Home brand vs named brand

Are there brands that you used to buy that are no longer in your local supermarket? What do you think of all these 'home brands'? Are they just as good as the named brands, are they cheaper, or are you still hankering after something in particular that just seems to have disappeared from the shelves? Give us your opinion.

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barney rubble

Posted by: barney rubble
Posted on: 25th Feb 2014

barney rubble says: I have bought home brands for many years as having to budget I found it helpful. I have found over recent times the quality has become better. The Safeway crushed tomatoes are great for making spaghetti sauce. I buy no name as they are cheaper than Home Brands there is difference in price. No name instant porridge is fine I just add half water half milk, pinch of salt, as soon as porridge starts to boil ,simmer for a minute or two, make sure you stir so it doesn,t stick.
Also I leave excess porridge in the pot until cold, I find you scoop it out it doesn,t stick to the pot and the pot washes easy. Aldi,s instant mashed potato is great for topping shepherds pie if you haven,t any potatoes.

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