Drives me crazy

2am, trying to get to sleep, then the doof doof idiots decided to do a tour around the neighbourhood. What is it that is so attractive about a sound system that is so loud it wakes people up and literally shakes the windows. My taxes are contributing to the health system that has to cover the hearing problems to come.

To rub salt into the wound. We got up this morning only to find some drunk a-hole decided to use our car as a target. At least a few hundred $ damage on the door. Drink + Saturday night = lunacy. Their mothers must be proud.

I tell you one thing. When my two sons were at that "thoughtless" age they knew better than to do stupid idiot stuff like that. Right from wrong is not rocket science. Consequences for actions is absolutely the only way to go.

Yes, I am getting on in years and some people may say I'm a little harsh. No matter the age, respect for other people and their property is surely not too much to ask.

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Posted by: Woody
Posted: 14th Mar 2011

Woody says: My kids have yet to reach that age but they all no right from wrong but I agree there are a few out there that know what is wrong but do it anyway. These are the people that know they will not be caned at school.
If we bought back the cane I can tell you for a fact crime would reduce by half within 10 years. And if we put our young ones into the Army for a year that would also help reduce crime Reply


Posted by: jacaxelach
Posted: 17th Mar 2011

jacaxelach says: what you are going threw is very unfortunate and i sympathize the road that we live on used to be known as the one mile straight as there where no homes except a lot of farm houses now it is established with lots of kids its still used by hoons all hours of the day and night and the police dont give a dam one day a child will get hurt by one of these idiots then the police will act but by then it will be to late Reply


Posted by: monna
Posted: 19th Apr 2011

monna says: I know how you feel, I'm on a main road and every Friday night and night it becames a race track Reply


Posted by: Sammbo
Posted: 19th Apr 2011

Sammbo says: It ain't gonna get any better.

If I was in your shoes I'd move! Reply


Posted by: kneecole
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

kneecole says: I feel your pain. I am going through that ordeal as we speak.
I live on a main road for what i thought was far enough out of town for those idiots not to come past but sure enough from wednesday to sat/sun and from 6pm til around 4/5am is the constant sound of either boy racers and their loud cars or the tacky sound of horrible music on cheap subs.
I feel quite ashamed to be put in their category as i am only 21 years of age but feel im in the wrong era.
I have learnt to drown it out with the beautiful sound of some good old country music and find that my 1 yr son and i both enjoy it.
I also do feel for the boy racers etc as they do drive around and it does ruin your hearing but with laws getting so harsh these days this is the only way to rebel.
Their is no point trying to move away from it as i have found no matter where you go they will follow as for the people disrespecting your property that is just out right disgraceful but just remember karma always come back.
I say keep your head up as this fad has to get old one day Reply


Posted by: Ray
Posted: 23rd Nov 2011

Ray says: I sympathise completely - we have similiar Hoon in our Quiet street and doing wheelies around our corners at 2.00 am is exceptionally irritating.
We phone the Police with little feedback Reply


Posted by: elguapo234
Posted: 25th Nov 2011

elguapo234 says: i have that problem.
its especially annoying when you have babies or young children. Reply


Posted by: CSD
Posted: 17th May 2012

CSD says: Let's widen this discussion. When I moved into my house (bang opposite and very close to a railway line) 17 years' ago, the trains ran from 6.30 am until 7.30 pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays they ran from 6.30 am until 12.30 pm, and not at all on Sundays. The train line was selected to be shut down, especially since there were good tram and bus services into the CBD.

Then, the line was reprieved! Since then, over the years, it has been upgraded with trains running from 6.00 am until after midnight same day / following day. The carriages have been extended from 4 to 6 - very noisy. Added to which the trains, necessarily, toot outside my bedroom window on approaching the local level crossing. This is every 10 minutes.

I can put up with the noise of cars short-cutting through my little back street but, oh, the trains. Representations to local council are passed to the train company, who don't care about residents but just jamming as many people onto trains to maximise their profit and meet State requirements.

They say they are meeting transport demand and, I suppose, the needs of the majority overtake the requirements and quality of life of the few. Should there not be some form of financial recompense, or offer of double glazing (not too sure that would help anyway)?

