Tv over christmas and january

Did you know that over Xmas and in January, the TV networks take little interest in how many people watch their shows? So you might have noticed that the type of programs that are on change from the usual ones during this time, until the ratings war starts again in February. During this holiday time programming, what did you think of the quality of TV content? Did you even care what was showing as you were on holiday? Or did you use this time to relax in front of the 'box' and flick between channels? Perhaps it was convenient for you to keep your kids entertained? Maybe you have Pay TV and didn't even watch the 'mainstream' channels? Did you find it 'Christmassy' enough or do you think the networks just don't bother with that these days? Was there one channel you felt outdid the others with its programing?

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Posted by: Moi
Posted on: 23rd Jan 2013

Moi says: This happens to be a 'pet' subject with me!
I totally HATE that television (anything worth watching!) ends way before the Christmas period!
I REALLY HATE that the television channels PRESUME that everyone either has children or that they are going away!
It is SO RIDICULOUS!! It should be the SAME - all year!! When there is a movie to watch it is always one of about a half a dozen, which the channels seem to think their viewers would like to watch again and again!
Do they think we are all suffering from Altzhiemers!! There are literally thousands and thousands of great movies floating around!! PLEASE TELEVISION STATIONS - CHOOSE A THOUSAND MORE TO SHOW YOUR AUDIENCES!! I for one, would be so very grateful that I would probably have 'wet things!' , running down my face!! ����
This last Christmas, in particular I would have done anything to watch something decent - (I love Escape to The Country etc.) I also very much LOVE NON- VIOLENT AND NON ALIEN movies, which seems to be the choice by the stations if they do happen to remember to show a movie! WHY- to see that type of substance, all one has to do is watch the News!!
The reason, I mentioned this last Christmas and still now, is because my last surviving son, out of three, has a Terminal Brain Tumour and he went into Hospital the day after Christmas for more surgery!! I was soooo stressed! How good it would have been to be able to come home from ICU, sit down and with the help of something lovely and relaxing on television, just calm down a little!
I get so angry - we have so many channels now, however all this has achieved is more really BAD TELEVISION VIEWING FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC!! E.G not everyone loves to watch The Tennis, Cycling, The Cricket etc!!
I wish we could all do something to make them all make a HUGE CHANGE - NANETTE

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