I'm interested in finding out how many people manage to make time for breakfast everyday! And if you do manage to, how do you fit it in?

If you don't have it everyday, how often do you manage to have it?

And what would be your ideal breakfast?

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Posted by: BrokeWoman19
Posted on: 15th Apr 2014

BrokeWoman19 says: I eat an Apple on my way to work every morning. It is known that eating fruit in the morning is a lot better for your body instead of the afternoon or night. Its great because your still eating something and not missing breakfast which is really important. Plus you skip all the carbs from the bread and sugar/fat from the toppings on your toast. Just eat a piece of easy fruit (apple, pear, banana, strawberries, mango, apricots, peach, etc) to last you til morning tea or lunch time.

For the weekend thats when you have brunch. After you have your sleep in your make a healthy but yummy breakfast. Grain toast with Avocado (instead of butter), sliced cooked onion & mushroom, couple shortcut Bacon Pieces, and a pouched egg. When cooking the onion, mushroom and bacon try using a really good non stick pan and use no oil or butter. If in need spray a little cooking spray.
This breakfast will make it taste so much better since you have been eating fruit all week.

The only time i dont eat breakfast is if i run out of fruit and forgot to buy more.
But on the weekends there should be no excuse. Your body needs breakfast to kick your body into gear and give you that energy you need to get through the day.

My ideal breakfast would be my weekend breakfast but will a sausage, tomato and a cappucino!

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