure we take our shopping bags,, trying to walk when we can and not drive the car. Ensuring that the car is serviced regularly, not braking and accelerating quickly so we use less fuel. Have really made an effort to keep the tyres pumped at the right level to maximise fuel efficiency. Making sure that non-essential items aren't added weight in the car and consuming more fuel. Have been more vigilant in turning lights off when we;re not in the room, replacing light globes to LED (which was not cheap), but know its worth it in the long term. We were fortunately enough to put solar on our roof a few years ago, and have started to get quotes to see if we can expand our solar, or see if we could afford to install a battery. This is another way we can reduce the use of greenhouse gases via electricity produced by coal. Haven't got around to: 1) checking the insulation in our celiing and subfloor to see what state its in, we could save a lot of energy, and make the house more comfortable if this was better 2) install outdoor blinds on one of our north facing room to reduce the heat gain/loss during the year 3) look at more drought resistant plants / natives in our bare patch in our backyard that we've been meaning to do something about.... life just gets in the way!!

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