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how meany people out there have just been driving along and then been pulled over by police that could not tell you the reason.' revonew'

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Posted by: sirwal
Posted: 18th Dec 2010

sirwal says: I'm sorry to inform you of this but they don't need a reason, this is why they call it random, they just have nothing better to do at that particular time so they randomly pick someone to check their demeanor and if not happy will breath and or drug test them. It's there job as traffic police. Reply


Posted by: backburn
Posted: 18th Dec 2010

backburn says: I dont care how many times I get pulled over and breath tested, its the only way to make drivers under stand that you should not drink and drive or take drugs then drive. I have had to go to many MVA and clean up the mess, some of them stick in your minds for ever. Reply


Posted by: passum
Posted: 28th Dec 2010

passum says: Well I was pulled over in the middle of no where got booked for speeding and deserved it. So dont complain it may save your life because when we got further up the road their was an accident.some one had hit an cammel, just think if u were drunk and speeding and hit this where u would be now.6ft under.being pulled over may have saved both mine and my wifes lives . Reply


Posted by: passum
Posted: 28th Dec 2010

passum says: Well I was pulled over in the middle of no where got booked for speeding and deserved it. So dont complain it may save your life because when we got further up the road their was an accident.some...

passum says: ps I found the SA police very courtious even when being booked as i was interstate on holidays and was near Cooperpedie when pulled over after being held up by some aboriginal police playing tagg in two lanes so u could not pass.We were trying to make Port Agusta to stay the night but that was no excuse. The car that had the accident passed us and did not get pulled over.may be he would still be here too, had he slowed down. Reply


Posted by: MikeT
Posted: 12th Feb 2011

MikeT says: In a word- not for many years (aside from RBTs). I've travelled every Australian state over past few years, although it's some time since I went to NT. When I was a youngster on motorbikes, however, I was pulled over frequently. It depends on what you look like, what you're driving/riding, and what you're doing at the time. Driving a lowered "ricer", a "BS ute", a Falcadore with aftermarket bits, or a daggy looking car with faded paint increases your chances of being pulled over. Reply


Posted by: jub
Posted: 1st Mar 2011

jub says: yea at least when u do get pulled up4 nothing and get pinned 4 sumthing it gives u a realisation of yes maybe i better sort that cos next time i could kill sum1. and i dont think that would sit well with anyone.
or if you get pulled up 4 nothing and let go without hassle you think im fine and not have anything 2 worry about a thing. so i suppose its a reality stop. are u good or not


Posted by: Uncle
Posted: 17th Jul 2011

Uncle says: I don't know of any! Reply


Posted by: tahren
Posted: 27th Oct 2011

tahren says: my husband and I were coming home from the train station. He had just finished work and it was about 7 in the morning. Driving along and we got pulled over. My husband asked the coppa why he pulled us over and he said it was a routine check. My car is legal, I have a current drivers licence, traffic was pretty average, my husband is dark and looks like a wife bashing dole bludger. (I'm not being mean but, everyone who has met him thinks that of him when they first see or meet him. He's a teddy bear). But, too the coppas surprise my husband pulled out his work ID card and then he let us go. Didn't ask for my licence or anything else. He wanted my husbands ID and he wasn't sitting in the drivers seat I was. Go figure!!!!!! Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 14th Feb 2012

says: i agree that they are able to pull you over, but i do not agree with pulling you over for no reason. Reply


Posted by: Glowz
Posted: 18th Feb 2012

Glowz says: Yeah i was pulled over after taking a left turn into a family members street they lived on and got pulled over by police i hadn't seen, just come from out of no where the police officer been a guy says " Could you show me your license please madam!' i reply " Sure officer is there a problem!" I was happy to give him my license and then he said after looking at it " I am sorry but i am gonna have to give you a fine for not having an accompanied driver with a 2 years license!" I said to the police officer " are you kidding i dont need a dam accompanied driver who has held her or his license for 2 years if you read properly, I am a restricted driver license holder! and i do know when and when not to drive between the hours of" He replied let me check your license he goes back to other accompanied officers in his vehicle and comes back and says " I am so sorry there madam, my appologises and then smiled and went back to his vehicle where i could see all the other officers laughing and then i move on down the street to the drive at my family members home. Reply

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