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Driving attitudes.I sometimes wonder why we have speed limitsand rules because many people do not observe them.I try to stick to the speed limit but are constantly passed by cars going very much faster.Often get tooted when stopping when light turns amber.Cars going slowly sticking to right hand lane in dual carriageway.Often sit for 6 min trying to enter dualcarriage way all cars inleft lane no one go to right lane to let you in.

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Posted by: Trushka
Posted: 16th Feb 2011

Trushka says: I could not agree more. I often have difficulty turning into my drive because the car behind is too close, although I apply the brake and indicate well in advance. Further, there are far too many speed-limit changes - within 200-300m it goes from 40Km to 50km to 60km. I need to keep my eyes on the road and not have to keep looking up to find signage among shops signs. Reply


Posted by: CAT17
Posted: 20th Feb 2011

CAT17 says: Driving a car now seems to be more dangerous than it used to be and no one seems to follow the traffic rules. I know people are in a hurry but to speed like they do is becoming so common place that no one seems to even know what speed they are doing (or care). I live in a beach suburb of Adelaide, and I can tell you visitors to this area are so anxious to find a park or to be "seen" curzing the streets in their "hotted up cars" they have completley ignored the fact that there are people who actually live here. It has almost come to the stage that most of we residents stay home to avoid the crowds and dangerous streets. Another thing is that the Police don't seem to be "out and about" during the day when they must be aware of what is going on. I have seen the odd driver being booked at night, but other than that no Police presence. I think all streets in built up popular areas should be 40mph, we would all be a lot safer. Reply


Posted by: Scott
Posted: 31st Aug 2011

Scott says: Ok, first, licensing in Australia is a joke, it's far too easy, and it's been getting easier. Second, getting a gold license in Australia is far too easy. Third, there is no compulsory retesting for licenses, despite the fact that road rules change - there is NEVER another knowledge test to make sure drivers actually know the new rules.

If the government(s) of Australia actually cared about road safety, they'd make licensing requirements much higher, and REQUIRE compulsory driver training by accredited driving schools, rather than just allowing your mum who nips down to the shops once a week to teach you how to drive!

I will give the NSW government _some_ credit - they have set up a website to try and address all the stupid speed limit zones, where they jump around in the space of a few hundred meters. I hit one on the weekend - a 60 zone that changed to a 70 zone that changed to a 40 zone (school days only) back to 70 in the space of a few hundred meters. Why the government could leave the 70 zone for a few more meters is beyond me? Hopefully that will be addressed.

I have to admit, slow cars in the right lane on _any_ road is a pet hate of mine. I always make an effort to pass cars doing that on a dual carriageway and give them a dirty look on the way past. But I'm sure it won't change their behaviour... it's just driven by selfishness or complete lack of awareness, or both. Like those same people who leave a few meters space between them and the car in front and block a slip lane... it takes a toot to wake them up. Reply


Posted by: Bud
Posted: 13th Feb 2012

Scott says: Ok, first, licensing in Australia is a joke, it's far too easy, and it's been getting easier. Second, getting a gold license in Australia is far too easy. Third, there is no compulsory retesting...

Bud says: Scott I understand your frustration about drivers staying in the right hand lane. However I would ask why is anyone exceeding the speed limit in the first place, altho it does happen most of the so called "slow" drivers are actually doing the speed limit not 10k's over as alot of us do me included (tho I do try to restrain myself).

At what point may a slow vhicle merge right to make a right hand turn? If you have ever driven a truck or slow vehicle it is hard to get faster moving traffic to allow you to merge to the right lane.
At which point you will find yourself stopping at the intersection and doing a right hand turn from the left hand lane.

I am not having a go at you but next time you are out driving note the frequency of streets that you are able to do right hand turns into. In the city 70 and below is a high frequency, 80 and below more often than not slip lanes are provided so as right and hand turns can be done without impeding traffic flow. 100 and above Nil that is in the city. Obviously rural areas are based on their traffic flow and safety but the general rule still applies.

I do however agree with proper driver training and re assesmants every few years.


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