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Did you know that over Xmas and in January, the TV networks take little interest in how many people watch their shows? So you might have noticed that the type of programs that are on change from the usual ones during this time, until the ratings war starts again in February. During this holiday time programming, what did you think of the quality of TV content? Did you even care what was showing as you were on holiday? Or did you use this time to relax in front of the 'box' and flick between channels? Perhaps it was convenient for you to keep your kids entertained? Maybe you have Pay TV and didn't even watch the 'mainstream' channels? Did you find it 'Christmassy' enough or do you think the networks just don't bother with that these days? Was there one channel you felt outdid the others with its programing?

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Captain  Slog

Posted by: Captain Slog
Posted on: 23rd Jan 2013

Captain Slog says: Hello Everyone!
Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you all had a wonderful Festive Season. So sorry about the start of the New Year with those blasted bush fires and storms ruining it for everyone who was there. Hopefully, the rest of the New Year will get better for us all, and be heppier and more prosperous.
Now to business!
Yes, I agree that the "Silly Season" on TV was shocking, with all kinds of rubbish available for viewers. Everything from "Embarrassing Bodies," to pathetic reject American "comedies" and Medical documentaries. Even some of the movies were crap. Some of them were Excellent, but, we've seen them so many times that we hay as well have them on DVD anyway.
The ONLY good thing about the silly seasson is, at least it gives us time to things we can't do when the GOOD stuff is on. Lawns and Hedges need to be cut (My hedge is a bloody MONSTER!!) and Gardens (For those with blue thumbs) need to be tended. I battled through the hedge and did the lawns and that was it! Apart from the News and other basics on TV, I sat back and enjoyed my new STAR WARS DVDs I got for Xmas. THE CLONE WARS - Series 4 Boxed set. I watched the lot, plus the special Features, bt New Year's day. I loved it! Now all I need is Series 5!
Now the new season on TV has started with SHORTLAND STREET back, and others gradually returning, but there is still alot of rubbish. Police Reality Shows, Ebarassing Bodies (Never seen it, DON'T want to. Bad enough seeing the promos. YUK!), My Daughter the Teenage Nudist (THAT will bring in the pervs, won't it?), Hell's Kitchen (What a bloody mongrel!! I think he only does it for TV, same with his Hotels From Hell. I think you get the picture. There is lots of rubbish out there, especially those DANGEROUSLY INSANE evangelist bastards, especially the Copelands, first thing in the morning when all I want to do is get the News. THey are beyond a Joke the way they insanely babble on and praise this and praise that, talking and praising over each other, like a comedy show. But, its not. They really ARE dangerous nutters! RICH Dangerous nutters at that.
One of my New Yeaar's Wishes for the whole Worlds is that religion eventually just disappear from ALL society. It is very dangerous and the whole cxause of ALL the troubles in the world. Ireland, The Middle East, and other places.I don't intend to offend anyone, but WHO CARES??? To me, and anyone else of SOUND MIND, religion IS offensive. Its vile and insulting to one's intelligence. Its primitive, malipulative, insulting, degrading, controlling, EVIL ignorant and murderous. It MUST GO!!!
What this world really needs is Progress and more Laughs. COMEDY like MONTY PYTHON and Mrs. Brown, and other gut busting laughs too numerous to mention.
We need to Progress and with the exciting new MYT Engine (See You Tube, BRILLIANT!) almost ready fro production (Even the Australian defence Force is keen on getting the 6 Inch Engines for ALL of their Transport needs, and with 150 - 200 MPG, I should think so ) we will ALL have the best engines in the World powering EVERYTHING we ride in, Fly in and Generate Power with, or pump things with.
I could go on, but I have said enough for now. Perhaps someone else could have a go now that I've whetted their appetite for new subjects. New Technology (OLED and Graphene Displays, MYT Engine, Counter Gravity Technology, etc.) GO FOR IT!
Have a Wonderful New Year, Everyone!! BE Good to each other and pleae take good care.
BEST WISHES from The Bridge.

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