Just don't ask me why I bought a house opposite a railway line that was due to be closed down, and am now whingeing about the extended train and transport noise. I understand that transport authorities are thinking of extending the operation hours of the trains so that visitors / travellers into the CBD can travel home on a train well into the morning hours.

Not happy.



Posted by: MariaG
Posted: 17th May 2012

CSD says: Let's widen this discussion. When I moved into my house (bang opposite and very close to a railway line) 17 years' ago, the trains ran from 6.30 am until 7.30 pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays...

MariaG says: I feel your pain Chris.
I don't live near a rail line but am on a main road and the trucks run 24/7. Literally the walls shake.
When I first moved in, I thought we were having an earthquake. Amazingly, I am getting used to the trucks, but I just can't handle the hoons. Friday and Saturday are ear plug nights.
One night there was a part down the road having a party. That's fine, I'm not so old I can't remember what it's like to want to woop it up every now and then. However, they decided to take to the streets. We came out and found louts jumping on the bonnet of our car. Wish I had the power to give them a good spanking ... oh that's right... not aloud to discipline children, and that's what they were...children. Where are the adults?

Such is life. Reply


Posted by: CSD
Posted: 18th May 2012

MariaG says: I feel your pain Chris.
I don't live near a rail line but am on a main road and the trucks run 24/7. Literally the walls shake.
When I first moved in, I thought we were having an...

CSD says: Oh, I feel for you. When I lived in London I had "hoons" jump on my car's bonnet and roof damaging it substantially. My exterior house walls were also spray painted / tagged. Maybe things are better here, but I wonder why we should accept vandalism and destruction. However, this Australia! Not a lot was done in the UK.

The residents in my Australian street are challenging the local council, who agree with us, but are restricted by State regulations across various roads, transport and road safety regulations as well as privatizing of facilities. When will sanity prevail? I guess when the next elections happen and money is available to help the people who are being impacted - not possible I think.. Reply


Posted by: jjdrer
Posted: 28th May 2013

MariaG says: I feel your pain Chris.
I don't live near a rail line but am on a main road and the trucks run 24/7. Literally the walls shake.
When I first moved in, I thought we were having an...

jjdrer says: Children -- the law as it stands in South Australia.
You are not allowed to yell at your child in desperation - verbal abuse.
You are not allowed to physically restrain them in any way.
I don't know what children are told at school now, but 25 - 30 years ago (I have 2 nieces) they were told they have rights - that they don't have to do what their parents tell them to (they had only been at school for one term). The reaction of some students was parents are adults, teachers are adults too --some children decided they didn't have to do what them told them to.---and they wonder why kids act up in class. Peer pressure is an issue in some cases too.
Some parents are desperate. I know of one girl at 16 y.o. who lived in a country town and used to climb out her bedroom window and go down into town. More than once she told her parents she was going to bed and said goodnight to them. They would check she was in her room, but when one of them checked later, she had gone. Many a time her Dad went and made her go home with him. Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 18th Apr 2013

PGS says: Having a bazooka would be handy... Reply


Posted by: Jules
Posted: 27th May 2013

Jules says: No respect at all. Reply


Posted by: Horatio47
Posted: 28th Jul 2013

Horatio47 says: I agree. The problem is that they have no consideration, no respect for other people. They are self-centred, selfish and greedy suub-humans that the Police will not deal with unless they commit a serious crime to one of the residents who may confront them. Then the resident may be up for aggravated assault. At the end of the day, as annoying as it is, no authority gives a "rats-arse" about it
If you were to call the Police about Noise Abatement issue, by the time they arrive the culprits will have gone. You may write down the Registration Number and Description of the car (Make. model and colour). and telephone the local Police with the least you done your part as a good citizen to report the scumbag/s... Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 30th Dec 2013

PGS says: Keep a small bazooka handy... :)

I hate them too. Inconsiderate sods.
Bet they are happy when it happens to them. Reply


Posted by: Hol94
Posted: 30th Jan 2014

Hol94 says: did you know theres actually awards for reeaaally loud car audio. its insane Reply

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