New amount of pionts on license in nsw

The government is thinking about adding 1 point on to your license for car drivers and 2 points for professional drivers. This is a great idea but it would be better to reward the better drivers with a clean record with the extra points.
Professional drivers need a higher point level because they are driving a lot longer hours.
If you have a clean record for five or ten years or in some cases a lot longer you should have a higher level of points for doing the right thing. If you have lost points for speeding or some other crime why are you getting rewards with more points, is this so you can speed a bit more before you lose your license.

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Posted by: T
Posted: 7th Feb 2011

T says: I agree, because a driver could have no infringement for a number of years, then has a bad luck & gets several demerit points over 3 years.
I concur that "professional drivers" should receive more merit credits, but how do you identify them? Reply


Posted by: stretch
Posted: 10th Feb 2011

stretch says: well call me a satanist but the adedd point makes it 13 lucky for me but this willl not help all that much have lost my licence a few times but all it does is make our fines a little larger and the police happier with revenue


Posted by: Steve49
Posted: 9th Jul 2011

Steve49 says: Extra points would be no good to me as I have never lost a point. I've been driving cars and riding motorcycles since 1966. Even cheaper licences wouldn't help me as I'm a pensioner and get free licence and registration. Perhaps some other method of reward could be introduced. If you get booked you probably deserved it unless it was by one of those faulty robots that seem to infest our roads and highways. Reply


Posted by: matt
Posted: 8th Aug 2011

matt says: well its so much easier to loose point with all these cameras, even if your not a dangerous driver.
I wish there was some positive thing, like a small discount on your rego. then people would think the govt is real about wanting to encourage people to stop speeding, instead of just want to make money Reply


Posted by: David
Posted: 17th Aug 2011

David says: Its just to allow governments to make more money from you before they are forced to cancel your license!! Reply


Posted by: jjdrer
Posted: 18th Aug 2011

jjdrer says: There has just been a court case where a truck driver was accused of doing 113kph in a 100kph zone. Number 1, his truck is legally governed at 100. Number 2, he proved that his GPS showed that he was only doing 100kph. I know a professional driver who was caught entering a country town over the speed limit. He was being tailgated by a car, and had he braked to slow to the limit quickly enough, the car would have gone under the back of his truck. The car was so close to him, he could only see its hood in his specially fitted mirrors. After it sped past him the other end of the town, then "cut him off" (and they wonder why there is accidents - trucks don't stop on threepence as the saying goes) he discovered that it had unrestrained children in the back. It was going so fast he didn't get the rego number.
As for the extra restrictions for a down-hill section of the SE freeway heading down into Adelaide, a professional truck driver I know says the speed limit for 5 axle and over trucks is too high, that he always drives at least 15 kph lower than that, and goes down through the gears, partially using the motor as a brake, not have foot on the brake all the time resulting in brakes overheating and failing. Reply


Posted by: r43026a
Posted: 13th Nov 2013

r43026a says: The points system has always ben manifestly unjust.
The legislative requirement that once charged under the traffic act the onus of proof is placed upon you as the defendant, because police officers never lie or misrepresent the facts!
I have not lost a point for over 20years, but the first time I was charged , I was innocent and could prove that I was, but the magistrate found me guilty because the other party was injured and would not get compensation, if I was not found guilty. An appeal was lodged and failed.
We have the best system that money can buy! The shame is that I do not have sufficient funds! Reply


Posted by: lizlucy
Posted: 19th Nov 2013

r43026a says: The points system has always ben manifestly unjust.
The legislative requirement that once charged under the traffic act the onus of proof is placed upon you as the defendant, because police...

lizlucy says: I agree. I have been driving for 26 years and never lost one point. Reply


Posted by: r43026a
Posted: 19th Nov 2013

r43026a says: If the government was serious about a system of demerit points; then I would suggest that a new driver should be allocated only a few points and each year they could earn additional points and once a requiste number of points were accumliated then there should be a reduction in the cost of insurance and registration. The demerit points should not be stripped away as quickly as they are at present, but the effect of an insentive programme should be of a greater benefit than giving a driver an increased number of points, only to enable them to be taken faster. The construct is flawed, why not give fewer points and then take fewer; It would seem to be a mere numbers game the bigger the number the greater the benefit. This is in and of itself a crock!! Reply


Posted by: Hol94
Posted: 30th Jan 2014

Hol94 says: I agree drivers who have done something to loose points shouldnt be rewarded with more Reply

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